I Mustache You A Question…

Today is a little bit different.i was tagged by Michele to do this cute little survey and I feel like today is the perfect day to do it!

Four Names That People Call Me (Other than my real name):
-Miss Nicole (my students)
-Cole. (There is no other nickname. If you call me Nicky…I would probably punch you)

Four Jobs I’ve had:
A hostess at a restaurant, a cashier at CVS, a teller, a Financial Education Teacher

Four Movies I have Watched More Than Once:
-The Notebook (every time its on, I can’t seem to turn it off!
– Titanic (I have to admit that I stole this from Michele, but I totally watch it every single time its on and can’t turn it off..and if I’m watching the DVD, I only watch the first disc..because then if I DON’T watch the second, Jack never dies, right?? 😉
-What Dreams May Come
-The Incredibles (This is my movie when I’m not feeling good and am laying on the couch!

Four Books I’d Recommend:
The Fault In Our Stars, The Pact, Summer Sisters, The Last Pick

Four Places I have Lived:
This one is soooo super boring….I have lived in one town my whole life! Who is boring now??

Four Places I Have Been:
Jamaica, Mexico, Domincan Republic, California

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now: Oh good lord anywhere warm. ANYWHERE.

Four Things I Don’t Eat:
-Olives. Blech.
-Anything that is a delicacy because usually that means its been cooked/stuffed/filled/sautéed in something weird like “a cows stomach” for example (YUCK)
-Canned food ( I weirdly despise canned products)
-Coffee. I know it says “food” but its my ‘mustache’, so my rules 😉

Four of My Favorite Foods:
-almonds, smoothies, steak, buffalo chicken

Four TV Shows That I Watch(ed):
-old shows:
Friends (I will never turn it off, ever)
-The office-I still watch the reruns
-Raising Hope (just started watching a couple weeks ago)
-Gilmore girls
Currently on:
-The Goldbergs, Nashville, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory

Four Things I’m Saying:

-I am not ready for winter
-Can we move to somewhere that is not wintery?
-more wine, please?

Four People I’m tagging to Do This Next:

The Suz




Feel free to answer one or all of these! 🙂


13 thoughts on “I Mustache You A Question…

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  2. Daaaa suz da suz da suz da suz 😀 Thank you! And somehow I responded in kind without even knowing it! I’m glad I read this today, when i am feeling slightly perkier. I think that everyone in or around our generation has watched Titanic more than once, and if they haven’t, shame on them. It is an excellent film. And I will excuse the fact that you don’t care for coffee by the fact that you made the rightful statement of my mustache, my rules, which might be my favorite sentence so far today!

  3. It’s okay. I drink enough coffee for the both of us. And I’m right there with you on the olive hate. Mega-blech.
    This is so cute! I love getting to know more about you!

  4. I like that your students also call you “Miss Nicole” versus last name. In all my jobs working with kids I have always been “Miss Lisa” and I feel like it makes it less formal and feels like a better relationship. I can’t believe you have lived in the same town your whole life.
    And wait, you don’t like coffee?! How do you function in life?!

    • Sometimes it’s just plain old “miss” and I love that even more!! It’s respectful but still not formal! I don’t really like “Mrs Bedard”!!
      I knowwww. I’m lame! My husband is from here too, but we didn’t meet until he was 30 and I was 26:)
      I KNOW—everyone says that to me!! I have just never been a fan of it!

  5. I will work on this tomorrow for you and you dont like olives either … well that jusy sealed the deal!!!! We are sooooo twins haha lol 😉

  6. Thanks for the nomination … I am really loving these posts from everyone!

    You totally cheated on the TV thing, which I wholeheartedly support! haha

    I have a technician working for me who is ‘Nicole’ and she tends to refer to herself as that, but now that she’s gotten comfortable on the project team she comes up as Nicky with the other techs … but I still tend to call her Nicole … so I had to laugh reading your comment on that! 🙂

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