Simplifying your life

Every once in a while I do a “non running” post. Today is one of those posts, so don’t mind the non-running stuff for a day πŸ™‚

My husband did a truly awesome thing this week: he bought us a new couch!!! Previously, we had furniture that I had bought for my apartment way back in 2005. (it doesn’t feel that long ago, I will tell you THAT.)

Obviously: the motto should be: out with the old and in with the new. But I found myself very reluctant to part with one (of our two) couches.

It’s nothing fancy, it’s just a very small chair on the “larger” side of the “chair” world. But I just couldn’t part with it. It was the first piece of furniture I have ever bought. And ….it’s really really freaking comfortable. By far, it’s my favorite seat in the house.

My husband said it was absolutely not going in the attic. If I wanted to keep it, it would have to go upstairs in the room that I use as my “closet”, otherwise known as my “getting ready room.” So I thought about it….the room is already pretty jam packed with stuff….basically, if I wanted to keep it, I would have to part with about a third the contents of the room….could it be done?

I give tons of clothes to charity every year. And somehow I still have a ton more clothes. this boggles my mind because even though I KNOW I have a ton of clothes…I seem to get ready everyday sometimes and say “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” (so maybe I have too clothes?! )

So this past weekend, I made a SOLID attempt to clean out my “room.” Truly, I’ve never thought I hoarded until this past weekend. As I sorted through the contents of my room, I realized what I was really doing was deep cleaning and simplifying my life. It was hard to pick and choose what to keep. I realized that I have a hard time parting with some things-Certain clothes have a memory, don’t they? There are the more obvious things-like my wedding dress- that remind me of our big day. But there are plenty of less-noticeable clothing items where memories lie in wait for us.. like the tank top I wore out my on best friends bachelorette party, or the jeans I wore for a solid year when I was 23 and going through a rough “life patch.” It was the things I hadn’t worn in forever because I was so reluctant to part with because that memory is still there. I don’t know, maybe it’s only me who remembers exactly what I wore and where I wore it to (I have a phenomenal memory and it’s both a blessing and a curse.)

As I packed items into bags for good will, I began to feel lighter. I remembered things and packed them away. I will tell you-some small 115 lb girl is about to get lucky! πŸ˜‰ I applied a set of “rules” to my cleaning:
-if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s gotta go.
-if it doesn’t fit anymore (too big or too small), it’s gotta go.
-just because you still fit in those clothes from when you were 23 does not mean you should keep them. Trust me, they are not really in style anymore, and when the style comes back around, you (me) will want new ones, anyways.
-clothes that hold any sort of “negative” memory are getting the boot.

I also applied a really positive rule… ….clothes that are a really great memory are staying forever…for example-the dress I wore for my engagement pictures, and the tank top I was wearing the night I met my husband. I may not wear these things on a regular basis, but I definitely love seeing these items hanging in my closet.

I wound up with about eight bags to take to the good will, and a cleansed mind from all the cleaning.

Lessons learned:
-I don’t need all the stuff. Less is more. Really. I don’t need a whole lot of stuff.
I only need a little. If the house was on fire-my clothes wouldn’t be the first thing I grab.

-nobody needs a whole lot of stuff.

-you are not defined by what you have. And nobody except for that weirdo Kim Kardashian even cares about the “stuff” anyway.

-a deep cleaning of your stuff not only looks better but it makes you feel better!

-making more room in my “room” now gave me a sweet reading spot on my little chair that is always quiet! Score!

Oh! and I LOVE my new couch!!!



When is the last time you did a “deep clean”?


26 thoughts on “Simplifying your life

  1. I really really need to purge our house of old toys. Also, the art projects and school work and papers the kids color build up in insane amounts! I don’t know if I’ll ever really do a deep clean but my house needs it for sure. It’s very tough to go minimal with “stuff” with the kids!

  2. Very wise advice!

    I know exactly what you mean about having hundreds of items of clothing but nothing to wear! I literally have to prop the door of the wardrobe shut to keep all the clothes inside…not to mention the boxes of ‘I’ll keep them just in case’ clothes under the bed! Even with all that, I still struggle to find something I want to wear. I give sack fulls of clothes to charity every year.

  3. I’m not a big clothes/shoe person but I find that I do accumulate random stuff I think I *might* need one day like light bulbs, trash bags, random nuts/bolts…I plan on doing a major clean out soon and am really looking forward to simplifying my life. Too many things make me feel disorganized and overwhelmed!

  4. Arr you a hoarder haha lol πŸ˜‰ the last deep clean hmmm actually started this week we’ve been gutting the house of clothes that have piled up and other excess junk we don’t need

  5. I have so much stuff and I never know where it all comes from! I do a deep clean every 6 months or so, and throw out a ton of stuff. Then i don’t feel like I buy anything and yet 6 months later I once again find myself throwing away several bags of junk! I think that one thing that used to help me was moving every year from 2001-2010. Since then we have been in the same place so the junk has definitely built up! The only good thing is we have a small apartment so there is not a lot of spaces to store too much stuff!

  6. I just cleaned out all my clothes last week. I got rid of most of what I don’t wear, but I do have a spot in my closet for clothes that have sentimental value…I’m glad I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚

  7. It’s so amazing the things we find time to do once we aren’t training for a big race. Lol. Cleaning and other stuff regular people do. Lol. But aren’t those things very boring and just fillers until we get back to the real point of our lives? Running!!! Lol.

  8. Deep cleans are so necessary. We had to “declutter” my parents house of 30 years before they sold it, and let me tell you what, THAT was serious deep cleaning!

  9. Deep cleans seem to be one of those things that are all too easy to put off… for months and years! I did one recently and it just makes all the little things easier, you don’t need to sort through a whole bunch of stuff to get to what you need and so on

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