What a weekend&Mileage recap

I kind of disappeared at the end of thanksgiving week. And it was lovely. I truly relaxed, spent time with my family and ate a whole lot of food:) It was perfection.

My life in pictures πŸ™‚
Flat Nicole!

SIL and I ran a 10k turkey day morning. It was cold, icy, and snowy, and we literally waited until the very last second to get there because we thought the race was going to be called off. It was great to get out and get my run done really in the day. I ran extremely cautiously &conservatively because I did not want to trip and fall on the ice! I was the 6th woman, and 2nd in my AG. ☺️


Shoe selfies and pies…all finishers got a complimentary apple pie… if that isn’t a great incentive to run a race, I don’t know what is… in fact that was one of the reasons we went through with the race–we had promised the fam dessert!!



After the race, we stopped by and visited my Memere. She is the cutest!!


Some pics from Thanksgiving!!




Mileage recap for the week:
Tuesday: 8 mile tempo run..2 mile w/u @ 7.4, 4 miles @8.8, 1 mile 9.0, 1mile c/d. 7:17 avg pace.

Thursday- 6.37 miles -46:44 7:20 avg pace 1:43 miles with SIL as she finished up the 10k

Friday-7 easy miles, 56:52, 8:07 avg pace

Saturday-16 mile long run..I am pretty proud of this run because I had set out back in June to accomplish this route in 2:10, and finally, on Saturday, I did it! Next goal: 2:00!

Sunday-6.2 recovery run

Total: 45 miles for the week

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

What was your favorite run of the week?


25 thoughts on “What a weekend&Mileage recap

  1. I think I would have soldiered through an icy race for apple pie – what a great race idea. Your mileage and paces are awesome as always. I did manage a snow-packed trail run on Thanksgiving morning and it was amazing.

  2. Very cute pics Nicole and congrats on such a solid race even while having to be conservative due to the conditions!!! My most favorite run of last week was my 13 mile long run on Friday. My first of that distance since 2013!!! It was a goooood kinda painful lol πŸ˜‰ I forgot how strong runs of that distance can make you feel πŸ™‚

  3. Great job, Nicole! The ground looks so slippery, I’m glad you played it safe πŸ™‚ I ran on Thursday and nearly fell a few times. It probably isn’t the best idea to be running around ice so close to my marathon!

  4. APPLE PIE!? FOR RACING?! sign me up! congrats on the fast race, awesome job! i ran 11 on friday and was miserable; not sure why i was so fatigued and sluggish. blech. “racing” a half this weekend in NH; looking forward to “free” beer afterwards. happy belated thanksgiving!

  5. Not going to like, I would not have been a one to run in the ice etc. I am terrified of falling! I also love that your entire running wardrobe is currently blue and white, or pink and black. I love a good color coordinated ensemble! And then to finish it off with capri suns and mason jar wine glasses… a tip of the hat, my dear!

  6. Great runs this week, and looks like a great time celebrating! I always get nervous to sign up for a winter race because you just never know if it will be icy. Glad you didnt fall and nice job getting 6th female and 2nd in your AG!

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