Last weeks miles, and pics

I forgot to post my mileage from last week in yesterday’s post, so I’ll include it here:
Monday: 7.20 easy miles, 8:11 avg pace
Wednesday: 9 miles-a tempo run I did on my treadmill. I wish I had written down what I did, but I actually 100% forget, oops. I think it was something like a 2 mile warmup, 6 miles at my tempo pace, and 1 mile cool down… Avg pace, 7:09 1:04:18 total.
Thursday: off.
Friday: Doubles.
Morning set: 4 @ 7:39, 30:35.
Evening set:: 4 @ 7:08, 28:32
Saturday:18.01, 8:30 avg pace
Sunday: 7 mile Progressive run-8:41: 8:41, 8:19, 8:02, 2 miles @7:57
49.2 total miles, avg pace 7:59.

After my long run on Saturday, this pretty much sums up my Saturday night…

This weekend it was Sunday Funday. We rotate houses for who hosts it, and this weekend was ours! It was amazing and got me excited for family day on Thanksgiving!







I am loving the weather forecast for today:

It actually SAYS “delightful!” it cracks me up!

I hope wherever you are, you have great weather today too!! if you are a veteran, I thank you for serving our beautiful country…you are amazing.


21 thoughts on “Last weeks miles, and pics

  1. YES! i ran to south boston during my lunch hour at work and i was SWEATING! love this weather! im trying to ignore the temperature coming up on saturday. sigh. awesomely solid workouts this week girl!

  2. A) those pictures are fantastic and b) the fact that it says delightful is amazing. I would love to know what it would say in Chicago when the temp drops this week. Like “Screw you, weather gods!”

  3. Yay for delightful weather!!! Looks like a great week of running and a fun weekend! I am also getting excited for Thanksgiving…We are doing part one this Saturday with my parents, and then going to Florida for the actual week of Thanksgiving with Rob’s parents!

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