THIS..Frantic, journals& Gingerbread

I know I said I would be back today with my goals for 2015 and the one goal from 2014 I didn’t reach, but I think I’m going to hold off on that until Monday because I am still working on some of that stuff. 🙂 and… To be truthful….I’m a little a lot stressed about Christmas shopping. So I am going to give you everything that’s on my mind in “THIS” style!

*THIS week, I think the word to describe me is “frantic.” I have never been stressed out before about Christmas shopping. I don’t know what it is about this particular Christmas, but I’m stressed out man. At any point this week, you could have found me near tears/a breakdown. I swear my blood pressure must be high and I get hives on the reg. it’s coolno it isn’t.. I will spare you the details, but it’s all directly related to cotton candy makers and really strange online shopping cancellation incidents. I have woken up at 4 or earlier every day this week. And not to run. I’m waking up sweating over Christmas stuff. Oh my. I don’t even get it.


*THIS insanely gorgeous Gingerbread house was given to me as a gift a few weekends ago at my Kids At Heart for Boston marathon party…my husband has forbidden me to eat it until after our Christmas party (that we are hosting) on Dec 27. Forbidden me. in case you’re curious-gingerbread houses stacked with treats and frosting and chocolate? It’s like the ultimate temptation. Gingerbread house-love runs in my blood. When I was a kid,my nana would make them from scratch every Christmas. Nana loved Christmas more than any other time of year. She passed away in 2006, and Christmas just hasn’t been the same without her. I’ve made the houses a few times since, but it just doesn’t feel the same. This insanely gorgeous house is a really close second to the masterpieces we used to craft! WOW. Now I’m getting too sentimental so let’s move on before I bawl!!!

*i bought THIS on Monday and it came in the mail today (ironically, I bought several Christmas presents more than a week before this journal that haven’t bothered to arrive yet…but something for me? Oh yeah, it express ships fo free and arrives all shiny in my mail 3 days later. Wth.) I’ve already started using it and I can’t wait to write mooooreeeee! I feel like this is going to be a real resource for me! I currently keep track of all my miles with Runkeeper, and I make sure I log them on my app even if they’re inside. Using a journal has a different feel, though. It seems more intimate and definitely something I will reflect on throughout the year and of couse, next December!! It has spots for your daily workouts, race recaps, race goals, inspiration, advice, and plenty of room to write in it! Even though I love everything in the weekly sections, I decided that I’m going to add my own little weekly/monthly updates as well. I made a list of weekly and monthly questions. Yup. Just call me “Monica” the OCD over achiever because I’m completely embracing that weirdness. I even want to buy fancy pens and write extra neat. The “student” in me is really coming out now…

*and THIS happened. February just feels too far away. Almost three months is too long to go without a race, man!


*THIS Arrives in my mailbox tomorrow. OMG. I CANT WAIT. I thought it was coming today and I nearly tripped myself running to the mailbox. #wontyoubemyneighbor I’m not even embarrassed-who wouldn’t run to their mailbox to retrieve their delightful sock purchase?? Three pairs of compression socks in unknown colors? I’m way too excited. DAMMIT…. I Should have bought TWO grab bags…oh well…next time…. Follow me on IG to see what colors I got!!

Happy Friday everyone…
Please tell me someone else is stressed about shopping?

(I’ve had four online shipping cancellations and crazy charges to my cards…..I’m at my mental threshold, friends.

Who has built a gingerbread house? Do you eat it immediately? I hope someone says yes so I can love vicariously through you….


14 thoughts on “THIS..Frantic, journals& Gingerbread

  1. I was a little stressed about shopping this year because not only did we have a lot of money to spend, but I had zero ideas for people. Luckily, somehow it all came together and I’m only waiting for one more package to arrive.

    I have been stressed about other things, though. I feel like I just didn’t have time this year. I skipped Christmas cards all together and didn’t even bake cookies for my students, because again, I didn’t have/make the time. I am feeling guilt about all of this.

  2. [calculates how long it would take to drive there and back to eat the entire house in one sitting] Oh well, not worth it … 😉

    Our stuff has been really good … we don’t live in an area where we have to worry about package theft, which makes life easier. And everything has arrived as we expected – we even mistakenly added two each of two different shirts to an order from H&M for our younger son, and were able to do the return for credit where the form also allowed you to order different stuff and we already have the new things and they are perfect.

    My only scrambles have been one Loft order for Lisa. She needs a nice black sweater, and I saw one online in October and ordered. I also found a shirt we’d seen in the store (but wasn’t on sale or a good price) so I added that … which ended up backordered. While I was waiting, our first cold snap hit and she was cold at work and decided to buy a new sweater, and asked me … well, what was I going to say. So I knew that was going back. Then the shirt on backorder was further delayed and wouldn’t be in for Christmas, so I had to swap BOTH items. Oh well, have a nice cardigan and dual sweater-shirt for her now 🙂

  3. The biggest holiday shopping issue I had was that my mailman didnt leave two of my packages because I wasn’t home when they arrived. It was really thoughtful of him because he knew that a lot of stuff had been getting stolen in our area. But they were sent to the post office which is a mile away and has no where to park…so I would have to walk and one of these packages was really big and heavy. So I tried to reschedule for Saturday delivery and it never came! I ended up just signing the delivery notice that the mailman had left and put it on my door. 2 days later I was coming home from work as he was getting there with the packages! I was so grateful because I really don’t know how I would have gotten them home otherwise.
    I am also really excited to get my pro compression grab bag!
    That gingerbread house looks amazing!

    • That’s awesome that you have such a nice mailman-ours is mean! They will see me, home(I’ll wave) and still leave the notices in the box to go to the PO to pick up our packages.
      I’m always afraid of ordering those packages that I can’t lift into the house or out of my car!

  4. I have the Believe journal! I love it sooooo much! I write in it a ton. I think it’s nice to actually log your miles in writing instead of just apps. At the end I’ll have a way to look back on my journey that’s much cooler than just scrolling through a bunch of miles and paces in a running app

  5. That gingerbread house is amazing! I actually got most of my shopping done really early this year, and I’m lucky to have a short list – just boyfriend, parents, sister, really. I still need to get my mom’s gift but I know what it’s going to be. Good luck getting through the stress of shopping and the even greater stress of resisting the gingerbread house!

  6. What sites were you ordering stuff on?? That’s crazy so much crap is going on with that. We ordered 75% of our gifts on Amazon. The rest were little local things or gift cards so our shopping is generally pretty simple. It’s the figuring out what to get that’s tougher. I hope you finish up smoothly and can calm down! lol

    • That’s just awesome. I ordered a pair of shoes for Greg and then a few days later I was told they weren’t in stock so I had to go elsewhere. I ordered a cotton candy maker at a few different places for my niece bc I kept
      Getting told it wasn’t in stock, only to find that the 1st place i ordered from actually DID ship it and deliver it to my house. It’s been weird!
      I’m a little calmer today because I just bit the bullet and paid extra for shipping for Those stores I was trying to avoid! Lol!

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