Birthdays, Celebrations, and Mileage

This weekend was my husband’s birthday! We celebrated in style with lots of family parties and delicious desserts!

Birthday celebration #1:Maple Bacon Cupcakes! The birthday boys special request…


They were insanely delicious!
Happy Birthday Babe!

Birthday Celebration #2:
Amazing Chocolate Cake!


My mileage for the week was higher than it has been in a while: 52.2 miles. I had to look back at my notes to figure out the last time I had a 50+ mileage week, and its been a while: Sept 22-28 was my last 50 mile week! It felt good to have my mileage back up again. I’m not worried that I didn’t hit higher mileage for almost 3 months. Honestly, this whole entire year, I’ve run less mileage than I did last year, and I’ve improved significantly. But more on that soon!

Monday: Off
Tuesday: It was ridiculously cold, and dangerously icy outside. I had to treadmill it. A progression run on the mill!

Wednesday: Raining again, and I had a limited time to run so I hopped on the tready…

I also got an AMAZING deal on those beautiful yellow sneaks…Brooks Pure Connect 3s. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now but I held out for a good sale. Dicks had 15% off all sneakers, and combined with some rewards I had-I ended up paying about $30! SCORE! I just want to say I love these sneakers! I plan to hit the track in them this upcoming Tuesday to really feel them fly!!

In both of those pics above, I’m wearing Skirt Sports bottoms…the purple skirt is my beloved cannot-live-without-it-please-dont-ever-make-me- Cougar Skirt, and the black shorts are the Reversible Booty Short. I love them both and cannot WAIT til it’s warmer out again so my life can go back to easy with shorts& skirts!! Plus…I don’t like racing in pants! I like my little cute skirt with the one million pockets that conveniently holds ALL of my stuff! Even though it’s freeeeezing outside, when I’m on the treadmill, I NEED to be in shorts. It’s not even an option. Even though my basement is ALSO freezing cold…but i digress….

Thursday: 8 miles at a 7:40 pace, and on the treadmill again. I actually needed to watch Nashville so it worked out… Anybody else watch that amazing show? I’m beyond obsessed… And Juliette & Avery? Be still, my heart!

Friday: Off (Day 1 of Birthday celebrations)

Saturday: I knew all week that i wanted to do a 20 miler. It’s a little bit of a stretch from my long run last week, considering that I only ran 13! I didn’t get a great night’s sleep, and i procrastinated until 11:45 (i HATE how i procrastinate in the winter months…it is actually terrible how long i wait sometimes to leave!) Procrastination really messes with my head & I wasn’t really excited for my long run like I normally am, and I felt a little sluggish the whole time.

As far as first “20 milers” go, this was pretty good. My first 20 miler in my Baystate training (back in August) was 20.25 miles in 3:00:57. I’m pretty excited for my next 20 miler-I’m really looking forward to smashing this week’s time..I’m still trying to break a 2:40 long run time. Faster-finish long runs have truly made me a better runner!!

Sunday: I had a great, hilly recovery run. 8.20 miles at an 8:35 pace.

What was your favorite run of the week?
Anybody else have a December birthday?


23 thoughts on “Birthdays, Celebrations, and Mileage

  1. My husband would love those cupcakes. What is it with men and bacon? Congrats on your running – that is some pretty sweet mileage! I had an awesome trail run on Friday. It felt great and it was 60F in SLC in December!

  2. You are killing your runs! You’re a beast and such an inspiration! I honestly don’t know how you could’ve been doing more miles last year – it seems like you do a whole lot this year too (and a whole lot of good quality miles at that!).

    Also, those maple bacon cupcakes look absolutely incredible and I think my boyfriend would appreciate those too… Happy birthday to your hubby πŸ™‚

  3. happy birthday hubby! sounds like you both enjoyed the weekend! i have a tendency to procrastinate too on my weekend runs so this year i have asked my coach to give them to me on fridays so i can get them done right after work! this friday i did a tempo run of 2 x 2 miles at moderate pace and i felt great. and today i did 3 x 1/2 mile repeats and felt awesome too! weather looks pretty decent in new england this week, fingers crossed!

  4. Maple bacon cupcakes!?!?!?! Mmmmm sounds like something I’ll have to try. And no super runs last week for me 😦 I’m still dealing with this nagging/annoying injury πŸ˜₯

  5. That’s a solid week of running! This weather is really killing my motivation, but managed and okay 14 miler. Happy Birthday to your husband!! My birthday was Friday! Yay for December babies!

    • OMG you are birthday twins with my husband!! How cool is THAT!!!?! I hope your husband spoils you like I spoil my husband on his bday. I always make a big deal out of his bday bc he got jyped as a kid! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lauren!!!
      This weather is sooo hard to run in…I really have to picture the “end goal” to keep myself going!

  6. Happy bday to the Mr!! Those cupcakes look yummy.

    Great job on the runs, you’re getting so speedy!

    Like those shorts. I run in split shorts & keep wanting to try the other type but have yet to find any I like. Mostly the seams are poorly placed & irritate. Maybe will check out those – what do they reverse to?

    Have a great week!

    • I’m not sure I know what split shorts are-do they actually have the split up the side of the leg?if so, I have a pair as well. The booty shorts are really comfy. I haven’t worn them outside yet because it’s been too cold (obviously!) but they’re great on my treadmill! These reverse into leopard print. I hear you on the irritation-UGH!!! I think, for me anyway, that once I get into the larger numbers of 20+ that there are times that it really doesn’t matter what I’m wearing because I get chafed no matter what. It’s a pain-LITERALLY!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your husband, and great runs this week! My favorite run was probably last Monday since the weather was great, I felt good, and I pushed the pace just slightly for the first time since the marathon. Good for you for getting all those treadmill runs in- I don’t know how you do it!

    • I love when I can go outside in the winter and not feel like I’m going to Freeze!!
      The treadmill is just mind over matter-somedays it really flies by, others it drags on and on! I think just having an “end goal” always in mind that it keeps me trucking along!!:)

  8. Happy birthday to your husband! Looks like some great time!

    My wife’s mom, sister and niece (sister’s daughter) are all within a week – last week (7th, 11th and 12th) …and according to Facebook a crap-ton of my friends have December birthdays! Whew!

    And I totally get you on the procrastination – I talk about my ‘winter dawdles’ πŸ™‚ And unlike on weekends, on weekdays I only have so much time to play around with. Ugh!

    Congrats on the great mileage – and like you say, more miles are not always better miles, it is all about getting at what you are trying to do.

    • I like that term!! Winter dawdles are awful. I swear, i make excuses for starting late that just aren’t there in the warmer months! I wish I could run outside in the morning in the winter! I’m just too nervous because the whole run has to be done in the dark since my workday starts very early!

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