Weekly miles recap& My tips for marathon training like a beast

I just have to tell you that it’s been monsooning in my area over the past week. I’m not just talking about some rain. I’m talking about how the rain is coming down so hard that it feels like someone is dumping a bucket of water on your head. Normally, being forced to stay inside and be cooped up/run on the treadmill would annoy me, but this week I guess I don’t mind so much since I’m taking this post marathon run thing kind of easy-peasy.

I hopped on the good old ‘mill on Wednesday night (it never even got light outside the whole day-the rain was that bad) for a few miles to see how the legs did. They felt pretty good, calves are tight, but otherwise, I felt pretty good. I feel like I’m recovering quickly from Sunday, but I’m still trying to take it easy. Friday morning, I did another easy 7 on the treadmill.

Finally, on Saturday, we saw the sun, and Saturdays run ended up being done with a body that from Fri-Sat: probably slept five hours, ate a lot of not good for me food, and hooted&hollered like a 14yr old at a one direction concert for two straight hours at Eric Church…that body ran 9 hilly miles & I was pretty happy with that. It was one of those runs that really made you feel great and 100% alive in your own life & was 100% wonderful! I had moments during the run where I just felt overwhelmingly blessed/lucky to be able to do what I do and have come so far and overcome so much. Sometimes, I just feel so darn lucky.


Sunday. Rainy morning again. I didn’t care that much so laced up and hit the road. I’m so glad I did. Sometimes, rainy day runs just leave you feeling so cleansed and happy. By far-it was my favorite run of the week!

Miles for the week: 30.10

Things I did that helped me marathon train like a beast!
A lot of people have been asking me how I made a 17 minute jump from my previous PR (Feb,2014/Hyannis)You can read here and here about my tips for getting faster, but there are lots of other different things that happen over the course of training. It’s not only speed, but mental “toughness” that plays a large part in how your marathon/marathon training will go. These things definitely played a role for me, I hope they help you out too during your training!

– Make your training YOURS. Not anyone else’s. Just because your friend is doing 70 miles doesn’t mean you have to do 70 miles. This is YOUR training. Don’t get caught up in what everybody else is doing. Believe in yourself that you can do it and make your plan work for you.

– I treated trainining with importance. Running a marathon isn’t just something you roll out of bed and do. It takes discipline, patience, and hard work. I treat marathon training (and running in general)like it’s a job because its that important to me. If I took an extra day off-there had to be a dam good reason for it! Making it a top priority has helped me improve my running.

Come to grips with the early morning wakeups, hard workouts, and all the difficult things you might not want to do. 20 mile runs aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, and neither are speedwork outs that make you want to puke. But you know what? I will tell you right now that making myself do a weekly long run as well as staying consistent with my speedwork made me have a much easier time during my marathon. My body got used to performing harder tasks and that translated into a better marathon experience for me.

– Rotate your shoes! This Helps a lot! Your feet are doing so much work for you, so be kind to them. I’m good to my feet, and I have about 5 pairs that I rotate between. And I don’t hesitate to bid adieu to a pair of shoes if I think they are past their prime….Even if a pair of sneakers feels like it’s wearing out at 200 miles but previous pair of the same exact sneakers didn’t wear out until 300 miles, I won’t hesitate to retire them. Bad/worn out sneaks cause “The Creaks” for me and I don’t mess with that! I’m good to my feet which leads to my whole body feeling good. Sneakers play a huge part in your running…worn out sneaks=no good. Change those bad Sally’s OUT!

I made No excuses. Too humid? I got up earlier to run. Too hot? I could run on my treadmill. Stomach ache? Treadmill til ya feel better. Don’t want to do that hard track workout? Too bad, it’s going to make you faster.
I didn’t let myself make excuses. I did the hard work, and it absolutely paid off. It’s so easy for runners to just say “I’ll do my __________ run tomorrow.” Don’t do it tomorrow, do it now so you can look back on today’s workout and say “wow, I’m glad that done until next week!” I never made/make excuses because hard work pays OFF.

Visualize your goal. Really SEE it in the forefront of your mind all the time. I was even having dreams of crossing the finish line and getting a BQ, and they made me even more excited for my marathon!

Have a mantra: Mine is “you can do hard things”. Everybody has their own reasons to keep the running drive going…This marathon cycle, I also developed the mantra “GET THE BQ”I never forgot this… I saw this in the very forefront of my brain in Every. Single. Run. And I NEVER forgot it!

I hope these help you!

I bought three out my seven pics from my BQ race… I’m not crazy about any of them, but I figure you have to buy your first BQ pics, right?!




Happy start to your week!

How do you train like a beast?


27 thoughts on “Weekly miles recap& My tips for marathon training like a beast

  1. Great tips! I think the key is to hold yourself accountable. Yes it’s fine to move runs around but if you want to achieve your goal you have to do those hard workouts, long runs etc. There are no shortcuts! I’m hoping I can follow your lead and cut 17 mins from my marathon PR and BQ next spring.

  2. Love those tips. I really agree with making training YOURS – it’s so important that you don’t compare yourself to other runners but it’s all too easy to do and is the fastest way to get down on yourself about running. Running is highly personal and we all run for different reasons 🙂

  3. Those are amazing pointers Nicole!!! No excuses and visualizing your goal are HUGE as well as treating running like a job in a good way and making no excuses. Those race pics are bad. Your legs look crazy powerful in pic #1 and you’ve got the “I’m a BQ’er” smile in pic #3 🙂 I trained like beast last week doing multiple progression runs.

  4. I miss living in Boston, and I have been really missing New England fall, but I must say, I don’t miss the treadmill! I just realized that I haven’t been on one since I moved to California at the end of last January. I would like to keep it that way!

  5. Great tips! I think I need to work on visualizing my goals at this point. I’ve been able to put in the hard workouts and I definitely treat it like a job! But as you know I let self-doubt get the best of me so I need to build my confidence and believe in the training!
    I would definitely buy pictures from such an important race!

  6. I just BQ’d yesterday in my first marathon ever! I am so psyched. Cannot stop pinching myself and I had the best night’s sleep ever last night! My marathon was exactly a week after yours, Nicole, so I would read your updates and take tips from your posts and apply them to my own training as I was going through the process. I learned so much about myself during this training …. not just about my ability to run, but about me as a person and I had so many positive supportive people around me. It brought out the best in us all. I can’t wait to sign up for another one! Thank you for your updates. I am a huge fan and ou have no idea how much you helped me!

  7. I definitely think that you have to make your training YOURS, both from an accountability stand point and also with regards to making it work for YOU. In the end, no one but you is running your race–you have to put in the work if you want the results! But listen to your body and do what is right for it. If you need to move things around, that is OK.

  8. Agreed on all of those. Owning your training and making it yours is HUGE in my opinion. Prioritizing it is also key. I’m not judging anyone for not making training a priority because there are times in my life when I definitely haven’t and that’s fine, but when you have a big goal you have to get really serious, there’s no way around it! Congrats again on the PR!

  9. Thank you for sharing! You seriously inspire me! You just accomplished exactly what I want to accomplish my next training cycle/marathon, I’m trying to go from current 3:48 pr (last marathon) to a sub-3:30 bq. I see your posts and see it IS possible and helps me visualize it. So proud of you for training like a beast and running your first BQ! It’s such a huge accomplishment for every marathon runner! You totally rock!!!

  10. I love these. I know with my first training I took the whole, don’t get down on yourself if you miss a run, way too much to heart. I made too many excuses and missed too many telling myself it’s okay.

  11. Yes, it is a req’t to buy pix from your first BQ!

    17 MINUTES is AMAZING!!!!! You are a rockstar beast!

    Good tips. Way to go keeping the focus and priority on the goal every single day. Not easy, but it pays off physically and mentally, as you proved.

    Cannot wait to see what you do next, you are awesome!

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