Thursday Tangents & Randomness.

One day back to work and I’m already thinking about how much better school will be next week…what is wrong with this picture?? I guess I must just be getting excited for spring to come, already. (Groundhog, you can kiss my butt!)

Wednesdays run was a toughie. It was my first “speed run” on my new treadmill. I really miss outdoor workouts. And my track. And shorts. And sidewalks. And not having fear of getting hit by cars because there are no sidewalks…. (((SIGH))). Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to get over it right now! Yesterday, there was a plow truck plowing in front of all the houses on my street because there really is NOWHERE to put the snow, I think the guy gave up though because it looks exactly the same: no roads/snow everywhere. On Tuesday I looked out the window to see if my husband had remembered to take the trash out and then I realized I can’t even see over the 15 foot high snow banks to view my 5 foot tall trash barrel. SO that’s fun. I’ve never seen such a high amount of snow in such a short time. I’ve only worked 4 days over the past 11-at this rate I’ll never see July. Or, I will see it…but from the inside of my classroom. SWELL

I’m heading off on so many tangents there, lets get back to that workout. Let it be known that “All Treadmills Are Not Created Equally.” This is a FACT. My first speed workout on it went good, but I felt it the whole entire time. 2 mile warmup, 2×2 mile repeats @ 6:40 pace, 2 mile cooldown, 9 miles total. When I started the workout, I kept thinking to myself “this is going to be really easy- I’m going to want to add another set of 2 mile repeats in there.” Once I got going, I can assure you that I did not want to add any more! This workout would’ve felt easier if it had been done on my old treadmill-I always felt comfortable hitting those uncomfortable speeds. But you know what they say…
One thing I did to distract myself is prop my IPAD up in front of me & play a slideshow from some of my running picture albums. It was a great way to distract myself and get my mind off of what I Was doing! If I am looking straight ahead at the mileage ticking slowly away, it drives me crazy!

For some reason, all I want is candy& chocolate this week.. In a effort to tame the chocolate monster, I made these brownies:

Black bean protein brownie’s! I saw this easy peasy recipe on Jess Runs Happy’s Blog. They were SO easy to make-TWO INGREDIENTS!!! I think I’m a little late to the black bean brownie party…but my chocolate belly monster craving sure was happy after licking the bowl!

I have a little question for you today..I put this on my IG yesterday, so you might have seen it there as well. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of my speedwork in my Brooks Pure Connect’s. I love them! Have any of you out there run a full marathon in this shoe? I just wanted to hear a little of your feedback on the matter! Currently, I’m debating between my Pure Flow’s and a new pair of these. I’m going to test out how they fare after a long run this Saturday run at GMP.

One more day until Friday, and another day closer to spring! (and ending the snowpocalypse! 🙂

Are you sick of the snow too?
How do you deal with tough workouts indoors?


30 thoughts on “Thursday Tangents & Randomness.

    • Thank you for commenting! I have to ask-what are your arches like? Mine are medium to low-once in a while the pure connects irritate my arches. I think they are designed for feet with high arches, that is why I am asking you… That’s really my only hesitation with wearing them to the marathon … I’m afraid that 20+ miles could start to really hurt my feet… More than usual that is!

  1. I have the PureCadence 3s, which I think are very similar based on your pictures, and I am debating the same question re: running a full in them. I have run a half marathon in them and they worked wonderfully – they are such great, sturdy shoes. But I am very worried about running a full (not to mention all those long runs) in them. I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a pair of Ghosts or Adrenalines for marathon training. I may use them and find they are too bulky and I can do without the extra cushion…but I’d rather be overprepared than underprepared 🙂

    • I have a pair of Pure Cadence 2’s. I like them but I’m not totally crazy about them..I find them to be oddly heavy and not that flexible. I don’t know how different the 2 & the 3 are.
      I have Ghost 7’s that I do my long runs in and i LOVE them. They’re so light but really nicely cushioned…. They are by far my favorite of the Ghosts so far!

  2. I currently run in the PureFlow 3s and love them…(occasionally, I will run in my Newton Fates and Mizuno Hitogamis), but I do my speedwork on the track (indoor of course) in the Connects. I just ordered a pair of the PureFlow 4s and I was very tempted to get the the PureConnect 4s – I love the orange, pink, black colorway. I do like the Connects and I am tempted to run longer distances in them, but the 3s feel a bit narrow. I think the longest (non-speedwork) distance I have run in the Connects is 7-9 easy miles (I think that may have been my first run in the Connects).

    The PureConnect 4s look like they have a slightly wider toebox and the tongue is not attached burrito-style to the shoe like it is in the 3s. Hmm, maybe I’ll give them a go once I test out the PureFlow 4s.

    On a side note, I’ve been doing most of my runs on the treadmill due to the snow (live on the North Shore)…do you buy into the fact that you need to set the incline to .5 – 1.0+ in order to match road running conditions. I feel like I have fairly short legs and I put in a decent effort without the incline just trying to keep up with the machine. On easy runs I’ll really crank up the incline here and there to add a few hills into the mix, but for speedwork and tempo on the mill I tend to leave it at 0…any thoughts on this? Here is a link to treadmill pace conversions

    • Thanks for your Connect input! I saw the Pueflow 4s go on the site too and i was REALLY excited about it! I want to try them so bad! The Conenct 4s are also a dream! i Want all the shoes! 🙂
      I do buy into the incline for the treadmill and typically, I do set mine on a 1.0 incline…Not for all runs, but for most. Its definitely challenging to keep the paces when you’re at an incline!! thanks for the chart, I find all that number stuff to be fascinating!!! 🙂

  3. I’m so so so done with snow also, and it keeps just coming down here. Our sidewalks are non-existent and the roads are filled with nasty brown polluted snow. Needless to say that combined with single digit temperatures has kept me inside on the treadmill!
    I totally agree with you that treadmills are not equal! The ones at my old gym were awful and speeds felt so much harder on them. My treadmill has a longer belt which I think helps with going faster, since I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off.

  4. I’m tempted to seek out a giant flamethrower to melt all the snow piled around our driveway… with more snow today and more coming on Sunday, there’s literally nowhere else to put it! Spring cannot come soon enough.

  5. SO sick of snow and it hasn’t even been that bad where I am. We go on vacation this weekend I’m ready for a little warm weather. Indoor workouts have been my life lately and I haven’t really minded it. I prefer running on the boring treadmill than freezing my eyeballs outside.

  6. i miss running outside sooooooo bad… Hate the snow because it makes running outsode impossible with all the snow banks no room to even run on road very dangerous… I just keep thinking its only temporary the snow will melt and we will have our shorts on and sweating in the sun soon!!!!!!! No treadmill at home need to get out amd work out for my own sanity away from kids lol.. So go to plant fitness its like renting a treadmill lol

    • HAHA i like that you said PF is like renting a treadmilL!! SO TRUE! THat’s awesome! I keep telling myself that we will have a 40 degree day soon…that’s all we need…just like 2-3 of them and we will get a huge chunk of snow out of our way! WHERE ARE YOU SPRING????

  7. I’m sick of snow and normally I love it! We’ve just had way to much in Nova Scotia in a short SHORT period of time. (We are getting another storm tonight- urgh!)
    A lot of my running is done on the treadmill as my husband is away a lot and we have two little ones. I honestly just feel lucky to be able to run inside! Having said that, I watch a lot of Netflix or tv’s online to pass my time.

    • I Know what you’re saying-I keep thinking that I’m lucky to even have a treadmill when most people don’t have that luxury. Our winter is like yours…within 10 days we got walloped with about 6 feet of snow…ugh
      Think warm and toasty thoughts!

  8. One year we had SO many snow days and many of them were on days that the state declared it a “State of emergency” (aka don’t leave your house) so the school systems were able to get out of having us make up all the days. I think we just did like 5 instead of 9 or something. Maybe something like that will happen for you?!
    I would love to work up to doing longer distances in my pure connects, but I think since my form tends to fall apart at the end of longer runs I need more support. But I do love running in them!

  9. Whoa two mile repeats!!! Man, you are a beast and a boss chica!!! I usually deal with tough indoor workouts by playing mind games with myself such as counting my foot falls in my head in hundreds then repeating it and other crazy stuff like. My one and only marathon to date was run in a pair of pure connects and my feet loved me for it! 🙂

  10. I’m more sick of trying to figure out my workouts around the snow an the temps than I am of the snow itself. Like, trying to figure out how i will handle my runs and things. Also it doesn’t help that our weather changes on the daily.
    I would definitely agree with you that all tm’s are not created equal (badass idea of putting the pics up btw)_, but maybe look at it way–think of how beastmode you will feel when you get on all the other puny tmills out there!

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