Only the best makeup ever:Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes!

At the end of the day, I am SO happy to come home and take off my makeup. There is something about that fresh, clean face that makes me so happy. BUT…before my face get s all nice and clean, I do have to say that I really like experimenting with makeup.

When I was younger, (high school), I can remember getting dolled up on a daily basis. I can’t imagine going to those lengths again! Meedless to say, even though I like to experiment with makeup, its not happening during the work week. I am lucky if I make it to work with my head still attached and matching shoes on my feet. You can just forget about any extra effort Monday through Friday! Still, the one thing I will NOT leave home without is mascara. I feel like every girl has ONE thing that is like her “security blanket” that helps her face the world every day. Mine is my trusty mascara. (Loreal Double Extend, if you are wondering)

So when an old friend from high school named Anna got in touch with me a month ago to do a makeup product review, I was hesitant. Anna is a stay at home mom with a beautiful little one who keeps her quite busy. She remembered that back in high school, I loved makeup, and would I be so kind to do a blog post for her on a product called “Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes .”

I didn’t really know much about the product except that I thought it was fake eyelashes. And if you have ever worn fake eyelashes before, you know what a pain in *** they are to put on, keep on, and take off. I’ve only work them about twice, so I was a little nervous to try this product out. Plus, I actually have really long eyelashes and I didn’t want to look ridiculous at work with them on.

I thought I should save it for a special occasion, so I waited until my Wifey’s wedding back in November. Still. I was nervous. I didn’t want to screw up putting them on and have them falling off of my face mid-walk down the aisle. I couldn’t have been MORE surprised when I opened the (adorable!) little box and saw that it was tubes, just like I wear every single day. It was not the traditional, glue- them- onto-your –eyes-pray they-don’t-fall-off eyelashes. It was SO EASY to put them on!! It’s literally a 1-2-3 step process of gel, fibers, gel. (They also suggest you use a coat of your own favorite mascara to get your lashes separated exactly like you like them) If you want a more dramatic look, you can repeat the process, too.



(The fibers remind me of teddy bear fur!)

I didn’t really know how often I would use them. I thought maybe it would be just a weekend thing, but slowly, I have come to realize HOW FREAKING EASY it is to put them on, and I LOVE the way they look! It’s really not wearing fake eyelashes-it’s fibers that coat each lash individually and gives them a thicker, longer look – just like mascara does. I actually have started using during the work week and without using my own mascara underneath it because it is so easy to do. For work, I only wear one coat, but for the weekends, I kick it up a notch and take it a more sassy level. And I love the way it looks!



The price is really reasonable, too. Any high end mascara is comparable to the price of the 3d fiber lashes-It’s $29.99 and it lasts for 12 weeks!!!So basically, you will need to get some new stuff once a season!

I gave it the running test too-and it PASSED!
-it did not sweat off-CHECK!
-It did not leave residue around my eyes-CHECK!
-It didn’t get IN my eyes-CHECK!

I’m planning on continuing to use this product because I really feel like it is amazing! Thank you Anna for recommending it to me, I’m going to order a backup soon! I have been telling all my friends about it too and hopefully she will be getting a lot more business! And if youre a dude reading this…CHRISTMAS IS COMING… just saying!

One more pic-one eye with, one without!

For more on Younique’s products or to purchase lashes of your own, you can go to Anna’s website!


12 thoughts on “Only the best makeup ever:Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes!

  1. As I have always remembered, you are so amazing when it comes to make-up! I’m so so happy you like them. Thank you for giving them a review for me. I love honest opinions and I value and treasure yours so much. You look beautiful with and without! I always feal naked without mascara though lol!

    • It was my pleasure! I hope it gets you a lot of business and now you know you have a customer in me! I love this product!! I’ve been telling allll my friends about it too and some of them have already sent me texts today telling me they were wondering about the 3d lashes! I’m honored to help a sister out!:)

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