Mileage, long runs, and the weekend

What a weird week weather-wise. It felt colder than I can remember it ever being! And it was SO windy…urghhhh…..I hate wind….

Monday-8 miles, 1:00:11, 7:31 pace. Most of this run was at a 7:49 pace, but the last few miles I upped it to be faster miles.

Tuesday-Off. I did strength videos with weights at home for a workout- legs, arms, back, abs…it was awesome and so exhausting. I love the different kids of sore I am after doing a weight workout!

Wednesday-8 miles. 1:00:02. avg 7:30 pace. This was pretty much the same as Monday’s workout.

Thursday-10 mile tempo, 7:06 avg pace

Friday-100% off!

Saturday- 20 miles. I hated my long run on Saturday.. Ughhhh. It was so cold and i was SUPER angry at WINTER. It is pretty silly to be mad at things that you cannot control..especially cold weather in January in New England. But OH WELL i was still mad. I need July. And August. And June and May…those months are just all so lovely! I started off the run NOT feeling good. My legs were heavy, slow, and didn’t want to move. I wore more layers than i EVER have for a cold weather run.
(It felt like 3 degrees and not at all like 17. Not that 17 is warm…but I would have taken a “real feel” of 17 degrees over 3. )

At mile 3, i went to sip my Camelbak and it was already solid and the water didn’t want to come out of the hose. So stupid. At mile 5 i realized i couldn’t take 20 outside, i just couldn’t. I ended up doing 7 outside, and 13 inside on my treadmill. My face was wind burned when i came in, I’ve never seen it so raw from a run before!

My sis posted this on her Facebook and i could not agree MORE because my face hurt the whole time i was outside. THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!

It killed me to hop on the treadmill–> the same thing I had been on for the entire week–but i couldn’t take being outside another step. I hopped on the treadmill, nearly cried 17 fifty times…and banged it out. I ended up simulating the same run I would have done outside, and even took my gel’s & drank my water (I wore my Camelbak even on the mill-this was the 1st time doing this) at the same exact time. This run was REALLY mind over matter.

A lot of being a runner in marathon training is mind over matter. I DID NOT WANT to run 13 miles inside on my treadmill, but i did it anyway. I wanted to do a bad ass awesome long run outside like i have been doing every week for all of the cold months we have had so far, but sometimes you’ve gotta just call it like you see it: I saw a DUMB winter day that was only going to BEAT ME UP so the treadmill won. BLAAAA. YES- Running in winter makes you stronger for spring, builds your confidence, and makes you an all around better runner but you know what else? RUNNING IN THE WINTER SUCKS AND SOMETIMES I JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT! Phew… now i feel better, thanks for letting me get that offa my chest, friends!

I kept tricking my brain by saying “Okay, at mile x you can stop.” and then i WOULDN’T stop and i would re-trick my mind until the next mile. Those 13miles took me the same amount of time as if I Would have done them outside, but they sure as hell felt LONGER. YES, i could have done a shorter run (it occurred to me about 87,000 times to change my run to a shorter distance) but i had already had it in my mind to do the 20 so i did it. And swore like a sailor (in my head and out loud!) while doing it.

It felt like a “bad run” but really, it wasn’t. I got down into the 2:40 range which is something I’ve been aiming to do for SO LONG!!! I simulated a fast-finish long run just like I try to do outside. These types of runs push my legs to go faster when they are tired, and that REALLY helps on marathon day!!

Sunday- recovery run, 7 miles in 58:22 @ 8:20 avg pace. This run felt SO relaxing and lovely. I did a really hilly route and there was little to no wind…it was perfect…and not too cold!

53 miles for the week, 7:44 avg pace.

Post run on Saturday was an awesome family fun day with SIL/BIL and the kiddos! SOO much Fun! SIL ran 12 on Saturday so there was a whole lot of run talk going on! (the guys just loooooved that!)
And wine. Yes, yes, delicious wine!


Me and SIL! I don’t LOVE this picture (my hair just looks weird!) but everybody likes pictures so here you go, my friends!

I couldn’t resist a delicious, piping hot meal so it was homemade chicken pot pie again, for the win!


And THAT is where I leave you today! It’s 7:50 EST and I’ve been writing this post for an hour as i drift in and out of sleep! Time for bed!!!

What was your favorite run of the week?
My tempo run, hands down!

Does anybody count chicken pot pie as one of their favorite comfort foods?
Yes, yes and YES.


31 thoughts on “Mileage, long runs, and the weekend

  1. The cold was brutal this past weekend, I can tell as I share the pain of living in MA. You did the right thing to move your run inside.
    On a related note, do you think it’s possible to train for a marathon running on the treadmill?

    • I do think it’s possible but you have to make sure you keep your treadmill on an incline- 1.0-1.5 simulates an outdoor environment. And I try to do a couple of runs a week outside…this helps a ton because that way,my legs are still used to the pavement. Hope this helps!

  2. Chicken Pot Pies are my favorite winter foods…I would love how to make them from scratch but I think I should probably start small…. we all know I’m not a chef lol.

    My favorite run this week was yesterdays workout. I cursed my coach the entire time but once I defrosted I was soooo happy that I did it!

    Another great week for you;) Cheers girl!

  3. That is some major discipline getting through that 20 miler! I feel like you just keep getting faster and faster, are you a robot? Kidding, you are just awesome and I love the way you describe your runs too, with all the emotions they bring!

  4. Awesome 20-miler, even if you had to do a majority of it on the treadmill! Treadmill training in winter definitely helps build mental toughness and mind over matter.
    Your chicken pot pie looks so delicious, it makes me want to make one tonight!

  5. UGH sister, i totally hear you about the new england weather this weekend. good on you for sticking it out for so long outside AND inside. we were heading up to sunday river this weekend, and i had 15 miles to run, so i planned for us to stop in portland friday evening… yeah 0 degrees. crazy winds. and snow and ice were everywhere and i didnt have my yaktrax. i ran a 3.5 mile loop over and over again on snow and ice for 15 miles…and a minute slower per mile pace. i was MISERABLE!!!! i wonder if that was even worth for training?!

  6. Good for you for even attempting to run outside in that! I would have been a wimp and gone directly to the mill!!

  7. Awesome job getting through that long run! Kudos for doing so many outdoor miles this week because it was so miserably cold! I hate hate hate the cold and can hardly force myself outside if the wind chill is below 15. I need mid-Feburary to come right now!
    My favorite run was Friday – I had been having a bad day but the run was just what I needed to turn it around.

  8. Awesome job getting all those miles in this week! All I can say is as much as we complain about treadmills, thank god we have them as an option. I only ran outside on Sunday this past week because it was finally slightly warmer. I was actually thankful for the 20’s!

  9. 20 miles in 17 degree temps!!!! You are a total BOSS!!! I’m not worthy!!! … I’m not worthy!!! haha 😛 nice work twinie!!! That was some serious work you put in under not so wonderful conditions.

  10. I’m with you. I hate winter but I’m trying to make the best of it. I’ve signed up for a series of 6 races in my local area called the Winter Chillers (no kidding). When I left the house on Saturday morning it was 10 degrees. I can handle that. By the time I arrived at the race, the temperature was down to 1 degree!!! I have to say that is hands down the coldest run I have ever done but the sun was shining, there was no wind, and the scenery was breathtaking. One mile stretch of the race wasn’t even plowed but I ran one of my best 5Ks ever. So i guess that was my most memorable tempo run this week!

  11. Hard workouts, but you did them all! Great job!! You should be so proud of yourself for pushing through and finishing with a strong week! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

  12. That is some serious mileage my friend! We are all battling through the winter “goodness” right now. I am actually about to go out into it (yyyyaaayyy not), and while I do agree that a lot of it is mind over matter, you do have to be safe about it as well–having a totally chapped face or frostbite? not worth it. And 13 miles on a tmill is pretty badass, in my opinion!

    • Hahahaaaa…”winter goodness” chuckle chuckle , sarcastic snort!!
      I hope your run today wasnt TOO tough! My husband has a fb friend who teaches in Chicago-i guess there were quite a few days last week that schools were closed due to cold
      Weather! It sounds like you might have it actually worse than me!!

  13. Oh my goodness! *claps!!* I honestly totally admire your ability to stick on that treadmill… Indoor treadmill running is far from fun… I’m also in MA, and IT IS SO FREEZING HER OH MY GOSH. I’ve somehow been able to endure most of my runs outside (since my gym is currently closed…) Hopefully it warms up a bit! (although snow is coming in tonight…) x Christie

  14. Good for you for getting 20 done on the treadmill!! This weather is ridiculous but I think suffering through long treadmill runs will just make you stronger mentally. Hopefully this week is better! (Although its not off to a good start around here….lots of ice this morning!)

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