NYC Marathon Excitement!

Every time there is a really big marathon, I get excited. Don’t you?? I am going to love watching my favorite fabulous runners really take center stage and ROCK their training. The elite pool of NYC competitors is some of the very best in the entire world!

First, there is Desiree Linden.
This little American is hoping to set a crazy insane marathon time of 2:24 for herself at NYC. She ran a 2:23 in Boston this past April.

Deena Kastor, a master’s runner, is just the coolest lady…I want to be her someday, please and thank you. She is hoping to set the master’s record of 2:26 this year. Ummm…what?? Deena is 41, just a little FYI….I am so going to beasting marathons in my 40’s….

And then there is my new favorite…A runner I had never heard of before this week, but she is amazing!!
Her name is Lauren Kleppin and she is just beginning to tap into her marathon potential. If anything, I feel like I can relate the MOST to this young star athlete. She struggled to get running career going. She finally realized that this running was something she truly wanted to give her all to, so she moved to join the North Mammoth Track Club and has been blossoming under the tutelage of Deena and Andrew Kastor. She smashed her 2013 PR of 2:42 by 12 minutes at the LA marathon this year, so it look like the tutoring is paying off!
Perhaps my favorite thing about Miss Lauren likes to reward herself with a cold beer after her hard runs. Spoken like a girl after my own heart… Go get it Lauren, I’m here rooting you on, and someday maybe I will be as fast as you!


Last, but not least.. there’s the girl on everybody’s mind…(or maybe just mine?!) She is running the long road back from injuries. She isn’t favored to win, but that doesn’t mean that everybody’s not paying close attention to her ever move…Kara Goucher. I just love her. I can’t wait to see how her run goes! She had always been an amazing running inspiration to me and I wish her nothing but amazing good luck!!!

For more on the elite runners, you can check out this article in Runners World!

Happy Friday, and happy running!


23 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Excitement!

  1. These women are all so amazing and inspiring and I hope each one of them has a great race! 🙂

    The NYC Marathon makes me excited for SO MANY different reasons. First, because it was my first marathon last year. Second, because NYC is the closest thing to a hometown city for me (much like Boston for you!) and I’ve gone to school and worked in the city. Third, it’s got such a great crowd for support and this year, I’m going to be part of that crowd 😀 (Though I’ll miss the elites finish because I have to get my long run done in the morning!)

  2. Ohhhhh I’m so checking into the NYC Marathon after my race on Sunday. And ummm Deena Kastor is only a master by title. She is such a BEAST and a BOSS and I think she knows where the fountain of youth is along with Meb and they are both hiding it from us all lol 🙂 I’m cheering on Desi big time!!! I’m a total Hanson’s junkie and disciple of their training methods. And of course I’m always pulling for Kara, she’s so stinking nice how could you not.

  3. I always get excited for big marathons! And I’m definitely watching kara! I can’t wait to see how she does…she’s my favorite! Not only is she an amazing person she seems like she has such a fun personality! 🙂 I’m rooting for Deena too…I’m almost positive she’s going to set that masters record sunday!

  4. I am so excited to see what will happen on Sunday! I’m really rooting for Deena, and of course Kara. I swear, I want to be that woman’s best friend. I’ve totally caught marathon fever – I’ll be in NYC today and I wish I had enough time to just check out the Expo!

  5. Thank you for the reminder!!! I cant imagine running that fast…I’m not sure if I can run 1 mile as fast as they do for 26.2! I think I’ll save this weekends long run for Sunday because they are so inspiring/motivating! Plus who wants to run on Saturday when its supposed to be in the 40’s and rainy.

  6. You are most certainly NOT the only one excited to watch some runner favs at NYC! I’ve been nerding out about it all week and reading every article I see posted about these fabulous ladies! I will be tuning in on Sunday. 🙂

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