Running Funks, and Mileage for the week!

These pics pretty much sum up my Saturday…
…In a nutshell…I ate a lot of homemade toffee, drank wine, read a book, watched it snow!

That is right, there was NO RUNNING on Saturday.…It was a blizzard here! I had a plan to get to the gym early and use their treadmills…But when I woke up at 7:00..everything was already completely covered in snow! SO. I was going to use my treadmill..8am, 9am, 10, 11, 12pm….still didn’t get on. 1pm, 2, 3…Aaaaand then i finally showered at 5. I couldn’t even bring myself to do an easy run! I was SO LAZY! My husband actually commented how he didn’t know he married a 60 year old lady who didn’t want to go out of the house! THAT comment was responsible for the shower…But I STILL was lazy! I read a whole book too. If anyone is looking for an AWESOME book with “WOW i didn’t see that coming!” twists and turns, than you should read “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty.


This book was so so so good, I couldn’t even be mad/sorry that I skipped a run! Liane Moriarty also writes “What Alice Forgot”….and that is another terrific story!

I took both FRIDAY AND SATURDAY off from running…. I don’t even KNOW who I am! I figured that with 2 days off would mean that I would have a most excellent long run on Sunday. Why not? My legs were well rested and i slept like a baby for two nights in a row? I also did NO hard workout last week.. NO tempos, NO speedwork, NADA.

Sunday’s run was a little bit slushy, and since I had to stay on main roads due to Saturday’s snow storm, I did the same hilly route I did the week prior. It’s basically all main roads that are really wide, so they were pretty well plowed. I physically did pretty well on this run (it’s nearly all uphill), but I didn’t feel like I did. All of me was sore- my legs, my core, EVERYTHING. This has happened to me before-two days off sometimes kills my mojo. Ironically, I felt MUCH better on last week’s twin run of this route- and i had done a 15 mile tempo less than 24 hours before…. SO. It’s weird. But…this week really felt like an “off” week for running. I only ran 42 miles, did no “Workouts” and was kind of angry at running/winter/the new treadmill i hate.
In other running related randomness-I haven’t run on my treadmill since Thursday…I’m going to give it a couple more tries and if it still makes me want to light it on fire/blow it up/bang it with a bat—It is going back. I really have no use for an expensive machine that I will NEVER use, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like buying a car if you don’t drive…pointless and unnecessary!

Mileage recap for the week:

Monday-7 mile recovery run

Wednesday-8 miles treadmill

Thursday-9 miles-5 outside, 4 on the treadmill

Sunday-18 miles

Total: 42 miles, 8:10 avg pace

Alot of my “running funk” this week is obviously due to having crappy runs on a treadmill i dislike, and, NOT wanting to run because I felt like it would be crappy due to (them) being run on the treadmill I dislike. (Does that sentence even make sense? Let’s pretend it does, mmmkay? THANKS!) I really would have loved to hit it and hit it hard like usual on my new machine, but we just aren’t jiving right now! I would have gladly moved all of my runs outside, however, it’s been so cold or so snowy or so icy Every. Single. Day. During the winter, I’m limited on the times I can run outside so, really, being limited to using a machine I don’t like—why wouldn’t I be bummed out? I realized something this week that I’ve never realized about myself before: sometimes during the winter months, I feel “trapped” by the fact that I have to use a treadmill. I can’t run anywhere else because its either too dangerous to be on the roads, or, a flippin crazy idea to want to leave the house because it’s a blizzard/ice storm/negative beyond belief temps outside.

I know this will obviously get better, but during the month of January/February-feeling this way kills me. A lot of times, when I actually do get outside for a run, I feel like my everyday paranoia’s are magnified and I’m hyper aware of the entire environment. Lack of sidewalks or unplowed sidewalks and especially the nice safe areas to the left of the white lines….when these things go “missing” I get nervous. For example, If you have driven by me, and thought “Wow, did she just glare at me?” The answer is most DEFINITELY “YES, yes, that runner girl DID just give you The Death Stare because you were driving WAY too close to her, so MOVE over!” It’s exhausting to be so overly cautious and nervous! I obviously keep going outside though (when I can) because:

a- It’s good for my body..the roads and the feeling of them under my feet-worth the crazyness I put my brain through… and the number of glares or middle fingers therefore given to oncoming vehicles. #imnotevensorrybecauseyouredrivingwaytooclose #pleaseputdownyourphone

b-because Vitamin D is good for my soul. Even if it is windy and cold, I’m still happy when its “a bright, bright, bright sunshine-y dayyy”

c-I never want my body to get unaccustomed to the feeling of being outside- that is never a good idea for someone who likes to race. Given the choice between a treadmill run vs an outdoor (weather cooperating) run-I will always take the outdoor one. Since winter isn’t the greatest ’round here, I sometimes have to MAKE myself go outside when it’s really cold because come race day, my body/brain won’t be all “Whaaat is going ON here? What are we doing? I’m confused.”

d-Because I’ve built up quite the collection of winter clothing throughout the years…and DAMMIT, i’m going to use it!

No funk lasts forever! And you know what else? I keep reminding myself of this little fun factoid whenever I/we have bad running week(s): they are automatically followed with a good one. So there is THAT-and i plan to look forward to some good runs that will be coming my way!

FOUR weeks until my next Marathon!!! (Hyannis!)

How do you solve a running funk?

Toffee- LOVE IT, HATE IT, Or, COULD CARE LESS?? Love it.


20 thoughts on “Running Funks, and Mileage for the week!

  1. Your Saturday looks great! I totally also get in such a funk during January and February and rant endlessly to my husband about how our city needs to just put down some salt so snow doesn’t turn everything into an ice rink. I also keep telling myself to get outside because I need to use all my winter running clothes! I got two out of five days of running outside last week, I am SO ready for spring, even with the allergies. Hope you have a wonderful running week this week!

    • I hope you have a great week too! IT’s SO hard to wrap your head around how long its old for…I can’t wait for runs with ONE layer instead of 3! 2 out of 5 days outside is pretty good. I think that is about the most I have had lately outside myself!

  2. You totally deserved a relaxing day and some time off from running! This seems to be the time of year for running funks. Better to go through it now than in a couple months when the weather is better! Enjoy the forced relaxation and remember that winter doesn’t last forever! I know you will have a great week of running this week:)

  3. So sorry to hear about your winter blues, Nicole, and everyone else’s for that matter. Major funk here too … in fact I just came down with a touch of tendonitis so my slight running funk has now progressed to me being seriously pissed off! Always look on the bright side tho … I am notoriously bad at doing strength training and core workouts but I can’t just not do any kind of exercise so I am going gangbusters on the Total Gym that we have had in the house for about 3 years but I have never used (my husband swears by it). And I have to say, it is an amazing piece of equipment. I have muscles popping up all over that I never knew I had! Hoping everyone gets through these testing times … after we shovel our way out of 2 feet of snow that’s about to hit New England tomorrow that is!!!

    PS. I think you should trade in your treadmill. I have one and even though I hate treadmill running, it gives me a great workout.

    • oh no! Tendonitis sound very painful, I hope you’re on the mend! It sounds like you’ll be coming back really strong though-that machine sounds really cool!
      OMG i can’t even SEE out of my window right now, its absurd how much snow there is!
      I ran on it last night and i didn’t want to break it…so maybe I will end up liking it..we shall see! I’m going to HAVE to run on it this week because of all the snow outside!

  4. Looks like the best Saturday! Stay safe in the blizzard, I was thinking about you and your new treadmill when I heard how much snow we’re getting. Looks like my outdoor no-treadmill streak will have to end and I’ll be at the gym later this week. So glad I at least got in a decent run at the half yesterday with all this crazy weather!

    • Seriously i cannot believe what’s happening outside my window right now-it’s crazy how much snow there is and it isn’t stopping anytime soon! I am about to head to your site now and read your recap! I’m also glad I ran outside on Sunday because i have no clue when I’ll be able to get out there again!

  5. I wish I could fuel my marathon with toffee, that would be most excellent! I feel you on the running funk, but in a different way–I feel like my body is in a running funk, but my brain isn’t. LIke I want to run more and more, but my calf and foot are just not having it. SO frustrating!

  6. Great job on getting 42 miles in, though! That’s phenomenal! Blizzards + running + a treadmill you hate = challenging weeks I’m sure, so I’m glad you’re giving yourself a break and realizing that, “this too shall pass.” That’s my new running motto! 🙂 It might take another month of yucky winter stuff, but you’re strong and a great runner, and you’ll be exactly where you need to be come race day(s). You’re fabulous!! XOXO

  7. I was in the same boat… I didn’t run fri or sat and then sunday I had a workout with my group…. I got a HUGE dose of reality and it pulled me right out of my funk…..I was like wtf is your problem girl… and while the work out felt like hell…. last night I came home and started planning for Hyannis

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