Mileage, NYC, and believing

Tuesday: 9 miles (1:10:43, 7:51 avg pace)
Thursday: 9 miles (1:11:18, 7:55 avg pace)
Saturday: 9 miles with 4 x 1 mile repeats @ 6:40, 1:03 total time.
Sunday: 16 miles (1:56, 7:15 avg pace)
43 miles total

This weekend was really low key. Low key as in…I didn’t leave the house until 5pm on Sunday to go grocery shopping.Yup. It was so freaking cold and rainy. Sometimes, I really think that the month of November is colder than all of December/January/February/March. I swear, last year I had some of my most insanely cold runs all during November. Anyway… I was really excited to do a long run this weekend. I felt energized on Friday to wake up Saturday and do it! Yessss!!!!!! A long run just for me!! Not restricted by any marathon thoughts/training !!! But somehow I procrastinated on Saturday’s long run by reading, eating candy, and reading a good book. And secretly avoiding the frigid weather… Before I knew it, it was 2 o clock and I was still in my jammies, avoiding the downpour outside. By the time I got onto the good old ‘mill it was 2:30! I did some mile repeats, and decided that I really don’t like doing speedwork on the treadmill. It is way more fun/easier/rewarding to do them outside!

Sunday…I woke up and my sole goals of the day were to
A) watch the NYC Marathon
B) run my long run of 16 miles

I didn’t end up running until 12:30!!! Blaaaaaa!!! I hate starting late! I hate long runs on Sundays!!! But, I kept putting off heading outside because of the weather and because I couldn’t stop watching the marathon! I ended feeling extremely inspired by my favorite runners and ran my fastest 16 miler ever, 1:56. My previous fastest 16 miler was done in 2:16! Thanks to you NYC Marathoners for my inspiration!!


I watched Allll Of The Marathon …ALLLLL OF IT!!!!! (Much to my husbands Dismay) I do have to say: that even though my husband strongly strongly dislikes marathons..he was a really great sport today.i only heard “What did I marry?” once…(what a guy! πŸ˜‚)

I could not get enough of this race and I think it’s because I really don’t spend a lot of time watching marathons because I spend a whole lot of time running them. So this was one of the first marathons since I was a kid watching Boston that I actually really truly sat through and watched.

I loved every freaking second of this marathon. I seriously was a crazy girl in front of the tv taking pics..










You see? I told you I took a ton of pictures!!!

I watched all the finishes.. I watched all those GD Kenyans win…
I watched Deena wave bravely to the crowd, knowing she didn’t break the women’s masters record,but knowing that she killed it by finishing through all that dam wind…
I watched Desi take TOP AMERICAN!!! WOOOO GO DESI!!!!!
I watched Meb rock the marathon, and finish 4th….I wanted to cry I was so dam proud of him..

and then…

I watched Kara finish. She didn’t look great. She was sobbing at the finish. She was beaten… By her competition, and by the wind. I mean…yeah…she finished with a 2:37…and, she was sad about a time I would kill for. But every single has their own personal goals…and Kara’s was a 2:28 marathon. So I can understand the devastation. As someone who has tried a million times and failed (also) one million times at meeting their own goals, I feel every single thing Kara is feeling…I personally, would be devastated to not meet my goal. So my heart goes out to you, Kara…

And then I saw this…
…Meb told Kara that he was 23rd last year in NYC..AND THEN he went on to WIN THE BOSTON MARATHON this year..and then he told her how he believes in her..I melted a little, cried a lot.

Meb’s story..Kara’s story… they make me continue to believe in everything that motivates me…Since I started as a very, very slow marathoner. I have always believed that I will get faster. The only person who has ever told me that I can’t do it is now not in my life anymore. I’ve never let anyone tell me what I cannot do because I have always known what I can accomplish. Yeah, I’m 32…but so freaking what. I’m only beginning to tap into my own potential…just like Kara is starting to tap into hers.

Don’t ever stop believing. In your own self, in your abilities, in what you want. “Believing is seeing”….not the other way around…. You need to believe in it to see it happen…πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™

Now tell me how YOU believe in yourself!!


31 thoughts on “Mileage, NYC, and believing

  1. Sometimes I feel like you’re speaking right to me…you’re so inspiring because I see how much you’ve been able to improve and I know I can too if I put my mind to it, but some days get really tough. I feel like I’ve been in a rut lately and I haven’t improved much over the past few months. Right now I’m struggling with whether I should do my marathon in December (I really can’t figure out the long run) or switch to the half and try for a half PR instead. Some days I’ll have so much confidence in myself and other days it fades away. How do you keep believing when you don’t see much progress??

    • In February, I hit a (then) new pr of 3:45, and then in April, I ran 4:28 for Boston. The day was super emotional for me, and I know that’s why I did so poorly. But, I do think that I needed time in between Boston to Baystate to build a faster running base. That helped a lot because I really felt like I did a backslide from the was hard on me, mentally. But I kept going. Every day is different and I always try to focus on my running as a whole and visualize the overall picture. Progress comes with hard work, and of you of put in the hard work you will progress…I’ve said it to you before and I’ll say it again-DONT GIVE UP on what you want!!?

  2. Loved this Nicole! One of my friends recently told me that I obviously wasn’t a ‘natural born runner’ because I’ve been dealing with some injuries recently but who is?! (Apart from meb, kara etc). Running is all about the rewards you get from progressing and improving!

  3. Yes!! I loved all of this. I’m 29 and feel like I’m only beginning to rock πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed watching the marathon too. I felt like a crazy football fan in front of the tv. I adore Kara as well. Her time is still smokin’ fast. But you’re right, we all have our personal goals. So I understand her devastation. But talk about tough tough race day weather conditions!! I believe in the greatness of The Lord. That’s where I derive my strength from. When I’m running ‘with’ Him I feel like I’m flying. πŸ™‚

  4. I cried when I read Kara’s post about what Meb said to her. It was just so touching to see him supporting her. And his words are so true. We have all had moments like Kara’s, and while I don’t wish them on anyone or want to diminish how SHITTY they make us feel, they are what get us to the next point. There are highs and lows. And I know my highs would not feel as good if every single thing I set out to do was 1. easy or 2. accomplished on my first try. How do I believe in myself? I just think about all the times I have GOTTEN IT DONE and know that I can do it again if I work hard and put my mind to it!

  5. I felt sad for Kara as well and I honestly can’t imagine the feeling of being that status of a runner and feeling that pressure to perform. But what Meb did really lifts my spirits! It’s pretty amazing and inspiring to watch people run, you lose perspective when you’re the one doing it! Great job on those 16 miles!

  6. Oh Meb is a huge reason why I believe in myself and don’t stress over my age. I wish I was able to the NYC Marathon but I was chasing my own goal and dream that I’ve kept alive for nearly what seems like 2 or more years now. Thanks for all the pics and this post it was the next best thing to me being able to watch personally. And ohhhh your poor huz hahaha lol πŸ˜‰

  7. i watched the entire broadcast too! i definitely had tears seeing kara finish. and her interview while holding her son. meb is amazing and i want to give him a big hug. did you run in the crappy weather on saturday? i did my long run on friday afternoon to avoid going outside in the rain/cold on saturday…and sunday!

    • OH – did you see the bloody nipples of the one american elite? OUCH OUCH – kept thinking about how that post-marathon shower would feel!

      • I didn’t see the bloody nipples!! GROSS!!!!!!!
        I didn’t run outside ALL WEEKEND!!! I was soooooo coooooold and not ready for winter rain so I was a big baby on my treadmill!! I wanted to run outside on Friday but ended up taking it off-good for you for running on the one nice weekend day!

  8. You know why I love your blog – because it is all about YOU celebrating YOU.

    OK, true story – after you BQ’d and your enthusiasm spilled over I saw a couple of post titles that had me worried – some people when they accomplish something translate that into “I am now an expert on X”, when in reality they just did what worked for them. So I was worried because I like you and your blog.

    But the worries were unfounded – your excitement, deserved pride and enthusiasm continued spilling over, and it was awesome. You talk about you and what works for you, and it is great stuff, all of it!

    And I LOVE the ‘don’t tell me what I cannot do’ mentality! I mean, we all have physical limits – for the majority of people there will never be a BW, no matter what. That is a simple reality. But does that mean they shouldn’t have that as a goal? No way! And why should someone tell you ‘you can’t’ … sure we can advise when we see someone taking a dangerous path in terms of workouts or eating, but I would never tell someone they couldn’t do something!

    If someone told me I would take 50% off the pace I had run for 23 years … I would never have believed them. When I decided to run a marathon, I made loads of changes … and things I thought I couldn’t do … I could. And that is one of the best feelings.

    Who cares if you are 32 – that is *young*! Heck, I didn’t run my first road race until I was 46, and have made a PR with each new race since! I would love to run Boston, because that will always be my home, but I really don’t care about ever hitting that pace – I just love to run. For you? Set your goals and remember that they are YOURS. No one else can take ownership of your goals and dreams …

    • Thanks Michael for the comment, and for your honesty:)…I hope I’m not coming off as self absorbed by celebrating my running lately, I never would it to sound that way. October just happened to be a particularly good month running-wise for me with a half/full pr.
      I would never want to be an expert on running because then there is no room for improvement.

      I love your running story-it’s one of my favorites out there. I don’t think it matters of you ever run another race again because I don’t think that you need the motivational backing that comes when you are training for a specific race. I think YOU as a runner will never stop running because you get so much joy from it! It’s inspiring for me to read about your 23 mile runs “just because” and know that you’re doing them has nothing to do with following a training plan-that is what you wanted to do today! I love that!

      • Here is a question back – why should you NOT be self-absorbed about your October month in running? I mean, you had a great month, ran your fave race and kicked its butt, saw all of your hard work come to fruition, hit a BW goal and on and on.

        In fact, I think ‘self absorbed’ is the wrong term … I would use ‘ebullient’ or something similar. You come across overflowing with the joy of what you have done, and ALL of it is reflected back to your readers … it isn’t like you are being negative or judgy or anything else – you are in perpetual smile mode, and what is wrong with that?

        Nothing. πŸ™‚

  9. Awesome post and thank you for always motivating me!! I got so emotional watching kara’s interview after the race. I totally know how it feels to just not have a good race and I couldn’t imagine also having to deal with all the pressure and being in the spotlight.
    You’re 16 mile time is freaking amazing!! Isn’t that like the same as your half PR pace?? I get the feeling you will be killing that time soon!

    • I cannot believe you remember that my half PR is at a 7:15 pace…you are amazing!!! Thank you!! I hope I kill it soon!! If I had run a half on Sunday, it would’ve been faster than that since the 16 included a 2 mile very slow warmup!
      Kara is so amazing…I cried watching her interview❀️❀️ even though we would kill for her time i absolutely understand why she was upset!!

  10. I love watching marathons….they give me so much inspiration! I understand the being in your 30’s and pushing for it. I just started running again this year and really want to do my best! I don’t think its age but mindset that really makes it for us!

  11. My boyfriend tried to watch the race with me, but fell asleep about halfway through. I thought it was a crazy exciting and crazy emotional race (my heart definitely went out to Kara), but apparently it wasn’t exciting to him πŸ™‚ I was really inspired by Annie Bersagel – it was so impressive to me that she does all of her training on top of a normal job AND managed to finish in the top 10 of a world marathon major. Craziness.

    (PS – nice job on your 16 miler!! Awesome!)

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