WOW Wednesday: the winning attitude

Today, I’m once again linking up with Florida Running Boy for WOW (Words of Wisdom) Wednesday!

I think I feel the MOST inspired to write once I finish up a long run. Something about pounding the pavement for all those miles makes me do a lot of deep thinking, and I sat down to write this post immediately following my long run a few weeks ago.
(from my long run mid November)

I spent my run thinking about elite runners.(actually, I kind of think of them and their training quite a bit.) Elite runners have so much to teach us. I just wish I could call Kara on the phone and ask her to go to lunch with me and then pick her brain. Doesn’t that just sound great?!

But what I was really thinking about was their attitudes on race day. Most races are full of runners that are just your average, everyday runner. They don’t think of it as a competition. Some have a goal to beat, some just want to finish the dam thing.

But the elite runners? They are different. They walk to that starting line and although they are just as nervous as you and me-they are looking around knowing that they are trying to win the race. Having the “I’m going to win this race” attitude is quite a bit different that the “I’m just running/finishing this race.”

Elites toe the line thinking of the win. Normal everydayers think “oh crap, what have I gotten myself into”. Elites are thinking of the cash purse if they win..Everydayers are thinking about if they have enough cash on them for a subway ride instead of finishing the race (I kid!)

Elites obviously have different motivations. They might be promised a huge sum if they win, and an even larger sum of they set a course record. The point is–> elites have a mentality of “WINNING.” And that is the attitude that I am going to start to have. Having that attitude is going to help build me up as a stronger mental runner. I’m going to see every race as a new opportunity to improve!

Happy Hump day, everyone have a safe and happy thanksgiving! There is a lot to be thankful for this year and I am counting my family’s blessings!

How do you have a winning attitude?


14 thoughts on “WOW Wednesday: the winning attitude

  1. I couldn’t imagine all the pressure that those elites must feel! Its scary enough for me to get to a starting line and think about finishing and running the strongest race I have in me that day. I do think that they have probably developed a lot of mental strength which has gotten them to where they are today. If you ever get to hang out with Kara I hope that I am invited!!

  2. I don’t know if I toe the line thinking of the win, mostly because I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I have changed a lot in my mentality and approach, though. Now, I toe the line, start my run putting my best foot forward and know that at any minute, the bad can become good (in which case, I must persevere) or the good can go bad (in which case I need to enjoy the moment!) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I think that the ‘winning attitude’ is useful in everything. And honestly, it is all about strategies for getting the very best out of yourself that day. Whether it is a race, a presentation, a big project, or whatever … it is all the same.

    Also, I look at it like any other profession – these elites are doing things because it is THEIR JOB. I have degrees in engineering and statistics, and with statistics in particular there are many who get a course or two of training in college or maybe learn something in Six Sigma training … but that is not their focus, it is a sideline.

    That is how running is for non-professionals. We wouldn’t stop at mile 14 when we saw we wouldn’t podium, whereas the pros might … in fact some thought it was ‘heroic’ that Meb finished a race when he knew he wouldn’t be top3. Um, yeah, so did 47000 others! ha!

  4. I can’t imagine standing at the start and thinking “I’m going to win!” but that would be pretty cool! In my early racing days, out of pure ignorance of all that could go wrong, I was super confident though. That was my “honeymoon” racing phase though. I do still get really inspired after finishing long runs and tough races, I just wish I could go in with less nerves and more confidence.

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