Happy hump day!!! It feels weird that it’s already Wednesday! Tuesday was a blur of school things that I probably couldn’t answer questions on even if I was being tortured with the threat of NO RUNNING FOREVER.

On an incredibly random and slightly strange note… this made me crack up laughing.. Ryan Gosling running meme’s are kind of a thing between me and a couple of my non-running girlfriends…this made me laugh like crazy at 5 am on Tuesday morning…so I hope you can read some of these and find it as silly as me!




Seriously, I die… for the full list of hilarious Ryan Gosling running meme’s, go here!

So my new treadmill came on Monday. It’s so pretty. And big. And shiny. And new.

And I haven’t used it yet.

It was realllllly nice out on Monday…43! Holy heat wave! So I ran outside because, hey, why not? I had my last treadmill for nine years, I have plenty of time to get to know this one, right?

Tuesday I tried it. well. Actually, that is a lie. I tried to try it. I swore at it. I yelled. I couldn’t figure out how to use it. URGHHHHHHH. I wanted to call Sears and ask them could you please send back my old one?? But that is silly.

When I finally figured it out, the running did not come naturally. It hurt. It felt faster even on a slower (for me) speed. It was weird. I hated it. My husband said “I hate when you get new stuff. You get SO excited for it, but then your natural ability to repel technology and learn how to use it shines through and you get too mad to enjoy it.” Don’t tell him I said this, but…He is right…I really dislike learning new technology. I repel it, want to break it, throw it, dismantle it….I swear.., it doesn’t come naturally.

I didn’t push through the workout and gave up within .26 miles.. Honestly, I was really tired on Tuesday. A very long work day and 40 miles in three days? Yup, I would say that calls for a break. I’ll pick it up where I left off today. And I’m pretty sure my temper tantrum will be gone by the time I use it again…

Just like a new pair of shoes, or a change in the weather, I know that any new thing in my running routine takes me time to adjust. Learning something new takes time. Sure it’s frustrating at first, but suddenly, I begin to adapt. I may not like it now, but I bet within a week or two I will be comfortable on my new “beast.” I know that it will take time for the learning and adjusting to happen. I guess it’s a new challenge for me to face?


When was your last running adaption?

Ever try something new you hated at first and grew to love?
My iPhone, my iPad…pretty much anything that requires a plug has left me with a love/hate relationship at first!


10 thoughts on “Adaption

  1. Change is hard! (but thinking of it as adaptation that takes a little time is wise….) Shoes. Shoes are the thing. And I’m currently on a quest as I’m running out of pairs of the model (from 2 yrs ago) my feet will tolerate. SOOOOO frustrated. One of the few things I really need to run is shoes that work for me.

    I’m not a Gosling fan (barely know who he is) but love the meme. Hoping your week is on an upswing by now. (on the downhill side of the workweek anyway)

  2. I’m obsessed with the Ryan meme’s, I can’t get enough! Good luck with the treadmill. I’m in the market for one and have no idea where to start looking!

  3. I love ryan… I use his first name like we are friends or something. I think it’s hystercal that every pic he says “hey girl”… so rando but he is beautiful so he can call me whatever….

    I can’t wait to you get use to your new treadmill and tell us all about it… this is the year I am finally going to invest in one, so I’m dying to hear all about it.

    I typically love technology but for the love of god I can’t figure out my damn chrome book and ellas nabi… like seriously I have had my chrome since october and I”m still trying to figure this damn thing out… I WILL figure it out!

  4. Technology overwhelms me… I almost never update my iPhone or computer software because I think its too annoying to understand!

    Right now I’m getting used to cross-training. I miss running and am being really crabby about learning how to push myself in pool workouts

  5. There’s a big adjustment when using different treadmills. I’m so used to my own treadmill that I absolutely HATE using the gym ones. (I go to the gym for cross-training and usually do a 2-3 mile treadmill run warm-up first.) The gym treadmills just feel so off and they probably always will because I don’t use them enough. However, I have no doubt you’ll quickly adapt to your new treadmill with all the miles you run and it will soon be comfortable for you! Good luck breaking it in!!

  6. I totally agree – I hate technology! I remember when I had to switch back to a PC from a mac when my laptop died in college and I wanted to throw it out the window. Adapting to new things is the worst, but in a couple of weeks you will love the new addition to your life!
    I will say I’ve grown to love the treadmill. Well, at least in these winter months. As long as I get one near a fan and have my iPad/Netflix, I’m happier inside than I would be in the sub-zero temps!

  7. Yes I can totally relate! I get very comfortable with my electronics and I HATE reading directions so I insist on figuring out how to use things on my own. I got my first mac this year and while it is amazing now that I have gotten used to it, it was really frustrating for the first few days. Im sure you will learn to love your treadmill and you needed a running break anyway! Maybe your treadmill is so fancy that it was able to sense that somehow;)

  8. Yeah, we all have to break new things in! my problem is that often I love things and then find out I don’t like them so much and should have gone with my gut instinct… Ohhhh well

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