Finally Friday

What a strange week. I had Tuesday off because it was Election Day. This is something new that a lot of cities and towns are now doing. After Sandy Hook, it just didn’t seem right to let strangers come and go into our schools, so now we have a random day off, And …. I am super relieved about it. Tuesday felt like Saturday and Sunday all in one. Very weird. Not that I’m complaining-it just throws me a little because i’ve been waking up all week, confused as to what day it actually is!

I just have to say this.
I hate the time change.

(I hate it so much that sentence above even got underlined, italicized,
And bolded. Now that is hate!)
I’m not a fan of darkness, how it gets dark at 4:30, winter running, layers, and ice.

(once November hits, this is a real possibility)
I would work year round for a beautiful sunny climate and not even care because it is beautiful and sunny. The darkness makes me feel confined and it really drives me nuts. The sun is up an hour earlier than it used to be, true, but it doesn’t help that I’m driving home in nearly complete darkness. Lots of runs done on the treadmill. And that makes me super duper grumpy.

I’m also not the hugest fan of the holidays. I love my family, I love getting together, but I can’t stand the pressure of Christmas. (can this post get any more negative?) and I’m sorry but I flat out refuse to buy a single Christmas decoration until after thanksgiving. It’s like Christmas is rushed here and life is on the fast track:Santa was already at the mall last weekend! Come on.

I also despise dressing for winter running. I much prefer shorts and tanks, or even t’s. There was one day this week I broke out the short pants (because I’m still refusing to wear long pants) and even that hot me all fired up and angry. I know that seasons are one of the beautiful things about New England, but man winter really grinds my gears.

One thing that is going to keep me motivated is running through it all because I am about to officially register for my next marathon. Sometimes just clicking the button gets me motivated to go out and run! (I’m not putting my next race on here until it’s officially registered for!)

This weekend I’m looking forward to a lot of family time! We rotate “Sunday Funday” houses with my husbands side of the family, and this weekend happens to be our turn. I can’t wait! And we get to see my family tonight, I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Whatcha up to?

Anybody else particularly despise daylight savings time/winter?


24 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Haha, you’re not alone! I’ve been so grumpy over the short dark days this week, I can’t stand it.
    I like Christmas though.. πŸ™‚ But it starts in December for me. I’m pissed at every store who had Christmas stuff at the same time as they had Halloween stuff. I saw the first santa chocolate in stores in August wtf. Way to kill Christmas before it arrives -.-

  2. I can imagine the time change sucks and throws off your schedule but I’m kind of loving it and the “winter” temps here in FL. Over the Summer when we wake up to temps in the high 90s I wish I could be anywhere but here! Stay safe and warm!!!

  3. I am so with you on so much of this….minus the holidays, I go decorating crazy. But I hate the cold weather. It makes me tired and slightly sad. I too would work year round to be in a warmer climate. I swear I was meant to live in FL! How many more years til retirement? I also hate the cold weather running gear. I want my shorts and a tank. Running in layers just stinks.

  4. Same here. It’s a big mental adjustment when the weather turns and the clocks change. Plus I have never really liked my winter running gear because it has been so BORING. Black leggings, and I tend to go for the darker stuff to offset my very fair complexion. Plus those muted colors are my way of saying okay, I’m reluctantly wearing all this stuff but I am not liking it one bit. Not this year!!!! Got myself some of those crazy, zany print Nike leggings and neon tops and I am rocking those runs! I LOVE my new gear and I can’t wait to get out there and scare those squirrels and bears (yes, I had a bear cross my path a couple of weeks ago), but now they see me coming and run and hide. Crazy runner lady on the loose!

    • Oh my goodness this is the best comment!!! I actually really never think about spicing up my winter wardrobe-I am the same as you I go for the bland blah stuff… What a fantastic idea… I’m gonna run out and get some Nike tights their prints do rock!!

      • It’s funny, another reason I just started going for the neon yellow colors was because that was the color of the long sleeved shirt they gave out at the LOCO marathon a couple of weeks ago. I have never bought anything in that color but I’ve worn the shirt a couple of times and have got so many compliments on how it suits me. And I’ve already bought another shirt in the same color. I think last year at nearly every race I signed up for they gave out orange shirts. I hate orange. Yay for yellow!

        Please post pics when you get your new fancy running pants!

  5. UGH – i hate boston from now until…ummm april!??!?! i hate the time change, i hate the weather change – hate it hate it! and i have a cold now too (can you tell how grumpy i am?). the bf and i just booked our january trip to the bahamas and are running a half there, so that is going to get me through the next few months!

  6. We need to turn that frown upside down pretty lady. Don’t despair until you actually have to. Then whine and complain all you want. But now? LIVE THE DREAM that it isn’t coming!

  7. Well you already know how I feel about this stuff:) I enjoy the holidays when its time, but I think its still too early! I want some more fall!
    Our anniversary is Monday so we are trying to figure out something to do this weekend to celebrate..nothing is planned yet which is totally unlike me but we are thinking of maybe driving down to Annapolis for the day on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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