What’s next and pick your fave

This is a question I get quite often from people who know I’ve been trying to Boston Qualify since….well…since I can remember. I think that it’s assumed that I will stop running, or maybe not even care about my timed goals anymore now that I have obtained my goal. But if you know me…. I bet you can guess what’s up next…


A faster, much faster marathon time.
Does that surprise you? It really shouldn’t. I am, above all, a 110% completely focused and goal driven person. Obtaining a BQ was my goal….but now I want to be a faster marathoner. I will continue to set goals, and hopefully knock them right out of the park.

I’ve already pretty much decided on my next three marathon(s). One is just for me, (to be revealed soon!) and one is something I do ever single year for Charity:The Boston Marathon. (More on my charity story soon!). The last is, as always, my absolute favorite…the Baystate Marathon..which yes I just completed on last Sunday BUT it is my very favorite race so it’s a no brainer. I might throw another full in there somewhere as a pacer for a marathon group-it’s been something that I’ve always wanted to do, so we shall see!!

As far as the month of November goes, I want to focus on shorter distance races to work on speed. I’ve already signed up for two races and am planning at least one more … A local 5k(still have to actually sign up for one!), a thanksgiving day 10k with SIL (so we can eat all the food after, duh) and a half at the end of November. I’m not sure what (if anything) I will race in December… I have a half in mind, but I’m still unsure because I have a million things every single weekend!!

I really love being motivated by an upcoming race. Shorter distances (anything under 26.2 is short, right?!)Technically…I’m not in “marathon training” right now. Buuuut…..The only real difference for me is that when I’m In training-I make myself do things like track workouts/sprinting/mile repeats/harder tempos and when I’m not in training, it’s more easy-just-go-with-the-flow-Whatever-works-today-kinda-runs….BUT…i would much rather be in training than not. I like having my constant effort level raised. I know there could come a point where this will get old/Life distractions come along—but for now: racing is my favorite!

And because I can not get enough of this idea, please tell me
Your favorite.
I’m in the process of redecorating a room in my house, and I’m planning on displaying my medals. It’s also crossed my kind to MAKE my own…we’ll see!!




Next Race for you?

How do you display your medals?


41 thoughts on “What’s next and pick your fave

  1. I’ve looked at the York one for awhile, it’s super cute! Mine are currently in limbo. I made a medal holder out of an old cabinet door a few years back but I never took the added weight of the medals into account. :(. I’m currently looking for a lighter option, oh well, more reason to go to antique stores!

  2. I have a medal display that I received for Christmas last year, but I love anything that you can write your PRs into. I may hang a little board next to my current holder so I can do that. πŸ™‚

  3. I am so excited that you finally got your BQ, and excited for you to improve! You can totally do it πŸ™‚ Now let’s just hope my BQ comes in the near future!

    I love the chalkboard PR medal hanger. So cute!

    I am doing a 5K on November 22nd. My main goal is to place in my age group but I am secretly hoping to take first place female. It is hopefully going to be do-able!

  4. Love the chalkboard medal hanger!

    I’m thinking of running Jingle Bell Half in Atkinson NH on 12/6. Have heard its a good one! And then it’s on to Hyannis in Feb! And this is where we all join in to hope for very little snow and warm temps so training isn’t a bear!!!

  5. I JUST ordered medal hangers from Etsy for me and my sister (she just finished her first marathon)! I’m so excited for them to come because I’ve always just kept my medals in a box but they are starting to pile up so it would be fun to have a way to display them!

  6. I love the chalk board race bib and medal holder! I have three shabby chic cork boards on the walls in my office and I hang all of my medals, ribbons, and race memorabilia on them. My race bibs are strung along a piece of yarn that hangs from the top of the wall, bordering the room. Its a great reminder when I am working out or need a little inspiration.

    My next race is the California International Marathon in December. I am planning on taking a few months off after I finish and let me body rest before the 2015 season begins in spring.

  7. I’ve hung all my medals on hooks with my initials that I bought from Anthropologie years ago, but am loving the chalkboard one! Heck, I like the components of all of them. DIY and then tell us all about how to make it πŸ™‚ I’m planning on doing a few holiday 5ks, then a half in the Bahamas, then hopefully Half at the Hamptons and then Sugarloaf Marathon in May. Would love to run Boston again (ran 2x with a charity)…what an experience!

  8. I have a really basic medal hanger but its overflowing and Ive been wanting to get something new. I love the ones with a place to fill in your PRs!
    I think you already know that my next race is the Philly marathon in November but after that maybe a shorter race or 2 and then the DC half in march! I don’t have anything planned past that.

  9. You should totally buy from York Sign Shop on Etsy! They are fantastic! I’ve bought my medal hanger from them and it is wonderful and hand-made. Plus they are just awesome people πŸ™‚

  10. Days after baystate I found myself searching for new races (I feel a little lost now that its over)…even though after mile 20 I was cursing myself saying I never wanted to do it again, but as they say pain is tempory and pride is forever. I was thinking of a spring marathon (not sure which one), a few halfs (since I’ve never actually raced any) and 5ks for sure! I love the running is my therapy with the pictures thats cute! I think I am going to make a shadow box for my baystate bib, picture and medal and probably another shadow box for Boston 2016 to match.

    • I love this comment!!! I’m surprised you’ve never raced I have a considering that you did a full last week! I wish there were more winter halfs because i would so do a bunch of them! I know what you mean about feeling lost-it’s a little weird not be in training!!

  11. My husband had one custom made through some website (I can ask him) and it’s my blog name carved out with hooks beneath. I love it!!
    I want to get faster at shorter distances too! That’s my next goal.. Taking a break from long runs for a while πŸ™‚

  12. I love the one with pictures! I think the PR one is a little bit…ostentatious? But it depends on what you are focusing on! Here’s to speedier times next go!

  13. I’m not at all surprised that you want to keep getting faster, and I know you’ll succeed! I absolutely love how determined you are.
    I’m doing a 5k in three weeks, and I plan to do a half on New Year’s Day! It’s hard to know for sure thanks to the unpredictable weather, but it would be a great way to start off 2015!

  14. Unless I do a 10k this Sunday (debating – inconvenient location and cold weather about to hit) next race is Richmond Marathon 11/15. Then some 5ks probably this year and to cap the year, my first ultra. Possibly a half in Feb. during training for Boston.

    I love having races to train for too – I love (need) the focus of being on a plan. I am looking forward to the hours I’ll spend soon building my Boston plan.

    The photo display is great, but I like the ones with the PRs better (you can always do a wall of framed race pix, bibs). I like the look of the chalkboard but I like the dry erase one because it gives you more options for non-standard distances if you run them. Maybe you should make your own. (I think you need that BQ hanger for the Baystate medal! I’m so tempted to run Baystate next year….) You could also do part of a wall in chalkboard paint so you could write PRs, race dates, workout plans, mantras and inspirational sayings on it!

    • I thought oh the chalkboard paint, too! And you’re right- I would like to put a mile distance on there too. I think a trip to the craft store will be in my future!!:)

      I am excited for you and to see where your training takes you for Boston, and I’m also excited for you in regards to Richmond! Whatever you decide, it’s going to be a fantastic run for you!

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