An annoyance, a workout, and a bunch of randomness.

So, first of all-I just have to tell you that WordPress and I are in a silentfight. YUP, you read that right: I’m fighting with my website provider/host (or whatever you would like to call it) You may have noticed lately that I will have a post go out, only to disappear immediately. Or maybe it appears in your reader and then you can’t comment on it. Posts that have been scheduled are not going out when they are scheduled and it is making me crazy. And the thing is, I KNOW I’m doing it right and not hitting the “Publish Immediately” button unless I want to “publish immediately” . SO ANNOYING.

I know a lot of you out there are self-hosted, and I’ve been thinking about going this route, but I’m not quite there yet. I once told myself that once I got a certain number of followers-then I would do it, and I’m at that level but still don’t know if I’m ready to take the plunge. So to all of you self-hosters out there:

– What made you take the leap from using a host like WordPress or Blogspot?
-Did you have crazy hiccups when you switched (I have read others’ horror stories)
-What’s the monthly average I should expect to spend on costs for my site?

I thank you in advance for your help/advice!!!

And now for some random questions& randomness….

Lately, I’ve been doing hair research and listening to other women around me. There is a lot of debate about how often hair is washed. Um yeah..once again, I’m asking you another weird question... It’s actually talked about all the time and it’s only once in a while that,I’m the one bringing it up,but whatev. I work with some ladies who have the most amazing thick/glossy hair and they only wash it once a week, and there are a few others who only wash it once a month. When I first heard that I told them they were gross-I wash my hair everyday!. They were all talking about natural oils and how it made their hair thicker/stronger/longer and blablabla….. So, last week, I decided to do a little test… I washed my hair on a sunday (post run) and then not again until late Tuesday night (I took Monday off from running& ran Tuesday night). I have to tell hair felt extremely healthy. And the not washing it everyday not only was easier, I felt my hair getting stronger. Since then, I’ve been keeping up this regiment of not washing my hair on days that I don’t run.

If you follow HRG at all–you know that she is a runner and doesn’t wash her hair everyday. ( again, it’s weird, I know) So my question for all this hair talk is this: to my female (or long haired males!)runner friends:
-do you wash your hair every day?
-Do you ever skip a day of washing it when you’ve also gone for a run?
-if you don’t wash it every single day, do you use dry shampoo?

These are a lot of questions I’m throwing at ya’ll today..HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

-Monday was 50 in my neck of the woods, so after checking to make sure it was cleared, I hit the track immediately after getting home. It was partially dark when I got there, and fully dark by the time I left. I’m hoping that it continues to be plowed out all winter long!!! I was a little dissappointed in my repeat times, but after an exhausting weekend of running, and also two races last week…I reevaluated and realized they weren’t that bad.


-I saw this on my friend Sandy’s Facebook…and YES SANDY… These ARE actually the most amazing Christmas lights!!


HAPPY FRIDAY!! thank you for indulging me with my 84,000 questions today. ☺️


42 thoughts on “An annoyance, a workout, and a bunch of randomness.

  1. I’ve been thinking about going self hosted but price and losing my readership are huge deterrents. The self hosted blogs that I follow, I get emails but it’s not the same as using the WP reader.

  2. I definitely don’t wash my hair every day (i.e. with the shampoo etc) because if I did it would be a fizzy nightmare of a mess! I wash it every couple of days, but I rinse and comb it out with conditioner every day. You kind of have to figure out what works best for your hair. My hair is curly and can get that “wild and untamed” look if I’m not careful 😉

  3. woot woot woman, saw your name up on the age group awards!! My bf josh placed 2nd in his age group too…and PRed. What a day huh? Can’t wait to read your race report! Congrats lady!!!!! Go get dry and warm!

    • Aww thanks Kim!! Sorry we never met up! Right after I finished, my gf met me and we had breakfast at the little restaurant! It was fun. Congrats to your BF, he is super speedy!!! How about all that slush!? I almost slipped a bunch, so happy I did Not!

  4. I use conditioner every time I shower because I would not be able to get a brush through my hair if I didn’t. My hair is thin, but it is getting really long. I only shampoo like… 2 times a week!? I heard awhile ago that you don’t need to wash it everyday so I just stopped washing so much! Think of all the time I have saved… hahaha.

  5. I’ve been having weirdnesses with WP lately – it’s completely stopped notifying me of comments via email (tho the iPhone app seems to work) and I had something set up to publish not go up for no apparent reason. Not sure about self-hosting (tho my site is up thru GoDaddy – so does that make me self-hosted?)

    I had long hair for a while – when I was young (& not running) it was really oily, and fine, so I had to wash it every day. When I got older and it started to get drier I could skip a day especially if I put it in a ponytail, bun or twist. (but I always felt like I should have washed it) I didn’t like the dry shampoos (didn’t brush out well, so many scented) but would sometimes just wipe around edge of hairline and part w/ rubbing alcohol to pull any oil, then maybe run a damp comb through it. I have a pixie cut now, thank goodness! (though I don’t need to wash it every day…benefits of aging and graying hair I guess…..I still tend to do so)

  6. If you decide to go to a self hosted blog just make sure I don’t lose you!!! It seems that the blogs I follow that eventually became self hosted it was hard for me to keep track of when new content was posted

  7. I jumped at a bluehost sale when I first started the blog and paid 3.95 per month for 36 months plus free domain, it came to about $140 which is great for 36 months! I just went for this after doing some quick research online since it seemed like a good deal. I have no idea what switching over would entail!

    I have to wash my hair everyday or else it’s majorly flat and greasy. Occasionally I’ll skip a day if I don’t run but it always winds up feeling gross anyway!

  8. I have to wash my hair every time I work out, so 4-5 times a week. Outside of that, I’ve always gotten by with washing it every other day. My hair isn’t terribly oily, but when I hit the 48 hour mark with no washing it starts to get kind of greasy and smelly.

    Question about the people you know who only wash once a week: I assume they rinse it out without shampooing during this time, and that’s how they make it work? I can’t imagine anyone going a full week without even rinsing and not having disgusting hair.

  9. I have been noticing the ‘mis-fires’ recently … but chalked it up to normal wordpress annoyances – guess I was right! On a blog I write reviews for there have been periods where they have ‘missed schedule’ problems – which is a pain when you tell a PR person to expect a review at 1PM and it isn’t there and … ugh.

    I wash my gorgeous locks everyday 😉

    But seriously, even though my hair isn’t oily like when I was young, I can’t picture NOT getting under the water every day after my run, you know?

  10. If I wash my hair every day it get’s so dry. I go about 2-3 days inbetween washing. After I workout, I dry it with a blowdryer and then use dry shampoo.

  11. I have to wash my hair every day! I try not to wash it once a week but it gets super greasy by the middle of the day! I always feel so much better after washing it too.
    I went self-hosted last April. I didn’t have any issues even though I didnt really know what I was doing:) I read some other posts about it and just went for it one weekend. I think within like 4 days everything was switched over and I never had any downtime on my blog. I paid for a year at once, so I don’t know the monthly fee but I think it was around $270 for the year. I think that bluehost is having sales so you should check out the prices they have now!

  12. Unless you have really oily hair don’t wash it every day. Every two or sometimes three days generally. But at this time of year if I’ve been out for a long run wearing a hat, it will get washed regardless!

  13. I have long hair and wash it every day. If I run at night, I just rinse it and put conditioner on it, but I wash it every morning. I tried that just rinsing-and-conditioning thing for a week over the summer, and it got stringy and gross after like three days. No one will convince me to go that route again!

  14. I don’t wash my hair every day, but I do use dry shampoo on it after a sweat session. Definitely is better for the hair. With regards to wordpress, make sure that you are set in the correct time zone. With regards to switching, switch before your site is huge, or having someone help you. I had a few little issues, but nothing big.

  15. I host with another company after starting with WordPress. SO glad I switched, and it was really easy. Do it! 🙂 I don’t remember the average monthly cost now that I have paid for a year in advance, but it wasn’t that bad at all.

    As far as hair washing…I wash my hair everyday that I workout. Which is 5-6 days a week. If I don’t, I just feel gross. I WANT that long, gorgeous, thick hair…but after a workout/run..I just can’t NOT wash it kwim? And I guess working out is more important to me then not washing my hair for get prettier hair..I NEED my workouts 😉

  16. It’s funny you bring up the hair washing thing. Someone *just* asked me yesterday about mine, saying how healthy mine was. I couldn’t tell you honestly if I think it is or not, but I’m one that washes it every day. Who knows!

    I like those lights at the end. When we did Paint Night last month, they also had a bunch of nights that you can paint wine bottles, too.

  17. I also used to think it was gross if I didn’t wash my hair everyday, but I came to my senses. I still wash my hair each time I workout, but in between I take days off. And to be honest I haven’t been ding much working out!! My hair is so much prettier and easier to manage when I don’t wash it everyday.

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