What’s been going on?

Today (Thursday) is the third I have had off this week. At the moment I’m writing this–> I’m wondering if school is going to be called off on Friday too. There is literally NOWHERE to park on any streets, especially in the inner city. Oh, Why is that? BECAUSE WE HAD 33 INCHES OF SNOW ON TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY!!! Lucky me, my county was the highest snowfall totals in the state, with my town being 13th in the state with the 33. (Auburn was the top with 36!)

Tuesday was a state of emergency here in MA and there was a travel from Monday night into early Wednesday morning. When I went to bed on Monday night, it was slightly snowing. I’m not gonna lie…a GIGANTIC part of me hoped that it was not going to be a real storm. School was cancelled by midday on Monday (i’ve never had school cancelled while we were STILL in the current school day). When I woke up Tuesday morning, the only thing I could see was WHITE out of my window. WHITE. I completely know what “white out” means now. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it did that ALL. DAY. LONG.

Some storm pics, in order:

Saturday (1/24) – I thought THAT was a big storm….Haha…silly Nicole. There is only about 2 inchesΒ of snow on that grill. (I really should’ve gone running outside that day…in hindsight this seems like a wise idea! πŸ˜‰ )

Tuesday when I woke up….

This is my husband doing the first round of snowblowing..I think it was about 10-11 am. Maybe earlier? We were up pretty early on Tuesday! Note the snowblower carving the path from the snow that is practically at his waist (my husband is 6feet tall!)

And Wednesday when I woke up..WHERE oh WHERE is my GRILL? (oh, how I miss GRILLING!)

SO MUCH SNOW. “Juno” wasn’t just any storm…it was incredibly cold outside (about 10 degrees) with wind chills that brought the temps down into the teens. Most snow storms mean the weather is warmer outside, but this was not the case! It was a crazy, crazy day and the only sounds I heard outside were the snow plows, snow blowers, and shovels! No kids playing giddily in the snow! Oh! The best part is that we are also getting MORE snow on Friday and Sunday/Monday….I’m going to be in school until July!!

Monday night, I did what any good little teacher would do who was giddy with the knowledge that she had a snow day tomorrow: I went to the store to stock up on the essentials:

(don’t worry! I food shopped on Sunday!)

And I have to show you what my friend M brought me...man that girl can BAKE! Homemade peanut butter chocolate cake! The “slice” was probably half of the cake because it was as big as my head. For real! It was the most amazing & incredibly delicious thing!

Uhmmm….What about the running?
Well. Now that you mention it, I did run this week. And on the treadmill that I dislike, to boot. Monday I did an easy 7 mile run. I did not swear at it, or want to break it. I tried to focus as hard as I could on the fact that I just wanted to “like” the treadmill. I kept hearing one of my peeps blog comments in my head:

Yes, TheSuz is a wise, wise woman. (Check her out!)

Tuesday I took off from running. It wasn’t really my intention to take it off…but I typically take off the day following my recovery run…and we were pretty sure that any moment we were going to lose power. The thought of being on the treadmill, hauling ass, and suddenly it stops and I go flying didn’t really have a nice ring for me! Instead, I did a total body workout that left my legs and arms shaking afterwards. I have slacked over the last few weeks with my weight training. It’s really easy for me to fall off the wagon for this stuff! I know I need to keep doing it because it makes me stronger!

Wednesday. Day #2 off of school. I still didn’t want to go anywhere. I took my butt down to the dreadmill and MADE MYSELF do a tempo run.

Monday I realized that I am kind of re-training my body to be fast on this particular machine. The only thing I can compare it to is how a runner must feel after coming back from an injury, or a long break off from running–> that is how crazy hard and difficult it feels to run on this thing. I still don’t like it. But, my love of accomplishing HARD THINGS was winning out over my treadmill-angst/hate. And plus…I hadn’t done a workout since 1/17…so I was really overdue for one!!

2 miles warmup 7.4
3 miles @ GMP 8.4
1 mile 7.5
2 miles @ 8.4
1 mile @ 7.6
2 miles @ 8.5
2 mile cool down

This workout run was much slower than my runs on my old treadmill. And I seem to be a little more sore!!! But what doesn’t kill me had better freaking make me stronger because I am now dead tired and All The Things on my body hurt. ALL.

Is it snowing where you are?
Any workouts that have REALLY HURT lately?


31 thoughts on “What’s been going on?

  1. I have been ill all week. I’m glad it’s happening now instead of later in my training cycle (knock on wood). You are in a winter wonderland. We were hoping for that much snow and we got a freakin dusting! It;s beautiful just not beautiful for us attempting to train. What are you wearing for Hyannis… I need an idea of what I should mentally prepare to run in.

  2. i flew back into boston to the bahamas on saturday and hoped that was the end of the snow. now my car is buried under like 5 feet of snow here in charlestown. so so so glad i had wine and friends around to hang out with this week or i would have gone crazy working from home every day! the snow is a little bit of a blessing for me as i cant run due to severe medial hamstring soft tissue issue so i dont feel horrible just lounging at home! glad you stayed safe and way to get that dreadmil run done!

      • half unfortunately went awful (one of my personal worsts) because i had not been able to run a week leading up to a race (and havent ran since the race) due to my hamstring issue. also going from running in 0 degrees here in boston to 75 there was horrible. my legs were so tired and my lungs hurt! but hey, i finished! the bf ran his first marathon, had a tough go with the heat, still finished in 3:18, 6th overall. getting PT, ART, graston, and strength training to get that hamstring better; i miss running!! and i was doing SO well with training 😦 guess my PR will have to wait a few more months. thank you for asking nicole!

  3. Good run.! And nah, we haven’t seen any snow at all where I’m at. I don’t think we’ll get any this year. So that snow looks super niccee. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness, that snow!!! Thankfully the schools cancelled! We get snow like that about every other year here, and my college (which is in the same town where I live now), would not shut down classes with even that much snow unless it was also below zero. Our winter has been bitterly cold and super windy but there hasn’t been much snow…yet.
    That’s great you’re getting used to your treadmill! Stay safe in all that snow!

  5. I truly didn’t like my treadmill when I first got it. Like, I called it “the fucker” and would curse every time I got on it.

    Now? I love it. It’s taken me a couple of years to get to this point but it was a slow love, and now I’m all about it.

    Stay warm and safe! I’m in NJ and the storm that was supposed to be a BIG deal here really wasn’t. But given last year’s constant snow, I’m sort of okay with this winter. So far. (knocking on wood)

    • My husband says its “me” not the treadmill..and that I am so stubborn and hell bent on change! I hope to love mine like you love yours!!

      KNOCK ON WOOD, girl, because you do NOT want this snow! We are getting 2 more feet between Fridays storm and Monday! AHHHH!!!

  6. Wellllll you know I have no snow here πŸ˜‰ but I will say … Holy snowstorm batgirl!!! That snow accumulated WICKED FAST!!! At least it looks like you got to feast on a yummy looking cake. Oh I would’ve loved to dig into that to bad you don’t live closer hahaha πŸ˜›

  7. Hahahaha, I am always glad to be of service and inspiration my dear! ALWAYS. From wine = grapes and thus = food to I WILL LIKE YOU TREADMILL DAMMIT, always here to help πŸ˜€ But I would imagine you have some sort of grace period to try it out, so you still have something of a safety blanket.
    So glad that you were properly prepared for the storm πŸ˜‰ and please stay safe!

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