Friday Randomness and Did you hear the good news??

On Wednesday night, I got the call that school was clooooosed for Thursday! SNOW DAY!!! SNOW DAY!!! But it was so weird because…there is no snow. It was cancelled due to sub zero temps! How crazy is THAT?
The temps when I woke up….anybody feel like going for a run??

*SO my Thursday basically consisted of me sitting around, and staying warm under a big blankie. I was sooo lazy and unmotivated! I finally hopped on the treadmill around 3 for a tempo workout.
2 mile warmup @7.5 (8min/mile)
4 miles @ 8.4 (7:09)
2 miles @ 9.0
2 miles @ 8.4
10 total for 1:10:56, 7:06 

Even though i had started off being really unmotivated for this workout, I ended up pushing through it. It was my 3rd day this week on the treadmill! Sometimes the same-ness of the treadmill REALLY messes with me and gets me down. I wanted to stop pretty much immediately. All of a sudden, it hit me that at this time last year- I couldn’t hold the paces i held on Thursdays run. Well, I could probably hold them-but not for as long as I did. I remember when 8.8 or 9.0 felt crazy difficult to do, even for about a half a mile. Thursday i held a strong pace for 6 miles. Progress is fun!

*My parents got me a juicer for Christmas and i’m becoming obsessed with it. Thursday morning I made orange/blackberry/blueberry juice… I am loving mixing fruits together. its amazing how good fresh juice tastes. I LOVE juice and the fact that I now can drink 100% healthy juice makes me so happy!

Ok, so, did you hear the good news? My SIL posted this on my facebook and it brought tears to my eyes. A year later, and i can’t get enough of all things Meb. (I still want to be his best friend) His heart and his power of persistence is incredible. And that Shalane? MAN, she is COOL. She really WILL be back in Boston til she wins! I hope this is her year!! Last year, i didn’t start the marathon until VERY late- I think it was almost 12 by the time my wave was off. My team gets to wait in a heated Masonic Hall and they always have the TV on–I watched the first half of the race- Shalane was leading still by the time I was lining up. She was so inspirational, and even though i had a CRAPTASTIC run that day-i kept thinking of her during my run. Someday, i want to be in the Team America lineup!

Happy weekend! What’s your long run this weekend?
Anybody have a juicer that they love?


41 thoughts on “Friday Randomness and Did you hear the good news??

  1. You are so amazingly fast on the treadmill (and outdoors too)! I can’t even fathom holding that pace for so many miles, but hopefully I’ll make progress and one day surprise myself as well 🙂 I heard about the good Boston news…and did you also hear that Boston is going to be the U.S. bid for the 2024 Olympics as well?! I think the city has a great chance of being selected! Unfortunately the selection won’t take place for another two years, but still…how exciting would that be?!

    • LOL, i’m actually hoping it does not pass!! The money, construction, and tourism that it will bring to the city is going to be absolutely chaotic, plus, the crew section of the olympics will be about 4 miles from my house on the Merrimack river…the traffic will be ridiculous!!!!

      • True that – it would be pretty crazy. I would feel the same way about NYC. But it would be nice to have another Olympics somewhere in the States soon!

  2. Nice ten! Speedy. I’ve been treadmill bound a lot lately and FEEL your pain. I do not have a juicer at this point. This must change. Way exciting about BOSTON!!! When I am stuck on the ‘mill I like to daydream about being at the front line up and racing with the greats 😉 eye on the prize baby.

  3. My long chica for Sunday is up in the air for now. Nice work on that tempo twinie!!! Way to make up for my tempo fail yesterday, thanks! I really need you to make a training schedule for me for my fall half marathon which is way off in the distance lol.

  4. Awesome 10 miles! You are so fast! Treadmill running, especially several days in a row, can kinda stink but it’s better than not running at all. Although I’m ready for these negative temperatures to be over!
    I’m super excited that Shalane and Meb are running Boston again this year! They are both such inspiring runners.

  5. Just FYI, the links on the email newsletter I get to tell me of a new post aren’t working…

  6. I think it’s so inspiring how much progress you’ve made over the years! 10 miles at a 7:06 pace still seems like a pipe dream for me right now, but I’m busting my butt trying to get there! I’ve already shaved off more than a minute and a half off of my average pace from last year and reading your little victories definitely helps me push through 🙂 you’re a rockstar.

  7. I have a Jack LaLanne juicer and have a love/hate relationship with it. I love to juice but hate to clean it afterwards. So many parts.
    I have a half marathon in Jacksonville, FL this weekend. There will be temps in the 30’s for race morning. Thats cold enough to me.

  8. We ended up getting a delay yesterday for the extreme cold! (Its so weird that they delayed us for that but not for snow.) I am taking a rest day and I just want to stay in my pajamas under a blanket all day…I feel like if the weather is so bad that it prevents us from running outside we might as well have it bad enough for a few REAL snow days! I am trying to be willing to loosen up my training plan for now because i remember how stressful it was trying to get all my training runs in last winter. I am trying to make 2015 the year of not getting stressed out about stuff I can’t control!
    I am so excited for Meb and Shalane to be back in Boston! Last year my school had spring break the day of the marathon so I was able to take off and watch it. but this year I will need to work:(

    • i know!! we had the same situation a few weeks ago where they didn’t delay us for super icy roads..yet they cancelled school for COLD!
      I really try to just take it all in stride with my training this winter, too! it can be so overwhelming to try to plan ALL your workouts around the weather!

  9. -3 !?! I ran today’s run early (as in last night early) because of the forecasted 32 degree weather this morning. I don’t think I’d ever run outdoors in the winter if I still lived up north. I seriously have a hard time braving anything less than 50 lol
    As for this weekends long run….race weekend is finally here – 26.2 miles through the disney parks!

  10. I have such a hard time getting motivated when it’s cold too! But INCREDIBLE tempo run on the treadmill! Seriously impressive! It’s been pretty cool reading your blogs over the last year and seeing how much faster your pace/times have been getting! (Insane progress!) You’re one of my running sheros! 🙂

  11. Yay!! Great job on your 10 miles!! That’s awesome!! Totally rockin’ 2015!! I’m feeling big PRs for you this year! Glad you got a nice relaxing day, too!! That’s awesome! Also, I LOVE juicing! It’s my fave! My fave combo is apple/orange! I seriously cannot get enough of it! I want to drink it all day!! Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!! XOXO

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