Christmas fun & Mileage totals

One thing i did a lot of this weekend was run! The rest of the week…Not so much. Christmas is still kind of kicking my butt, and the rest of the week I spent trying to keep up with the 84,000 Christmas things going on around me. I’m okay with it…and  a little less stressed today!! Celebrating Life is more important right now 🙂

Tuesday: 7 miles. 1.50 w/u. 4 miles of 800s, 1.50 c/d. I really wanted to do more than 4 repeats but I got pretty creeped out by a dude walking along the track and all i could think about was the possibility of getting kidnapped and other crazy insane things. So i called it quits and hope that with the days getting longer now that i’ll be able to hit the track for longer hours!! I am pretty proud of the fact that my last repeat was my fastest!!


Thursday: 9 miles, 7:10 avg pace. I had planned on 14 miles with 11 at my goal marathon pace, but all week, i really felt like i was coming down with something so i settled for 9 miles with 5 at my GMP.

Saturday: 20 miles, 8:22 avg pace, 2:47:29. 4 1/2 minutes faster than last week, and 2 1/2 min slower than my personal best during marathon training. I’m happy with my improvement from last week! The 2nd half felt kind of hard, but I kind of expected it to since I decided during mile 5 that i wanted to throw some faster miles in the middle of my run. Miles 6-9 ended up being 7 minute miles…By the time I was done, i thought to myself “There is NO WAY i could have done 6 more miles!”IMG_4460

Sunday: 6 miles on the treadmill, 44:18, 7:23 avg pace. I had to “power through” the workout and instead of going slow, i did a progression run.(I had exactly 45 minutes to run because I had to hustle to get ready for a Christmas party!)

42 miles, 7:52 avg pace for the week.

Sunday was one of my favorite days of the year! It was my husband’s side of the family’s Christmas much fun!

IMG_4471 IMG_4477 IMG_4481 IMG_4483 IMG_4484

Oh…And I got my new Compression socks…. I looooooove them! Esp the middle pair!!!!IMG_4456

And, I put this on my instagram last week, but i wanted to share it on here too: I HATE winter running. It takes me threetimes as long to get ready and i seem to procrastinate for HOURS. I did myself a favor this week and prepped EVERYTHING on Friday night. From now on: i am going to treat ALL long runs as if the next day is a race. It made it SO much easier…especially since i had to walk by this table 100 times before I left for my run!!!! I ended up starting 2 hours earlier than i did last week…so i guess it worked!!


How were your runs this weekend? 

Did you do a bunch of Christmas things this weekend?

If you’ve bought a grab bag before, What is the most random combination of socks you’ve received? I would have to say the Halloween-Christmas-Neon Green was the strangest combo i’ve ever gotten!


15 thoughts on “Christmas fun & Mileage totals

  1. Maybe you didn’t run as many days, but those are some kick-ass runs that you did have! Way to go! I love Christmas parties and just hanging out with friends/family at this time of year. I had a busy, busy weekend too which included a birthday celebration, a Christmas party, helping the bf with HIS shopping, and a movie outing.

  2. Looks like loads of fun – thanks for sharing the great family pics, you guys look awesome 🙂

    We (myself and younger son) made dough for baking tonight, got our menu finalized, I did all the food shopping, and we wrapped all of the kids stuff last night. Just have to wrap Lisa’s stuff and probably pick up a last couple of groceries for our Christmas eve and Christmas day meals, and we are all set 🙂

  3. My socks still haven’t come!:( I’m gonna make my sister go check to see if they come today or tomorrow while I am out of town, and hopefully I will have them before part 2 of my traveling starts on Thursday!
    You just keep getting faster and faster, its unbelievable!! I mean I know you have told us your secrets but I still want to know ALL of your secrets!!! Haha its really awesome though. Can’t wait to see how fast you get in 2015!!

  4. Great runs this week!! I’m not liking winter running lately because it’s so cold AND so dark. I swear the sun never shines up here!
    It looks like your Christmas party was a great time! My mom’s side of the family had our Christmas gathering yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to Thursday now!

  5. That’s some great running Nicole and your paces always amaze me!!! Running was great last week my first ZERO pain week in 3 weeks!!! I’m almost 100% BACK!!! 🙂

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