Why I love Compression socks and their benefits!

OH, COMPRESSION SOCKS!!!! How do I love thee….let me tell you why:
.) my legs feel like they are swaddled like a baby…its been a long time since ive been “swaddled” but I am likening it to that! I love pulling on a fresh pair..I swear my legs get SUPER happy and excited to be all tightly packaged into each binding sock!

2.) They keep me extra warm in the winter. There is nothing like extra layers in the cold, and compression socks keep me toasty! Now is when I tell you that I have been wearing them every. single. Day. It really weirds the husband out. I have now started announcing when I’m not wearing them. and that’s a rare announcement

3.) I can wear them with boots & to work, and nobody knows that underneath those dress pants—I am rocking lime green socks. YUP!

4.) I can be dressed in black tights and have my socks on UNDER my tights and YOU STILL DON”T KNOW IT!!!! I can be wearing JEANS and underneath them YOU STILL DONT KNOW I’M WEARING THEM!!–>Now THAT is #WINNING

5. Because Pro Compression does Grab Bags and sends me fun colors like these….



Why Compression??
Ok, so all joking aside…I’m really obsessed with compression socks. I now have so many pairs that they need their own drawer. Don’t ask how many, just don’t.

Like with any product, There is always controversy on whether it’s just “hype” or if they really work. It seems that everywhere I look, I see an athlete wearing them…from Tom Brady to my man MEB!!!

Knowing that I love them, a lot of people ask me “Why Compression socks? Do they help you be a better runner? Make you faster? Alleviate soreness?” As with ANY running related item, one product will not give you dramatic, amazing, “oh-my-god I just cut five minutes off my 5k” results. There is nothing that will do that. Unless you start blood doping, but don’t quote me on that cause I don’t know a whole lot except its bad and you get banned from racing! Hard work is obviously what pays off on making you faster, or a better runner. Compression socks are meant to be a tool to aide you in your running. And it helps that they come in a bazillion colors for my outfit matching pleasure! I sat down and thought of how they have been working for me…

-I wear them to work and look cool my legs feel “fresher” when I get home and start to run.

-When I pull a fresh pair on after a long run, I feel like some soreness is alleviated.

-after standing on my feet all day, my calves are not as sore as when I don’t have them on.

-my recovery time feels quicker when I compress.

The Nerdy-Wordy’s
I wanted to do a little research for you guys so I could find out, in nerdy-wordy terms WHY compression socks are recommended for runners! I don’t really love all the boring running words like “lactic acid”, so I pulled some excerpts for ya’ll cause the pros can explain better than me!! I have probably read seven or eight different scientific pages today on compression socks and the words are now starting to blend together a little bit…but below are some of the best explanations I found…

From Runner’s Connect:
“One of the proposed benefits of compression gear is a direct benefit to performance by enhancing aerobic threshold, increasing VO2max, and clearing lactate from the muscles more efficiently. Indeed, one study conducted on a group of six runners reported that those runners who wore compression socks experienced a reduction of nearly 26 percent in their VO2max slow component (a fairly complicated training term that is basically a measure of your oxygen uptake after you have reached your lactate threshold). ” ( you can click the link for more, it’s A great article!)

From Running.Competitor:
“With manufacturers claiming compression socks and tights increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue, the wonder garments have been the hottest new item in athletic circles. But, whether or not the socks and tights deliver as promised has been an open question – one even researchers don’t have a clear answer for.
Terblanche recommends that athletes wear the socks for long sessions and for the 24 hours following. While she acknowledges her study can’t be considered conclusive, because there’s always a chance for a placebo effect in the real world scenario, the recovery findings are in line with other research…..Multiple studies, including one done by Ali, have found decreases in muscle soreness and perceived fatigue. Some possible increases in blood flow and lymph removal during the recovery period have also been found – though other studies found that wearing the socks after workouts had no greater recovery effect than taking an ice bath.”

So.To sum it up:
-compression socks come in fun colors
-they help fatigued legs recover faster
-there have been many studies, no 100% clear answer on whether or not they work.
-a lot of Pro’s wear them…like MEB And even Tom Brady!
-I wear them a ridiculous amount
-and you can’t tell in this pic, CAN YOU??!? They are my secret super power!

Who has a Compression-Obsession? (JUST coined that phrase. Don’t be stealin it!-just kidding)

Favorite brand?
I always buy Pro Compression…their deals are steals!

Anybody never tried them?


45 thoughts on “Why I love Compression socks and their benefits!

  1. Hey Nicole!
    It is true, that the studies are not 100% conclusive on whether compression socks work or not. I looked at many of the studies, and they didn’t use the same products. Even more, they didn’t use the same type of compression either.
    However I find them to work wonders on my feet. I used to suffer from aching calves as a result of muscle tears and not leaving time for them to recover. However thanks to compression socks my legs are feeling better than ever. I don’t use Pro Compression products, but I still feel my ones are helpful.

  2. I’ve always been on the fence about compression socks, but this has helped put me over. I’ll grab a pair and try them today. Thanks for the great post.

  3. I love procompression as well… when I’m in race season I buy a new pair for every race I do… I little motivation and a little reward all at once…. I can’t wait to get back into racing and racing shape…. ugh…. soon enough…

  4. Compression socks are awesome! Back last year when I was in grad school in Ohio and planning a wedding in Indiana, I was driving back and forth a lot. I would pop on compression socks to save my legs during the long car rides, especially if I had run long or hard earlier that day. I only have one pair now after my husband “borrowed” a pair – he likes them also!

  5. i only have one pair that was gifted to me, and then compression sleeves that i like because i can wear normal ankle socks with them. and i only wear them when i run…do you only wear them when youre not running?!

    • i do… i’ve been wearing them lately to work-just about every day too! I’m on my feet all day and I’ve found that it helps my legs -they get kind of sore at the end of the day but compression alleviates it and helps my legs feel “fresh” when I start to run!

  6. Doubted about it for a long time. I don’t like getting sucked “into the hype”, but just ordered two pair because of your post.
    Who knows I’ll even blog about them myselves 🙂

    Do you only wear them after long runs or after heavy tempo runs as well?

  7. I love the idea of wearing them under “normal clothes”! I don’t know how I haven’t thought of this already. I am always fussing that I work in corporate America and can’t wear compression pants to work! Get read!

  8. I guess I’ll be the voice of dissent here and say that I never really got much out of using compression socks and mostly just didn’t want to add to my laundry load! I will say that I’m a pretty devout user of my foam roller and I don’t have a job that requires me to be in one position for extended periods (too much sitting is just as bad, in a different way, as too much standing) so perhaps that’s why my experience has differed? I do love the colors though!

  9. Compression socks are WONDERFUL! I’m wearing some today under my pants/boots as well 😀 I think they’ve really helped with recovery from long runs in particular – especially when I use my lighter shoes that work my calves more. I also wear them when traveling to get better circulation through my legs! I’ve gotta work on my collection still though – I only have two pairs! Blasphemy, I know… but I’ll get there 🙂

  10. I sooooo have a compression obsession and even more so now because there benefits are no joke as you know twinie. I’ve done my first two easy runs this week without compressions and my calves are totally killing soooooo 100% total fail on that experiment and trust me the compression will be returning tomorrow. It’s actually funny you posted on this topic but then again great twinies think alike haha lol. On the topic of compression wear I actually considering and most like will be going to a thigh high compression sock/stocking for my right leg when I do tempo’s, intervals, and races since this leg a continual weak spot no matter what I do. And I currently use CEP compression but I’m thinking of switching teams to Pro Compression because the great deals everyone keeps talking about and all the cool kids are doing it! lol 🙂

    • i do all my runs with compression on! I can’t remember the last time i didn’t. i love the way my legs feel, so i am with you on that!

      I didn’t know they made thigh high stockings..it sounds interesting and i would love to try one of those out! Who makes them?

      • I don’t know of any sports related companies that make thigh high compressions but with me working for a cardiologist practice we treat patients with venous issues so we fit patients for compression stockings and get them at work for pennies. You can also get them online.

  11. Love compression socks! Not really sure why, but they make me happy 🙂
    PS-I got the same grab bag as your first pic! San Diego Tri Club for the win!

  12. I’m wearing a pair of black ones to work today 🙂

    I am dubious of many of the benefits claimed, but know how they feel is great. And I know my family has a history of leg clots and this can help, so there is that 🙂

  13. You know I love them too! But I forgot to tell you what happened with the grab bag – they ended up sending me calf sleeves! I checked my order and I definitely order socks not sleeves and since i went with the XS the sleeves are really little. I was able to sort of wear them under running tights but Im not sure they are gonna work. I may contact pro compression because I was really sad that I didnt get socks but I don’t know if maybe they just ran out after I placed my order.
    I have been wearing my socks to work just about every day!

  14. Hey girl!! I love compression socks!! They are the best and really do help with recovery!! So much fun to wear, too!! Hehe!! Have a fabulous Wednesday!! Always love your posts!! XOXO

  15. Love this! I totally have a compression obsession – for ProCompression as well!! They make my sore calves feel so happy, while running and after. My legs feel especially fresh when I run in the morning after wearing compression socks/sleeves to bed!

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