So THATS why I don’t like trails…huh…

Saturday was such an awesome, day! it was my side of the family’s Thanksgiving! We are so weird and have so much fun together, it’s just awesome.

These are some picture highlights from my weekend…
I am obsessed with this new scarf!


Three delicious bottles of wine!

Silliness from my two favorite men❤️

Sarurday mornings run was CHILLY…

Sunday, I had signed up to run the Wolf Hollow
Half Marathon. I ran it last year, and I have to admit, I did terrible last year. It was about 24 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel about 2. I’m not exaggerating at all., it was the coldest race I’ve ever run.

I didn’t hesitate to register again because
A-it’s local to me..The race is in Nashua, NH, less than a half hour away. And
B-it’s really pretty. You run along a stream through the gorgeous Mines Falls trails with a little bit of pavement mixed in.

The week before the race, I was really excited for it. I had a really good feeling about my performance..I knew that during my PR in October, I wasn’t as fast as I could have been, and I was really thinking I could be 3-4 minutes faster than I was a month ago.

My first 3 miles (on pavement) had splits of 6:50, 6:55, 6:51..I’ve never seen splits that fast for myself during a half marathon. And ironically, even though I feel like I had a crappy race, I don’t feel like I went out “too fast”. I wasn’t trying to keep up with other people, I was really just trying to run my own race. Those three miles where when I felt the best, too, ironically.

By the time mike 4 hit, we were solidly on trails. I would say 75-80% of the race was on them. I’ve run through Mines Falls before, and all I kept thinking of was my last run there with my girlfriend where I tripped and fell. Trails are not my friend and I’m really not meant to be a trail runner, as I can barely walk and not trip and fall.

I fell twice, nearly tripped a whole lot, and had to tie my shoe once. Besides my ego being a little bruised from falling, I was fine. My legs just naturally slowed to protect me from falling (even more) on the trails which attributed to my overall slowness.

The course was also a lot hillier than I remembered, and running on the trails made it twice as hard. I was surprised that I hadn’t remembered that from last year-but I think I was just trying to stay warm
And finish it..this year the weather was gorgeous and I wore a skirt, tank and arm warmers.

It really felt like it took three hours to finish those 13.1 miles, It could not have come soon enough!! My exact time was 1:42:14. I would have been a little faster if I hadn’t had to pick myself up and dust myself off (dam you, tree branches!).

I’m really not mad about my time at all-not every race can be your best effort. Or maybe this was my best trail effort, who knows! Last year, I PRd in an October half with a 1:43 time, and ran a 1:51 time a month later in the Wolf Hollow Half. This year I PRd in an October half with a 1:35 and ran a 1:42 at the same race. So I know trails slow me! It’s something I never do but ought to do more of, for sure! I talked to a few other runner friends who also did the race and felt the same as I did-tough course with all the trails on it!!

I wouldn’t hesitate do this race again because even though it’s tough, it’s so pretty. After the race they have delicious soup too and I love when a race hands out soup-it is one of my very favorite things!!

One thing the race did do was make me excited for my next road race-on pavement. (where I can still actually fall but hopefully will

This is the only picture I took all day–another way you can tell I was off my game! I typically take a million pics!

Congrats to everyone who ran yesterday! Special shoutouts to Lauren (a reader who recognized me and came over to say hello-and she did bad ass yesterday!), Laurel (in my Baystate marathon pace group and recognized me) and Mike and Amanda, who raced Wolf Hollow too and hated every second just like I did!!


32 thoughts on “So THATS why I don’t like trails…huh…

  1. Trail running is a whole ‘notha animal. But seriously—your time is still freaking amazing!! I ran a trail race here in western NC and it was crazy hilly and super technical. My time is too slow to even mention … However, it still remains one of my favorites because of it’s beauty.

  2. Crap – was afraid my comment was lost earlier (network ‘hiccup’) 🙂

    Love all the pics, and really – you did pretty awesome with your race, attempts at killing yourself on the trails notwithstanding. I wrote about my water station fall recently, and that is what always concerned me about running trails – but I did a couple of times on dozen-plus mile trail runs this summer, and had awesome trails in Kentucky when I was there on business last year, so really it is unfounded.

    More importantly? No injuries! One of my fraternity brother friends (who is about 55 now) runs several 50 & 100 milers each year … and a couple of years ago broke his foot mid-rrun … ugh!

    • I’m so glad you commented again! I think you would like the area-lots of streams and beautiful views.

      I was REALLY glad that I didn’t hurt myself (and maybe a little surprised!) Breaking a bone due to falling is something I always worry about-I fell roller skating as a teen and broke my arm..your poor friend, my biggest fear! (Buy a 50 miler OR an ultra…wow…I could NEVER!!)

  3. Hey Nicole! It’s Laurel – the one who came up to you after the race. Glad we both survived. It was a tough race for sure. I ran the race last year as well, but for whatever reason didn’t remember how tough it was. Maybe it was because last year I didn’t really take it seriously – I literally signed up 3 days beforehand.

  4. A trail/off-road race is something I’ve never done. Your time was good considering conditions and that medal makes me think of the Olympics

  5. Aww yay! Thanks for the shout out, sorry to have bombarded you right after the finish! A few times during the race I was thinking “it would be okay to walk…only for a minute….NO NO you can’t walk keep going…” As beautiful as the course was, it was painful and it felt like it took FOREVER. Considering you fell twice and had to tie your shoe you still did awesome!

  6. I think it would take corks in my ears (to block out the trail part) before I signed up for a trail half. I am terrified of falling (thus why I even have an explanation of how to fall during the winter on my blog!) from having had some very bad splats as a kid, and the pronated ankles make me more prone to it, and I just am a wuss when it comes to that, so thus, NO.
    But goo for you for sticking it out! Now, legs up, cork in ears, wine to face!

  7. I love the funny faces you make! So great that you enjoy spending time with your “weird” family…I love your enthusiasm. Congrats again on taking on that trail race. (nice medal) If we run it together, it won’t be in a race and we’ll take it REALLY easy – I’m not a trail person either. Roads and treadmill please! Have a great Monday!

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