Picture Saturday&oops

So. I said I would be back yesterday with a post on how i trained for my marathon like a boss. Turns out life got in the way, and I had zero time for any writing! Oops!!

Friday night was my birthday present from my husband(my birthday was in May-I’ve been waiting for this for a while!) –Eric Church concert at Mohegan Sun!!!!! I looooooove Eric Church!!!! We had a BLAST and stayed overnight (and up all night). I can’t think of a more perfect ending to my week “off” from training!!



I saw this in front of Michael Jordan’s and had to take a picture with it since it pretty much sums up my outlook on running and marathon-ing!!!
“I listened. I was aware of my success. But I never stopped trying to get better.”
Me and my love!


Eric Church!




And you are not going to believe this.…but we ordered this amazing thing at 2am –


It was amazing!

I will (for real!) be back on Monday with a real post,..until then, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every second of your Saturday!❀️


11 thoughts on “Picture Saturday&oops

  1. I read post yesterday Nicole so glad you got some post BQ marathon relaxation. Very much deserved!!! And that sign in front of Michael Jordan’s is totally accurate!!! πŸ™‚

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