Things to love about Winter Running

HA!!!!!!! I am chuckling at the above title as I write this.. Seriously, I abhor winter running. I will take a hot and humid day over a snowy/windy/cold one any day of the week. But, winter is long. It has already snowed here, and today is December 1st. I can only imagine how long and cold this winter is going to be.

So, since winter feels never-ending, I decided a long time ago that I really need to try to stay positive about running through the wintertime instead of getting mad and cursing it’s existence. I always end up doing a spring marathon (Boston) so that means there are endless miles of winter running in my life. So I’m kinda-sorta used to it. Even though I complain a lot a little.


1. Winter running coats have lots of pockets!! Pockets..I love them. My new running jacket (it’s from last years Brooks collection) has sooo many pockets. Each time I’ve worn it, I find a new pocket…it’s heaven.



2. Less chafing. Sports bras, shorts, underwear, running skirts, socks, camel baks….these are the items that have chafed me oh so many times this past summer. Thank goodness for a little break from the dreaded chafe!!!!!

3. Wearing your compression Christmas socks out running is (somewhat) cool. Well, at least it’s cooler to do it in December than it is in June, am I right???


4. In the months of November-February, when the runner encounters an extremely rare 40+ degree day, it makes the runner very very excited. You get to run outside and not feel like your toes are going to fall off!!! You can wear one layer!!! I will never, ever forget the Valentines Day when it was actually 65 degrees outside! Funnily enough, when you face a day that’s less than 60 in the months of June-Sept…you are not very excited. Not one bit. (“Why is it so cold” is what I usually think!!)

5. You’re not as thirsty during winter months. well, at least I’m not. I have to remind myself to sip my camelbak every other mile because otherwise, I might forget. I just don’t seem to take in as much water as when it’s hot and humid!

And last, but not least…

6. Eventually, I know I’ll be back to runs when I get to be comfy like this..



How do you stay positive about running in the winter?


35 thoughts on “Things to love about Winter Running

  1. I’m more of a warm weather person as well. But I don’t mind winter running.

    Okay, let me rephrase that: I don’t mind COLD running. In fact I actually kind of like it. But I hate running in the snow and the slush and the ice. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right??

    I have the new Nike ShieldMax running jacket and I love love love it. It’s lightweight and flattering and my new winter running BFF

  2. It’s funny because I actually like winter running more than hot-weather running — the only challenge is getting out the door! It’s 10x harder to go for a run when it’s cold out but once I’m FINALLY outside I actually love it πŸ™‚

  3. #4 – yes yes yes!!!! on those days, i sometimes even break out shorts and compression socks! the boyfriend and i are both running a half this weekend in nh – last year it was 9 degrees and we both PRed. conditions HAVE to be better this year right? and i am totally looking forward to #6 – at least in january when we both race in the bahamas! then it’s back to winter gear 😦 oh, another plus for winter running is that sometimes on those snowy days, the quiet is just so peaceful, and beautiful!

  4. I have always loved winter running unless there is ice on the sidewalks/roads! I run better, faster and get more of a rush and yes I love all the pockets too! πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah, I definitely prefer it a bit warmer myself – and it really never got so hot this year that I felt that it was oppressive. That makes the fast dive back into winter that much harder. Of course, I will be one of very few out there when it is -20F … because I am an idiot.

    The one thing to mention further to your water comment is that dehydration can occur very easily in winter – because whiel you aren’t sweating it off so much, it is evaporating into the air as you exercise or through your breath, and you still have to be sure to drink plenty – even more so than in summer because in teh heat you naturally go for it, but in the cold you need to remind yourself.

    • I am a -20f idiot too so NO WORRIES, “you’ve got a friend in me!”(haha!)

      It’s true, sometimes I get dehydrated during winter running! I didn’t always run with my camelbak -this is the first winter i will actually run with it and I already know it’s helping a ton to improve my progress! Great point!

  6. I was given a pair of Yaktrax last winter but I was reluctant to use them. I thought my feet would be so clunky and clumsy but I wore them for the first time on Saturday. I didn’t have much choice if I wanted to run outside since the roads around where I live were all hard ice packed this weekend … and oh my gosh, they are my new (winter) best friend. Amazing. I didn’t slip once. Bye bye dreadmill! And Christmas music … who can’t run with a smile on their face when they’re listing to Christmas tunes! Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas …

    • I only use my yak trax when it’s icy out…I’ve been through about 4 pairs now bc I was wearing even when it wasn’t slippery and the overuse caused them to break! I need new ones, thanks for the reminder!
      I need to make my Christmas playlist!! Thanks for the reminder on that too-Christmas music makes me so happy!!:)

  7. Ummmm how do I stay positive well my winter is your spring hahaha lol πŸ˜› and aren’t Brooks running jackets the best!!! Definitely mucho pockets!!

  8. Bahaha. I would also add that nothing looks better than a good fitted light weight jacket. Too bad I don’t get much of a chance to wear them. And that it doesn’t matter the state that your hair is in because it will be hidden under a hat.

    • Those are two excellent things!! I’m so picky with my winter running coats-they have to be flattering since I’m already so mad that i have to wear it in the first place!! Hats are wonderful, esp if they have the perfect hole for your high ponytail.

  9. What I hate about winter running is the dark gloomy days.
    I try to lift up my own spirits with roughly the same facts as you. Less chafing/sweating. Less drinking so less weight to carry. Less people on the road. Winter wonderlands can be very peaceful!

  10. Ha! I also laughed a little when I read the title of your post. But yes we need to stay positive! And there are some good things about winter running. I already appreciated a warm day of running yesterday when it was suddenly 50 degrees! Its been really hard to adjust to running in the cold this year since the temps have been all over the place.

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