Happy Sunday!

Good morning everybody! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I wanted to check in to remind you to enter my compression socks giveaway! It ends at midnight tonight and I will draw the winner early tomorrow morning and announce it on tomorrow’s post!

Guess what its doing here again? SNOWING. And guess how much we are getting? 3 feet. 3 more lovely feet. Isn’t that exciting??? (SENSE THE SARCASM, PLEASE!!!!)Ā It’s already snowing and it’s supposed to last through Tuesday…Lovely. It’s been pretty lazy around here…compression socks. leggings. slippers. sweatshirts. movies….its awesome.Ā 

In other total randomness, I obviously have to pass the time on my boring dreadmill…I started watching Parenthood..OH MAN, why didn’t anybody warn me that this is TV crack? I’m only on season 1, but I sense I have a lot of goodness and maybe a little bit of heartache coming my way. SO SO GOOD! And even BETTER, I like that it is actually over..I like when shows are complete, have I ever told you that before? It’s a TV sickness…I love knowing that I can watch it til its completion!

Some smiles from my silly girl and I…



Happy Sunday!
Anybody else obsessed with Parenthood?!


13 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Snow!!! Noooooooo (insert my “Home Alone” face here lol) Come to Florida where its warmer chica! Salt is here this week and a couple other bloggers are coming next week for Gasparilla. It could be one big love fest of runners/bloggers ha! And out low for this week is only 39.

  2. Omg. I just watched the entire final season of Parenthood last week. I’ll just tell you right now. Prepare to spend your free time glued to your computer. I love love love this show. I started watching it because Lauren Graham is in it but quickly fell in love with ALL the characters. Zeke is my fav.

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