You’re posting on a SUNDAY???

I can’t believe it either and I think this has happened maybe only once before? I just had too much to tell you and I have a lot of good stuff coming next week, too so I didn’t want to wait until then!

First of all–> some cool running things that have been floating around the web. The first is the Boston Marathon finish line. This picture has been floating around my facebook feed all week, and since I know that alot of you aren’t from around Boston like I am-I wanted to put it on here:
Boston Marathon Finish Line
(photo credit: Phillip Hillman)

It was shoveled out by Chris Laudini, a Boston bartender at the Back Bay Social Club. His good deed went viral- My Twitter and Facebook feed were blowing up with this image. Says Laudini about his good deed:

“The city was pretty buried, and the finish line is my favorite spot in the whole city, so I wanted to go down there and dig it out because I don’t think it deserves to be covered in snow. Obviously, it holds a special place in everyone in Boston’s heart.

“To me, it was more about the spirit of the Boston Marathon and the incredible amount of encouragement and positivity that surrounds the event and just how much people, including myself, love the race.”

I melt.

I saw this on Runnersworld this morning. I have hearts for eyeballs for this!!! I just bought this book and haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet. I loooove running movies and i’m pretty positive that THIS one will NOT disappoint! Every person I know who has read this book has amazing things to say about it! Its next on my list, And the fact that Matthew McConaughey is playing the lead won’t exactly be stressful on my eyeballs 😉

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.42.07 AM

In other news…Rita is officially out for any racing in 2015, and will not be allowed to compete again until 2016. Serves her right. I think she should be ashamed of herself for doping. I personally think the 2 year ban is too short: She should be banned FOREVER. Anyone who thinks cheating via doping isn’t a serious offense should pay the price. For more, you can go here.

Yesterday, I ran my last long run before Hyannis. I can’t believe that time is already here! CRAZY. It was FREAKING FREEZING outside. This whole run HURT. I kept thinking about how our paces vary because of temperatures. I found these charts online and combined them into one little graph for you to look at.


The running/pace obsessed geek in my finds it SO interesting that pace can be affected so much by temperature changes! Yesterday was HARD. I felt like I was cross training by running with resistance-A ton of roads weren’t fully plowed yet and this really affected my stride. I had to plan a route that was really safe and wide because there are NO SIDEWALKS anywhere right now, and jumping out of the way for a rogue vehicla really isn’t an option either because the snow banks are 4-5 feet tall on any given sidewalk. SO that’s fun. And it was REALLLLLLY REALLLLLLY cold outside. REALLLY COLD. If I hadn’t been stuck inside all week long from the snow, I definitely would have been a baby and treadmilled it. The thought of doing a 20 miler, especially my last 20 before Hyannis, on the treadmill made me want to cry. SO I bundled up and off I went.
(three layers on my top…and also not pictured- I wore gloves, heating pads, and sunglasses. I didn’t wear sunglasses because it was so sunny-it was actually to block the wind because I was afraid my eyeballs were going to freeze!)
The “real feel” was spot on accurate. It was so cold, the degrees were taken away from me. BLAAAAA. Someone made a comment on my blog facebook about how I ran more miles that degrees-HAHA, so true! At some points, the fresh powder we got Friday morning blew up from the roads and created a funnel cloud around me-like a snow tornado. It was brutal. SO brutal. My camelbak hose froze over solid by mile 3-4 ish. Not cool, winter, not cool. I kept thinking back to the Jingle Bell Marathon in December. It was really cold that day, and raining and snowing during most of the race. That day is like SPRING compared to Saturday! HA! Every time the wind blew, I fibbed myself into thinking that it was a nice cool breeze on a ridiculously hot day. HA. So silly. It is actually kind of amazing how your mind can trick itself into thinking that it is having so much fun and the wind isn’t that bad. (it was “THAT BAD”. At one point, i got blown into a snow bank because it was that strong!) I ended up with 11 miles outside and 9 inside. Since I was properly layered up, I definitely felt that I could have stayed outside for those last 9-but i didn’t want to get dehydrated, so I called it a day.
(The total time for combined runs)

So…This is one of the coolest things ever. My SIL has an amazing friend, Michelle, and she bought us a surprise present.. HOW AMAZING IS THIS???
I cannot WAIT To wear it ! I decided that I need to be more like Michelle…Random acts of kindness. So get ready, world, I’m gearing up for it in 2015!


HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I’ll be watching our boys play tonight… GO PATS!!

Anybody run outside in the horrific temperatures?? Ever run in weather worse than that? Brrr…..


31 thoughts on “You’re posting on a SUNDAY???

  1. It’d sure be nice if it was 50 degrees for Hyannis! I can only imagine how speedy you’d be given the perfect conditions 😀 The math geek inside of me loves that you posted that chart of temperature impact on performance and based on personal experience I’d say it’s pretty darn accurate.

  2. Great run yesterday, especially since you were in such brutal cold and wind! Spring is almost here, right?
    I am SO excited about the Born to Run movie. I love the book and Matthew McConaughey has been so good in his most recent movies!
    I knew temperature affected pace but not that much! I didn’t not know temperatures at 80 degrees can add a whole minute per mile, that’s crazy! I feel like I always run faster in winter, but maybe that’s because I just want to get back inside!

  3. I ran on Saturday in Boston too! Only 13 miles but it was so rough. The sidewalks in my neighborhood were absolutely treacherous. It actually affected my pace even more than your chart implies. I dropped down a full minute and some odd seconds! And THIS SNOW STORM IS FILLING ME WITH RAGE! I just want to run outside again!

    Also, how do you like your Camelbak? I have 2 different belts and both of them kind of bruise my lower back and I hate having to use them so I’m looking at other options. I drink A LOT of water in the summer too so it needs to hold a lot for my long runs then. Recommendations?

    Very impressed with your last long run! Maybe I’ll see you in Hyannis! I’m doing the half 🙂

    • OH trudging through the snow really slowed me too, it was awful. There were NO sidewalks here either–URGHHHHHHHHHH. Sometimes I felt like I was moving through quicksand.

      I love my Camelbak, but I have to tell you-sometimes it chafes me and that drives me insane. I think I might need a smaller one. Even though this one is made for a female runner, it can rub me raw during certain runs!

      I know so many runners doing Hyannis this year..yay!! 🙂

  4. SO MANY FUN (and one terribly unfortunate) THINGS! I’m not going to talk about you-know-what, it makes me too mad. But I loved the fact that Boston Strong area got shoveled, that sent chills up my spine. I would have been super skeptical about MM doing the Born to Run adaptation, but after seeing him in Dallas Buyers Club, I say bring it on. And you be crazy with your running, haha.
    Though I’ve done the same thing, so crazy is as crazy does 😀

  5. I too loved the pic of the Boston findh line… It gave me chills and even further proved my theory that the Boston finish line waits for no one! I literally teared up when I seen it!

    I am on the mend and was SUPPOSED to run 14 today, only made 10:( you are bad ass for running in those temps I said no thanks man! I can’t wait to see how you do at Hyannis! You are going to fly girl!

  6. Oh my gosh, this first picture brought me to tears!! Seriously, how beautiful! Also, very interesting about the pace to temp chart!! I love it! Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely start to your week! Great job on your run! XOXO

  7. Very disappointed in Rita – a lot of folks look up to these elite runners and that’s just a horrible horrible thing to do. Hope she’s learned her lesson, and maybe she can coach after?

  8. Wow, that is so hardcore. Yesterday it felt like 5 degrees here and i thought THAT was cold and only did 6 miles. And we don’t have any snow on the ground right now.
    That’s so exciting that Born to Run will be a movie! I hadn’t heard about that. I’m a sucker for running movies!

  9. That doping ban is way too short. I really think they should give lifetime bans for that. It would make the punishment bad enough to deter others from doping. I live in northern Indiana, so I feel ya on that bad weather. My run today was cut short by a blizzard. Haha.

  10. I think the doping ban is too short I think indiscretions like that honestly should be lifetime in cases like hers where the doping was prolonged and intentionally done. If it were a one time offense I can see 1-2 year’s ya’ know. Ummmm yeah, I totally know about running in wicked extreme temps but on the flip side of things. The most extreme was training in heat indexes of 103 and yes it definitely trashes your pace. Love the running shirts by the way and you look too cute in your winter gear 😉 my team is not the super bowl (the Cowboys got ribbed) but I hope for an interesting game. I have some coworkers from both new England and Seattle.

    • You basically just summed up every thought I have on it! The length of time that the doping has been going on -in my eyes anyway-qualifies her for a lifetime of banning. She blocks the way for those who have worked hard to get where they are now!

      Man I would take a 103 degree day. Let’s trade, haha!!!

      • Bahaha love that Nicole! As much as we have in common we’d trade each other weather conditions in a heartbeat

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