Please forgive me.

I need to take a little break every now and then…and since it’s Christmas, i feel like this is a most excellent time to do so. The past few days have been amazing-I’ve had SO MUCH FUN with my family! I’m finally starting to de-stress. I would also like to note: I finished Christmas shopping at 4pm on Christmas Eve. YUP. I was that last minute shopper…and not by choice: some of my Christmas presents NEVER arrived as planned. (DAM YOU, ONLINE SHOPPING!) So that wasn’t fun.

But, anyway…I have had some great workouts, some so-so and some i would like to improve on!

Tuesday-it was dark. I was kind of lazy….I ran on the treadmill. A planned slow, 7 mile run at 8min/mile turned into 7 miles @7:41 pace. What can i say? I get bored on the ‘mill. i literally cannot help but crank up the speed because i just want it to be done.

Wednesday- I woke up with EXCITEMENT! It was Christmas Eve! I planned on tempo-ing. It started out nice and slow with a 8:30 avg pace. I hit mile 2 and was ready to crank it! My splits for the tempo were 7:19, 7:29, 7:36, 7:22. i could not make myself go any faster…and these paces were actually kind of a struggle. I came home and was pretty disappointed in myself. The waaaaambulance came… “why wasn’t I faster?” “How come my legs weren’t turning over??” These questions plagued me.

Then i sat down and reviewed my logs. I realized that i haven’t done a tempo run outside since the summer! Pacing yourself outside vs inside on your treadmill is quite different. I realized that my body needs to adjust to the uneven surfaces, the wind, and the elevation. So i STOPPED being mad at myself and, instead, felt pretty happy about it. I know me…. I know that i will, in fact, take these splits, and manage to improve myself next time.

This is my advice to you: learn from your runs that make you feel like crap. Take that shiny, brand-new knowledge and apply to yourself for your hard run. When the run gets tough—dig deep into your brain and pull out your new knowledge. Remember what you want to accomplish!!!! At the end of the day, i know that if i had run on the treadmill, i would have hit my goal tempo paces of 8.8mph. But i didn’t. I know that i HAVE to continue to run outside, in the cold, in the winter freeze my butt off and train my body to naturally hit my tempo paces the way i want to. How else will i learn? I know i CANNOT rely on the treadmill to mark my paces for me: I have to do it with my own body. And that means hard work.

OK, moving on: Christmas!!! My wonderful, amazing fun husband got me a Mac Air (which I”m writing this Blog post on!) and a pair of JBL Wireless Headphones! I had to try them out…DUH. We had an awesome breakfast (Eggs Benedict!) and presents with the kiddos at my in laws house on Christmas morning. The kids were just amazing. I love them all. (Sidenote: this is my 6th Christmas with my stepdaughter…waking up with her on Christmas morning, every year, NEVER gets old. Even thought we had to wake her butt up this year—It is still just as precious!) Anyways, After breakfast, i ran home (i usually do this)..It’s a 7.60 mile run between our 2 houses, and it’s a run that i always really enjoy doing.

I couldn’t believe how fast my legs were moving..the day before felt HARD. The first mile, my watch beeped at 8:10. It felt SO SLOW. Usually, the day after a tempo run, I’m slower & pretty sluggish- I would have expected my paces to be in the 9 minute range. 2nd mile-7:20. 3rd? 7:20. 4th? 7:21. Mile 5 felt great too, but my stomach decided eggs benedict & running maybe were not the greatest combo… and i slowed down to a 7:45mile. Mile 6 was the same, but by 6:51- with only 1 mile from my house-I needed to call for a pickup…. Thank goodness my husband could get me! (DAM YOU, EGGS BENEDICT!!).

The paces i held on my Christmas morning easy-run were actually better than my tempo run. And they felt wayyyy easier to me than they did just the day before- i wasn’t forcing my body to go those speeds. THey came with ease, and if you were running right next to me, we could have easily had a conversation. Weird. So, sometimes–you will have a day that you are trying to do a harder run, and your body just might not want to do it. Somedays, easy paces will be faster than you thought and you will surprise yourself. And that is okay. You have to just keep going with it and remember NOT to get disappointed in yourself. Be PROUD of the runs that surprise you!

I hope everyone had a very, merry Christmas! And because it wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures…
We made hot chocolate cookies for Santa..He okay, ME! loved them!

My loves….my Aly, my nephew, my niece, and my amazing MIL


This is called a “B&b”…Brandy and Benedictine..it is strong, But yummy. Rumor has it that next year- all the malls will be serving them upon you entering the premise. No just kidding, that’s just me who will be serving them!


I wish you lots of love and happiness this weekend! And obviously —SOME GREAT RUNS!!!

Tell me a fun thing from your day!
Anybody else run on Christmas?

When I get the chance-I totally take it. It’s my own way of celebrating the day!


20 thoughts on “HI.

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’ve had fun for Christmas. The whole treadmill/outdoor running thing is so true. I can’t usually run the same speeds outside as I can on the treadmill either. I’ve learned to think of them as two separate paces over the past year. Also, eggs in general never sit well with me before a run either 😉

  2. Merry Belated Christmas lady! i love the advice about takeaways from crappy runs. i had a HORRIBLE 12 miler on Saturday down in the Cape. my pace times were FINE, but i had to keep stopping. it was like my legs and my brain were NOT in sync. not sure if this had to do with residual effects from a muscle relaxer i took on friday or if it was just one of those bad runs. but i was able to suck it up and finish it – i even pulled off a 8:00 mile for my last mile! i did run on christmas too – in shorts in NJ! cant wait until jan 17th to go to the bahamas – run a half and party in the sun!

  3. I tend to always do my tempo/interval runs on the treadmill…it’s an awful habit to get into for me!! But last week my husband had to take my car to work so I was stuck doing my tempo run outside. It was more difficult, but I think training on the dreadmill still helped me hit my pace despite a strong headwind!

  4. Ran 9 yesterday but felt like you did on that tempo run. 😦
    I’ve been rating my workouts on a 1-5 scale in my training log lately. 5 is best.
    2 recent “1’s” told me I need to back off a bit.

  5. I was happy to get a run in on Christmas! It was super windy, but I loved getting out in the sunshine.
    My Christmas was a bit (jk…very) chaotic, but the best part was getting to play with my cousin’s new puppy! He is absolutely precious.

  6. No run for me – my kids got me ‘3-in-1’ mitten gloves for the ultra-cold runs and wanted me to try them, but of course it was too warm for that anyway! 🙂

    I love my Macbook Air … I have always been a ‘powerhouse’ laptop person, and still have a Macbook Pro on my desk in our basement, but it is more of a ‘server’ at this point, this little thing goes everywhere with me. Enjoy!

  7. I ran on Christmas! I got to run in new shoes, too, always fun. I need to do some tempos as well–if the whole point of me doing Phoenix is to try for a BQ, then I probably should prep myself at that pace, riiiiiggghhhhtttt? Glad that you had the realization and did something about it. So often we all just get caught in our heads when we feel that our bodies aren’t cooperating. But really? IT IS ALL IN OUR HEADS!

    • New shoes!!! I love the first new shoe run!! And how amazing that the two were combined on Christmas!!!

      Sometimes its so hard to make ourselves get out of our comfort zones and get down to work- and if i can do it i know you can too! At times, my head can be so dangerous-i just need to pull it out of my own arse!

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