Random “Running Q&A’s” & Mileage totals:Dec 29-Jan 4

The first week of Christmas break, I had fantastic mileage. The second week I slacked a little…I didn’t do a long run this past weekend due to an impromptu arcade day with my little. Fun world is one of her absolute favorite places so it was a family outing there for us! I absolutely HATE arcades germs, germs, germs!)AND all things video games-but I LOVE her so I opted to switch up my long run to Sunday. This little face Full of excitement was worth it:




Sunday dawned slushy, rainy, icy, and just plain old disgustingness. My husband is a nervous Nelly if I go running outside in bad weather, so I opted to treadmill it. But, UGH…..I got to mile 2 on my treadmill and literally could not fathom going one step further, and called it quits. After my 13 miler on New Years Day, I couldn’t deal with ANOTHER long run on the treadmill for the week!

Monday: 400s Workout on the track, 7 miles total.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 9 easy and very hilly miles-8:28 avg pace

Thursday: Awesome marathon goal pace workout. 2 miles @ 7.4, 4 miles at 8.4, 5.5 miles at 8.5, 1.5 miles at 8.8-9.0 for a total of 13 miles in 1:33:45

Friday: 4 miles, 7:40 avg pace 30:55

Saturday: 7.20 easy miles with pickups at the end, 7:55 avg pace

Sunday: 2 miles on the treadmill.

Total Mileage:42.2 miles, Average pace for the week: 7:46

My next marathon is 7 weeks from this past Sunday! It’s coming FAST! And I’m sosososo excited. One of my goals from NOW until TAPER is to get my mileage UP a little higher. One week, I’m in the 50’s, and the next week, I’m right back down in the 40s. I know that “cut back” weeks every once in a while are GOOD for your body, but I need to intensify my training over the next month until its time to taper.

Lately, Ive been getting a lot of great emails filled with awesome questions! Below are the most popular questions that I get asked on a regular basis (some by runners and some by non runners..)Some of them are terrific running questions and I can’t believe I’ve never shared their answers before. Some of them are downright intrusive and leave me just saying “Ummmmm……..??? (FYI: The innapropriate ones are on here to give you a little laugh, I’ve never been asked them via email, I am only sharing them for your LOL-ing pleasure! )

Are you a morning runner or a night runner?
I am a 100% more efficient morning runner. I have always found it easier to spring out of bed and push through a difficult workout rather wait until after I come home from work to do so. HOWEVER…I am a high school teacher and have to be at school for 7. This means that I have to be out the door by 4:55 am and home by 6:00ish to get ready and leave for work. During the winter I just cannot get out the door. I’m way too clumsy and it is typically way too icy outside-I’m terrified I’ll slip and fall. So April-October/November I’m a morning runner… But the rest of the year I’m a night runner!

Whats your favorite weather to run in?
I’m a weirdo who loooooves to run in heat and humidity. Inappropriately so!

What’s your favorite sneaker?
I’m a Brooks shoe snob, but I’ve tried new balance, Adidas, reebok, and asics. The Brooks sneakers just seem to fit my feet the best and make them the happiest! I wear the Brooks Ghost 7 for my long runs. I also love the Brooks Pure Project line and have several pairs of the Pureflows. I love them! I wear them for all different types of runs from my long runs to my track workouts. I also have the Pure Connects and they are my newest obsession—> and I am loving the way my feet fly in them!!

Does your husband run?HAHA! No. He randomly will hop on the treadmill, but that is the extent of his running. I would love for him to take up running but he swears it’s not in the cards.

Have you ever pooped your pants while running a marathon? I’m not sure WHY so many people like to ask this question? I don’t think I’ve ever wondered about that about anyone, ever.. I guess Uda Pippig is quite famous for a little incident she had and maybe since then, people have been curious? I don’t actually know if she peed/poo’d/Ant FLO came a callin’ but SOMETHING happened to that poor woman while she ran (and won!) the Boston Marathon!!! Anyway, im not going to answer that because I’m a lady. And also because I don’t think you really want to know.

Do you still get your period? Again with the innapropriate-ness in question asking. (This ranks #2 in popularity with non-runners-men especially like to ask this?) I’ve actually had men NOT close to me or even related ask me this before…it’s so weird and I tend to get locked into an awkward, uncomfortable stare until realization hits….

Don’t you get bored while running? nope. It’s kind of my thing.

What kind of music do you listen to? I’m a country music lover but my tastes can be quite eclectic. Eric Church, Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, LL Cool J, NKOTB, Kid Rock…these are all frequent flyers on my running playlists.

What do you eat before a run?
It depends. If I’m going before work, I just have a couple sips of water, and eat when i get back. If it’s after work and I’m only running a few miles, I’ll have a small snack an hour or so before, like an apple with PB, or a honey stinger waffle.

What and how often do you eat before your long runs?
Before a long run, I usually have a big breakfast sandwich.
During a 20 mile run, I usually carry 3 Gu’s with me, and I take them at 7, 14, and if I need the third, typically at 17-18. I hate needing to take a third (they are expensive!) but sometimes I’ve just gotta do it. The faster I run, the more fuel I seem to need!

How in the world can you do 20 mile long run on a treadmill? It’s not my favorite. Not at all.
Not even a little bit. But when it’s blizzarding outside and you have a
Long run on the schedule -sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do what you have got to do.

Toenails: Do you have them all? Feet gross a lot of people out, so I’m not sure why so many people like to ask this? I lose one every now And then, and my feet get pretty beat up along the marathon training process. Currently I have them all!

Would you ever do an Ultra or a 100 miler?
NO. my husband asks me this ALLLLLL THE TIME. He is convinced I will someday want to do one. I am, however, quite positive that 26.50 (when I don’t run the tangents!) is my max! No offense to those of you out there who have/are training to run them…I think you are bad ass!! But, Just like the marathon, or, even how running isn’t for everyone–an ultra is not for me!

What’s your Bucket list race? okay, no one asks me this one, I just wanted to put it here! The Boston to Big Sur Challenge. This is something I would LOVE to do! I know how crazy it sounds, and it would also be extremely expensive…..but it’s totally worth it!

And this is where I leave you today! Happy first day back to work to any one who was off for the holiday break! I’m already missing my legging lifestyle!
Until next time, vacation!


Any more random fun running questions?


42 thoughts on “Random “Running Q&A’s” & Mileage totals:Dec 29-Jan 4

  1. That breakfast sandwich….yum. And I can’t believe some of the questions you get asked. People really have some audacity. The Boston to Big Sur challenge sounds so cool. The Big Sur Marathon is super hilly! Even hillier than the SF Marathon.

  2. Looks like you had a fun day – totally worth postponing your long run for 😀 I also think you’ve had such great quality miles that your training is going just fine. Can’t wait to see your Hyannis results! Hopefully there’s decent weather that day!
    My question for you is: How often do you cross-train? And what activity do you do for cross-training most of the time?

    • Thank you!!! I keep telling myself that same thing! I have been having great training runs and making some terrific progress so I’m hoping that it ends up paying off- fingers crossed!
      And YES—let’s pray for decent weather! Typically, in February, at the cape its in the 50s! I will take that!
      I don’t do a whole lot of crosstraining I don’t have a gym membership so I’m kind of limited. On my days off I try to do a muscle pump or body pump video with lots of weight repetitions to get my heart rate up! that’s usually what I consider to be cross training. I really love when i can fit in a good weight session – it makes me feel stronger and I love being a different kind of sore than my typical ‘running sore’. I try to lift weights one day a week. On my other off day from running, I don’t do a single thing! I find this really helps me with my running – a day off completely for rest!! It does good for my body!:)

  3. awesome q&as! what do you eat post long runs? i am all about a big ass sandwich. i usually end my run at the charlestown whole foods and pick up a panini…if im lucky, they have the turkey, cranberry, stuffing sammy. i also get a choco milk and a coconut water with pineapple…and some sort of crunchy type chips 🙂

    • Oh good Lord Kim your post long-run meals are way better than mine! I want all those things you just mentioned…right now! Sometimes, I will have soup- my dad’s tends to bring me his newest batch of homemade soup on Saturday morning. If not that, then a smoothie or whatever I can scrounge up in the fridge! I’m really not great about eating after my long runs and it’s something that I have to work on!

  4. I LOVE this post. A few things: 1) I would love to do the Boston to Big Sur challenge some day…my biggest fear aside from not being able to afford food for a few weeks is just ruining my knees! I’m not sure they could handle all the hills! How do you feel about the Goofy Challenge? It’s always intrigued me a bit…

    And 2) I NEED those leg warmers. They look so cozy!

    Hope you have a good week back and STAY WARM.

    • Is the goofy challenge the one with the half marathon on one day and the full marathon the next? I don’t know. It kind of seems cool and extremely challenging all at once. I guess I would give it a shot if it means being in Florida in the cold cold winter time though!

      I love those legwarmers! My husband makes so much fun of them because he thinks theyre goofy looking but I love them and they kept me so warm!
      Stay warm to you too it’s frigid out there!

  5. I miss my leggings and slippers so much!! I really thought we would have a snow delay today because its been snowing all morning but NOPE. All the districts around us are closed and Baltimore city doesn’t like to plow their streets.
    I currently have 9 toenails and am pretty excited about that.
    My running question for you is what kind of treadmill do you have? Lately I have just been feeling like it would be a really good investment and I could avoid a gym membership once we move. It looks like there is a huge range of prices so I need to figure out if there is any way to get a decent one at a low cost. Just curious how you decided what to get!

    • Its been snowing all day here too-its gross and so unsafe! My school district actually does not do delays at all because of language barriers- it’s so frustrating!
      I have a horizon treadmill. I got it in 2006 – I have replaced the belt once and the motor once-i would say they were both replaced in 2010-2011. Currently I need to replace the belt again(it really gets a WHOLE lot of use in my house!) so I am debating on whether or not to just get a new one since it’s already nine years old. I haven’t found one yet that I want though! I definitely will let you know – I’m going to get one within the next month.

    • Oh! And I made the decision on which one to get because I went to Sears and tested a few out. I wanted one that could go up to 12.0 – most treadmills (at that time anyway) only went up to 10.0… My treadmill is really solid and the salesperson said that it was a treadmill that was really made for running!

  6. I would love to do Boston to Big Sur… Maybe next year IF I can requaliify for 2016 Boston;)

    Im back at school too… I thought yesterday was going to be the hardest.. Nope today was WAY harder:(

  7. People really do ask the most inappropriate questions sometimes! Things I would never dream of asking someone (especially someone I didn’t know REALLY well!). Right now my main race distance in a half. We’ll see if a full is in the future.

  8. First-yes, her face is the sweetest! Second-nice week of training!!! I just started mysrathon training so I have 16 weeks to go 😉 and omg those questions lol I’m definitely a Mizuno girl for shoes and my bucket list race IS an ultra miler. There’s one in Colorado I’m dying to do one day…

  9. And here’s my random/funny running question for ya’ does running make your nose run? It makes mine haha lol 😛

  10. Well that answers my question. I always wondered if you’d make that jump to ultras. And Big Sur would be awesome too run! One of physicians I work with ran it … very hilly … very hilly

  11. Your sandwich looks great! I have a question: I’m now fighting a cold with lots of coughing. If you skip a training from your schedule, do you just skip it, or do you exchange an easy run for the run you had to be running when you were ill? It’s not really important for me because my 10K is in April which gives me plenty of time, but I was just wondering.

    • that sammy is my fave!!

      It depends how sick i am..If the cough is persistent and will NOT go away, i will take a day or two off to get better. In past ilnesses, I’ve gone all out a run and it has left me worse off so now i take a day or two off like a good patient and that typically does the trick! 🙂 I hope that helps! Once upon a time, i did a post on when to run/when not to run while sick! I will have to either find it or write up a new one!

  12. Hey! Have a great day! Sounds like you’re running lots and lots!! 40+ miles is still great running mileage!! Yay! Good luck on the rest of your marathon training!! XOXO

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