Mileage totals & a giveaway for my FAVORITE THING EVER…Compression Socks!

Gooooood Morning, friends! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and thoroughly enjoyed Superbowl Sunday to the fullest!

Saturday’s run kicked my ass and left me incredibly sore...the snow, the cold temps, and the running on the beach (just kidding…it was SNOW, not sand..although i WISH it was sand) was not the easiest thing. I swear that I felt like my nerves were in pain. Life was HARD after my run. Saturday night was “Girl’s Christmas” so no matter HOW sore I was–>I was GOING out because i haven’t seen most of my girlfriends in over a MONTH. That is what getting married/buying a house/being a parent/being a crazy runner girl does to you in your 30s, though. Every time we get together, it doesn’t even matter how long its been-We pick right back up where we left off. The wine, the fun, the friendships-nothing changes with us. And for THAT, I am blessed.

Sunday. I started the day off with a nice and easy recovery run. As much as I LOVE my workouts like my tempos and my sprints, I really adore the recovery run. It hurts at first, but there is something really special in being able to hit the paces I want to hit, especially after just having completed a long run the previous day. And no matter HOW MUCH I don’t WANT to go on the recovery run–> I know that ultimately, my sore body will feel a zillion times better post recovery run. It’s so weird how that happens! I especially like when I’m able to turn my recovery run into a progression run. #hurtsogood

Mileage totals for the week:
Monday: 7 slow miles, 8:22 avg pace.

Tuesday: Off from running, but i did do a total body workout with weights that I think I might still be sore from!

Wednesday: 13 mile tempo run-1:37

Thursday: 7 easy miles, 8:20 easy pace

Saturday: 20 miles- 2:43, 8:09 avg pace

Sunday: 7 mile recovery run-splits starting 8:57 and I worked my way down to 7:30. Not too shabby for a day after destroying my legs!

Mileage for the week:54, Avg pace: 8:00.
Mileage For January:225.2, Average pace for January 7:52

Ok, So the other part of this post is a GIVEAWAY! What a great way to start your Monday off!

About a month ago, I was contacted by Catie at BrightLifeGo. She stumbled upon my post about my deep insane love for Compression Socks!

BrightLifeGo is a really small company based in Washington DC. How small, you ask? They have 15 dedicated employees (And one office dog!) who run their big time operation! (I think small businesses are incredible)

They are really up my alley..their goal is to show how cool, fashionable, and functioning Compression Socks and Hosiery can be! They’ve handpicked their selection of socks from basically everything on the compression market. They have the best of the best and they fully understand that if your sock purchase doesn’t fit YOU that you might need to return it. They want you to be 100% happy with your socks! They have a no questions asked policy upon you returning the socks. Obviously-if you have ever purchased a pair of compression socks-you know that you have spent a pretty penny on them! You deserve to be happy with the money you’ve spent!

Anyway, I looked at all of their selections. It took me a while to pick a pair.. I’m sooooo picky with compression socks…and i never knew that before! I went with a brandname that I’ve been hearing about for a while-2xu.
Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.17.51 PM

(That is actually me on the box! #justkidding)

As much as I always say my “favorite color” is red..for running stuff? It is most definitely a cross between hot pink and BRIGHT blue. If there is an option to choose one or the other-I would probably buy BOTH because I could NOT bear to choose. Truth.
So naturally… I chose a pretty hot pink pair!

Why 2XU?
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.18.48 AM
I love these socks! I love the way they fit me (I ended up sizing “up” than what I normally would wear). In Pro Compression, I always buy an XS and in 2XU, my foot size recommended a size “small”.

I didn’t know how I would feel about a different brand of compression socks. I first wore them during a run, and then again a few days later after I took a shower (they were clean!) They felt just as “compression-y” as my other socks! The only weird thing is that my foot was a little tingly after a while, but it wasn’t bothersome at all (as oppossed to the annoying feeling of your foot falling asleep!). My toes felt even more secure in the socks than they do in other brands. I love these socks and I definitely want to try more of this brand!

BrightLifeGo is so lovely that they are offering to do a giveaway for one of YOU for the socks that I chose!! You will get to pick your color and size, don’t worry!*

Ways you can enter this raffle:
*Enter to win with a comment below stating that YOU want to WIN these socks!
*For a seperate entry, follow me on Instagram and leave me a comment telling me you did/already do so.
* For an extra entry& in a separate comment, follow the blog By putting in your email in the “follow” box that keeps popping up on your right, or, for bloggers: add me to your WordPress Reader! (if you already do all this, you can tell me HOW you receive the latest blog post!)

Good Luck, everyone! I’m going to draw the winner Monday morning using so make sure you check back to the blog to see if you won! 


*I was given a free pair of socks to promote BrightLifeGo, but I was in no way compensated for my review on them. All opinions are my own.


91 thoughts on “Mileage totals & a giveaway for my FAVORITE THING EVER…Compression Socks!

  1. Of course I would love to win these-especially since I’m 8 months pregnant and having a little swelling! Plus they’ll be great after the baby comes and I can start running again!

  2. For as long as I’ve been running I’ve never tried compression socks and would love it! The brighter pink the better!

  3. I’d love to win a pair of these socks as I believe it will help out my dear, old shins! Plus the ladies in my Jazzercise class would love to try these out as well!

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