Brrrrr&Friday Tangents

THANK YOU to all of you for your comments and sweet words for my long three part “Why I Run The Boston Marathon” series…a couple of people had mentioned how important running was to them immediately following the tragedy. I remember feeling the same exact way. My mom usually buys me a massage post-Boston (she is a love!) and when she offered that year, I told her that I felt guilty getting one. There were so many people that were hurt from the bombings, it just didn’t feel right to get a message because i, at least, had my sore muscles. I took a look back at that week to see how many miles I ran-it was 75. I guess running was all that helped me too. (((Big hugs to ya’ll)))

It’s been a weird’s been so ridiculously cold that I’ve been needing to be inside for running. I’m being a bit of a baby by not going outside right now! I feel like we have gone from beautiful fall weather to Christmas weather within a week. The weather is on as much Christmas steroids as my tv commercials are (every commercial is a cold-weather snowy picture-perfect Christmas commercial..TOO.SOON.)

I hate running on the treadmill.
I feel lucky I have one, but I don’t like being forced to run on it. Another weird thing about this week is that I have had absolutely zero motivation to run. I know all runners go through this at some point- this is my week I guess…I had two-4 mile days where it was an absolute struggle to get through that. I don’t know. Maybe I’m coming down with something because I’m all out of sorts! I keep telling myself that it’s “ok” to be lazy right now because as of next week, I’m going to officially consider myself to be back in marathon training…aka-hitting it and hitting it hard.

ok no more complaining!
I tried this over the weekend:it was delicious!
And then I had this beer on Wednesday…

UFO is actually the winner which shocked me because I always love Shipyard EVERYTHING!

Thursday was National Hug A Runner day! SIL made us these 🙂


And this was my fortune with my wonton soup (which is delightful, btw)
Seriously, how perfect is that fortune?

Happy weekend everybody! Head on over to two of my bloggy friends and wish them good luck in their Sunday race-they both are racing the Philadelphia Marathon and are going to do GREAT!! I feel like these girls could be my real life
Friends, I just adore them!
MicheleMichele and Lisa, I hope you KICK ASS this weekend!!!!

Stay warm everybody!


11 thoughts on “Brrrrr&Friday Tangents

  1. That’s an awesome fortune! Going to remember that one tomorrow 😉 I also really hate the treadmill, I think because it reminds me of when I didn’t run and it would be torturous to go on for just 20 minutes. We don’t have one now and if the weather’s bad enough that I’m at the gym I’m usually spinning or on the elliptical. Treadmill is the last thing I go for!

  2. We definitely all have their weeks. Sometimes I believe that’s our body’s way of saying, I need a break!!! Which marathon will you be training for? My training will start jan 5th so I’m just working on getting miles in and working my mileage back up.

  3. Eh’ no worries Nicole you’ll get out of that funk the treadmill and the weather are probably playing tricks with your mind and as my Twinkie I’m sure that when you are in between races you can get bored at times and totally not feel the run. Have an amazing weekend chica!!!

  4. i have ZERO motivation to run 10 miles today in boston. it’s so COLD! but i keep thinking – wine and sushi post-run, i can do this!!! happy weekend!

  5. I don’t even know if I qualify as a runner after this week. And I have new reason to not want to go to the tmill–I discovered on Monday (before I got sick) that I now get motion sick on them. WHAT THE CRAP
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Aww thank you!! How fun would it be to go running together one day?!! Although I probably couldn’t keep up with you speedy ladies!!
    I think its totally normal to have a week where you just feel off. Maybe your brain knows you are about to start training hard and its telling you to slow down a little. And if you are coming down with something its probably better to run a little less this week anyway!
    Obviously I agree with you that this weather is ridiculous. Maybe we will have a bad November and the rest of the winter will be mild? Ha, wishful thinking!

  7. I laugh remembering the few days where I really worried I was losing my running mojo … Because it seemed so ‘major’ but was really so silly. We all have ups and downs, and that is ok … We push through, change it up, or whatever works until we grab the next wave (beach thoughts for warmth)!

    And yeah … Not even Thanksgiving and already over the cold! Ugh … Going to be a long winter …

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