The best things, new things and things in general

How random is that title? Let’s take a second to all acknowledge THAT.

Ok, Moving on…what a GREAT week it’s been! Let’s back wayyyy up to Monday, shall we???

Monday I got home from work and the husband informed me that my poor treadmill is worse off than I thought it was….I’ve known since last winter (2014) that I needed to replace the belt in it..I was hoping to get away with it through this whole winter and revisit it during the spring. I bought my ‘mill in 2006, brand new. I’ve also had to replace the belt and the motor one time each-both in 2010- so i already knew that I would rather buy a new treadmill than continue to repair my existing one. (to anyone wondering, it’s a Horizon rct 7.6 treadmill)

I run about 200-250 miles per a month. During the winter months, a lot of those miles are done on said treadmill. (I don’t have a gym membership-this is the only one I use) My husband and I figured out that I use the treadmill pretty consistently throughout the months of November-March. Let’s say it’s 200 miles a month (some runs are outside!) In the nine years of owning this treadmill, I’ve probably run about 8500-9000 miles on it. (I’m not including 2015 cause it just started) that’s a lot of mileage on one little treadmill!

So back to how my ‘mill is worse off than I thought–> When I did my 13 mile portion of my long run on it last week–> I noticed that it felt “springy” but didn’t really give it a
Second thought. Honestly, if I’m being honest….i was delighted at the springy-ness since I had just come home from a brutally cold run on cold, frigid- definitely UN-Springy pavement. The treadmill felt heavenly.

But, My observant husband happened to be working out in our basement and realized that the deck of the treadmill is curving in the middle…and about to break in half! He is the best because i would have kept running on it, ignorant, and would have ended up falling through and hurting myself! (Pause here while you think on this image, mmmkay?) I literally carved a hole in my treadmill in “my spot” that I run on! It’s actually kind of funny that little me was able to do that! But I guess after 8500ish miles that it kind of makes sense!!!

On a whim we wound up at Sears (where I also got my first treadmill) and I immediately spotted the “dream treadmill.” I probably looked around at the other treadmills for ten one millisecond before deciding, in my head, that i wanted The Dream (AKA-Nordic Track 7700) It had a TV, a huge deck, wifi, ifit, inclines up to 15, and DECLINES to -3 (I’ve never seen a decline before on a treadmill!). It uses Google Maps and works with IFIT to display courses on the TV for you so you can plug in addresses and run on ANY COURSE YOU WANT TO while looking at it on the TV. How is THAT for being realistic? I’m BEYOND excited and my new friend arrives on Monday! ( So if you are looking for me after that…you pretty much already know where I will be) I promise that once I start running on and get used to it, I will do a review on it!
instant best friends!

The best thing happened on Wednesday night! I had dinner with my running partner. I used to mention her a TON on this little piece of the www but lately it probably seems like she has fallen off of the planet! (she has not!) It was amazing to catch up and i have missed her TONS. I am a bad blogger who took not even ONE picture!

I do have this picture for you though…
Wednesday, I ran on my mill for 3 miles and suddenly decided I could not stay on it for ONE more second., (I ran on the end of it and not in “my spot” so as to try not to break it in half) Instead, I decided to brave the elements and hit the track. 1 1/2 miles later, I arrived at my track to find that IT WAS COVERED IN ICE. I was so sad/disappointed. BLA. Winter, I hate you, DIE. It looks like I will be doing some 800s on the new treadmill til spring instead of on the track!

Thursday was slightly warm with a balmy 27 degrees. I couldn’t resist the warm (haha) temps so i headed outside for my run. About 3 miles in, it really started to snow. I didn’t even care because it was one of those beautiful, gentle snowfalls. Sure, it made it hard to see, but overall it was SO pretty i didn’t even care!

Snow selfie!


Happy Friday everybody! My weekend of running is going to consist of a bad ass tempo and a long run. I am disclosing this on the blog because if they DONT happen– I will be sad that I have to whine to you all about WHY i Didn’t follow through with my running plans!

And now this is where i leave you! Tell me one of you favorite things that is happening this weekend!
-We are having dinner with M and Mr M tonight! Two dinners with friends this week–It doesn’t get any better than THAT! 🙂 AND i have a fun Bridal Shower on Saturday morning that I’m excited about! AND Sunday the Pats are playing!


33 thoughts on “The best things, new things and things in general

  1. My run club was supposed to have a track night recently and it was put on hold due to that up there. Also a race was canceled today. This winter can kiss my butt.
    I am so jealous you have a treadmill in your house! One day maybe I can convince my husband. 🙂

    • a race cancellation???? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO winter can kiss both of our asses! i HATE IT. and i want it to DIE. BLAAAAAA.

      i had my first treadmill for about 4 years before my husband moved it…he never even stood a chance at being a deciding factor because i think he knows that otherwise, i would have to live at a gym!! 🙂

  2. My local track is also locked in the winter due to ice. I guess that is my excuse not to train speed? Good thing your husband cares about you and is observant! The treadmill breaking under your feet could have been disastrous for you! Hope you love your new one as much as the old!

  3. That’s so exciting about your new treadmill! I’ve owned a Nordic Track treadmill for 2.5 years now and it is a lifesaver in winter!
    This weekend my husband and I are reorganizing our apartment. We finally bought a proper wine/liquor cabinet, new bookshelves, and some other household things with all the gift cards from our wedding, and are putting them together this weekend. A clean, organized, and fresh space makes such a difference!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank god for your husband! That new treadmill looks amazing!! My treadmill will hopefully last me awhile longer, but I’m actually ordering an exercise bike soon so I no longer have to pay for a gym membership!! (I like to bike for cross-training.)

    Have a fun weekend! I’ll be celebrating 3 years together with my boyfriend with dinner/drinks and comedy in NYC 🙂

  5. Congrats on your new mill! I love running while show is coming down, so peaceful! Ice sucks though….ugh winter!!

    I have a question for you! I am starting to develop my upcoming marathon training plan and want to incorporate lots of speedwork that will be helpful specifically for a marathon. Other than Yasso 800s, anything you’d recommend? 1600s (how many repeats!?). Would love any recommendations!

  6. I’m obsessed with that snow selfie. Seriously, that is fab. And a quality treadmill is super necessary for those that are dedicated to the indoor running. We had a great treadmill but then when it died we got one that we were never happy with. And it seriously was the undoing of the indoor running plan. And now, with the various injuries, well, you know!

  7. I’m so envious! I don’t have snow down here but I often cannot make after-dark gym hours. I was wishing for a treadmill at home last night. Is it awful to say that the tv treadmill combo you bought also sounds really good after a long day?

  8. So excited to hear about your new treadmill. That will help battle those winter blahs. Can’t wait to read your reviews. I had to Google your new beast online and it looks AMAZING! Hard to believe you almost crashed through your old one. That’s a seriously impressive story!!! It’s a toasty 18 degrees up here in NH this morning so just about to hit the road. I am actually enjoying my winter runs outside this year. I’ve only had to succumb to using the treadmill three times. Last year I was much more wimpy … and I blame Patrick Dempsey. I watched the first five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on my treadmill last year!

    • i had to LOL at this because when Grey’s first started, i used to buy it for my Ipod and watch it on that while I was running! (but then Grey’s and I broke up because it had wayyyyy too much drama!!!)
      the BEAST is really incredible!! I’m so excited to get it! 🙂
      Good for you for not succumbing to the ‘mill very much! 🙂

  9. You really made a mark on your treadmill! (I get corny sometimes)

    I don’t know how you brave those temps. This weak Floridian would do ALL runs on a t-mill!

  10. It sounds like you are having a great week despite the icy track! That treadmill sounds amazing. If I ever buy one I will need to get a nice one with cool features so I have more incentive to run on it:) Good luck with your runs this weekend!

  11. Yay on the new tready! And you really need to have a burial/funeral for the old tready, after all looks like you put a pretty good hurtin’ on the poor thing hahaha! I’m racing/running tomorrow @ 7:30am I say running because I know this race won’t be all out or at 100% because I’m still working to get the tightness out of my right leg.

      • Thanks Nicole!!! You’re the best!!! Thanks for checking in and you’ll be happy to know that I did play it on the conservative side and still was able to come away with some extra hardware 🙂 I should have a full recap up at some point tomorrow

  12. Soooo exciting about your new treadmill!! That’s fabulous!! Love the treadmill picture! Very cute! Ahhh, snowy track…not good! 😦 Also, snowy selfie = fabulous!! Such a beautiful picture! Yesterday, when I was running, it began to snow and it was absolutely enchanting and so unexpected, too!! Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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