If I wasn’t a runner..

This Post originally came out last year. This topic came up in my “Believe” journal and I recently started thinking about what just what WOULD I do If I wasn’t a runner?? Answer?? I haven’t got a freaking CLUE!!! I know that at the base of everything I am… “running” is that foundation on which everything else grows! I am who I am because I run!

Why do YOU run??
Happy Weekend everybody!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

Somewhere between doing laundry, a sleepless night, and reading a fellow blogger’s post about doing their own running laundry, I started to think about all the things that would happen in my life if I WASN’T a runner…

If I wasn’t a runner…. I wouldn’t have as much laundry to do … I have massive piles to do every week..sports bras…thermo insulated pants & shirts…and since I’m a crazy insane laundry nazi and want the clothes to last forever, everything must air dry. Hey, those clothes are EXPENSIVE! I can’t wait until Spring/Summer: My laundry shrinks by HALF because its sooo much less clothing!

If I wasn’t a runner….I would be SOOOO MUCH richer. I shudder to think how much I will have spent this year on race entries….( I will do the math later, thank you very much J )And SHOES…oh, shoes. At anywhere between $50-$110…

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