Happy Friday-a sentence or 2 per a pic!

My new favorite running skirt❤️

(big news coming up next week on THAT, but for now, just look to the right, if you would be so kind!

Smoothies make my heart happy❤️



No lie-I bought this for my hair…deep conditioner hair mask! (I will let you know how it goes!)


These are delicious!


And so is this wine, made about fifteen minutes away from me at a local winery/brewery!


Happy Friday!!
Best of luck to anybody who is racing
(I’m seriously jealous!)
Head over to my friend M’s blog and wish her luck in running Richmond this weekend!


15 thoughts on “Happy Friday-a sentence or 2 per a pic!

  1. That skirt is SO cute! I can’t wait to hear about how the coconut oil works for your hair, mine is sooo dry so please let me know! And where is the wine from? Sense it can’t be that far from me either! 🙂

  2. Gingermints hmmmm very interesting I might have to look into them. And Nicole and the running skirts strike again haha lol 🙂 I might just have to wear a kilt in a race one day as a tribute to your nee love of the running skirt haha! Then burn any pictures that could serve s evidence. No racing for me this weekend either 😦 January can’t come fast enough!!

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