Onwards&upwards: new goals.

I had Tuesday off because schools are closed in honor of Veterans Day. Both my Pepere and my Grumps (his own name he made up for ‘grandfather’) fought during World War II…they each had amazing stories about their time served,but that is a different post. I also have had a few really close friends/family fight for both the USMC and the Army, so ya’ll are just amazing to me. Thank you for all that you have done for your fellow countrymen, it is an honor to know you. β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I haven’t been able to hit the track lately- i think I went 1-2 weeks before my marathon, but haven’t been back since. I have to tell you that when I don’t go to the track, I really feel a difference in my body and in my running. A good track workout makes me feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. (Yes, it is weird that I like the feeling of getting hit by a bus!) Once it’s complete, there is such a feeling of accomplishment. I don’t want to lose all the advancements I have made this summer/fall from my other one million track runs so I’m going to keep up with it. And I like the variety of throwing in a track workout, it changes up my running!

I did 400s.My goal is to get my times below 1:30. I know it is going to hurt but I know it’ll help me in my future races.

Total miles: 10, 7:19 overall avg pace.
Warmup to the track-1.50, 8:46 pace
8 400s with 400 jogs in between reps, 27:22,6:51 avg pace.

Jog home from track-1.50, 8:45 pace

And then because I’m silly, crazy, running addicted girl,or just crazy I hopped on my treadmill for 3.10 more miles to see how fast I could do a 5k: 20:19. I really want to sign up for one soon and see how I can do. I would love to really push it and see if I can break the 20 minute mark!

I’ve been debating over if it’s a good idea/bad idea to put this on here so soon-but then I decided that I’m way too excited about it and if somebody doesn’t like it than that is just too bad. I am registered for my next marathon. I am doing Hyannis (in Cape Cod)again because I just LOVE that marathon. It’s Feb 22, 2015. It’s 8 weeks before Boston and although I do know it will be tough to be training for two marathons, I feel I can do it. I feel like I’m a different runner than I was last year, and I’m really excited to delve deeper than I ever have into training. I’m even thinking of buying a McMillan training plan! Ahhh!!!


One dayREALLY soon I plan to tell my Boston story (if you’re not a new reader, then you already know it!) it takes a lot out of me to write about it, that is the only reason I’ve been putting it off.

I guess I was nervous to put that I registered for my next full marathon on here because I didn’t want to be judged. That is so silly though because this is my blog, and if I want to register for another marathon, I’m going to register for another marathon. I will probably not do Hyannis again (for a few years) after this year. I love doing a winter marathon and even though it’s in February-I love the Cape. I know “The a Rule” is not to do too many marathon within a certain amount of time… But honestly, I just don’t give a dam. Marathoning is something I love. And I love me a winter marathon!

Onwards&Upwards.. Maybe it’s because I’m getting faster ..and I’m way too excited about my running right now that I’m taking my momentum and rolling with it. I have waited like 13ish years to get where I want to be. And I guess I’m just not ready to slow down right now…


49 thoughts on “Onwards&upwards: new goals.

  1. You have a really good shot to come in 3-5th place in Hyannis.
    A girl I know from Shrewsbury won it a few years back. She trained mostly on the T-mill.

  2. Hi Nicole. First of all I am a big local fan. I saw you at the last two Yukan races….even yelled at you that you were first at the Manchester one (I really thought you were!! and I got all excited at the idea :))
    Question for you: would you recommend Hyannis as a first marathon? if not, any other New England option you’d recommend?

    • Hi there, thanks for reading! I really love the Hyannis marathon. I love smaller races-this one is really small(I think there are about 400 marathoners). If you don’t mind the fact that you’ll be running solo for a lot of the time, than I would say it is the perfect first marathon. If you DO mind (because sometimes it can be lonely and not very motivating when you don’t have anyone else to push you) than I would pick a larger (2000-4000people) race. I hope this helps!

  3. So funny, as I just registered for Hyannis as my Dublin Marathon did not go well, so I feel like I need a do-over…..lol…Good Luck, maybe I’ll see you there…… I’ll be the old lady who is way in the back of the pack…… πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome track workout! I think its great you signed up for another marathon, only YOU know when you are ready and how you are recovering! I’m pretty much going to live vicariously through you and your running while I try to rehab my hip so that I can be ready for Boston. I really wanted to run a half this fall and that isn’t going to happen, but who knows maybe I will be ready to run a half by February and I’ll join you in Hyannis! Although Hampton is A LOT closer. πŸ™‚

  5. Get it giiiiiirrlll! You know YOUR body best. There’s all kinds of stories about people running marathons every other weekend psssht. No big deal. Lol I’m hoping to be speedy soon. Now that I’m all married I can focus on running again yay!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. I’ve always wondered about the Hyannis Marathon. I could totally be talked into doing that one! Wish I was running Boston again this year but it wasn’t in the cards. You will do well training for and running both! Congrats on being a Skirt Sports Ambassador. I am excited to be an ambassador with you and so many other inspiring women!

    • Thanks Sandra, congrats to you too!!
      I love Hyannis! It was my very first half marathon, and I did it in 2:35…this year I plan to do the full marathon in 3:08:) it is really flat and it’s never that cold there like it is in the rest of MA.
      Did I talk you into it?!:):):)

  7. I was wondering when I say your 18 miler whether you were running another marathon soon! You are on a roll and recover pretty quickly so I’m sure you’ll be awesome. But I think you’re crazy to do one in February – I feel cold just thinking about it!

  8. woot woot! both for the killer track workout AND the marathon sign up! how is hyannis? i should contemplate doing the half! so i just got the okay from my coach to move my long run to tomorrow evening instead of saturday morning. sure tonight/tomorrow morning will be rainy/snowy…but im really hoping the temps will be warmer tomorrow than saturday am!

  9. No Judgement here. I’m just as crazy and have signed up for my 6th this year. I just love the distance and would rather put my time/money into 26.2 …even if I don’t race each one.
    I feel like doing them close, I actually spend more time making sure I recover than I would normally. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  10. No need to hold back, Nicole! I think your love for marathons is AMAZING! I definitely don’t share that sentiment yet lol…but I think that’s a part of you and you should go ahead and do what you want!!

    I considered Hyannis before signing up for Rehoboth in December. I def am not at the point of doing marathons 2 months apart but I had no idea Hyannis had a half too! I’m looking for a winter half in my area and can’t really find a good one so I might just have to sign up for that half and make a trip to Boston out of it πŸ˜€ (P.S. I know they’re not really close together but if I make a trip that far, might as well right?! I could use an excuse to visit Boston!)

  11. I am not surprised that you signed up for another marathon because you are Nicole πŸ™‚ You run more 20 mile runs than anyone I know (in real life or through blogging) and if I was running that many I would totally sign up for multiple marathons a year too! In fact someday when I am as awesome as you, I will *definitely* do the same thing!

    I kind of know how you feel about going with the momentum. Coming off of my first full marathon in Oct. I felt a little drained, but now I’m super excited about running ALL the half marathons in my area, haha. Between now and February I have the opportunity to do FIVE of them! I think I’ll only do 3 or 4 … or 5 πŸ˜‰

  12. I wish you could have seen my face as I was reading about your workout…”and then because I’m a crazy girl I went home and ran a 5k in 20:19″. You are crazy and I love it.
    Part of me was thinking if I would want to do a winter marathon if mine doesn’t go as planned. I probably won’t but since I’m not doing a spring marathon I was thinking I could always take a few weeks off and try again. Hopefully I’ll be happy in Philly and won’t need to worry about that:)

    • HAHA-I’m glad that someone picked up on that little fun fact and I SO wish I could’ve seen your face LOL!!!
      I know what you mean about dusting yourself off and trying again with another marathon in a few weeks-it was VERY hard for me NOT to sign up for a November full for that reason. I think that knowing that Baystate was my one shot at a BQ for the fall helped keep me on track though! I think you’re going to do insanely well, you’ve worked SO hard!

  13. No judging over here! Almost 4 weeks out from Baystate and you’re killing the long runs so I’m sure you’ll be ready to go for Boston after Hyannis. I can’t imagine the mental endurance needed to run a winter marathon, I think I’d go crazy between the cold/snow/ice and treadmill runs. I’ve been really itching to do a 5k, I’d love to see how fast my time would be now, but sigh the winter is messing that up.

  14. Eh, the marathoners out there won’t judge for a second. Just listen to you body, you know what works for you. I am still trying to decide on my spring marathon. Such a big part o fme is nervous to pick one because of training through a Chicago winter. But I want to keep on riding the wave that I am on, build off of this base and not have to start over again!

  15. Judged? The way I look at it – those who are going to judge you already have for whatever reasons … and the rest of us (well, I only speak for me πŸ™‚ ) are excited (I love Hyannis and would love to run a race on the Cape someday!), and would only caution to be careful … no injuries allowed! πŸ™‚

  16. Wow to another marathon this winter! I think you are on a roll and as long as you’re smart about getting the recovery time in you’ll do great. Sometimes when you have that momentum you just have to go with it! Plus I love winter races. I’m already signed up for a half end of January πŸ™‚

    • I know I definitely have to stay smart. I love winter races too! It just feels easier to do them when it’s colder! Unless it is windy…but I know you don’t mind wind!!!
      I think a January half sounds perfect! I’ve never done a January half before, there aren’t any nearby!

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