The Aftermath of After The Marathon

This was a funny post I wrote following Baystate of 2013. It certainly applies to this week too! Happy “Throwback Thursday!”

I will be back tomorrow with a fresh post on “how to train like a boss” for a marathon!

Happy Thursday!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere



 In traditional fashion, I can’t forget about a Five things Friday Post!

 In honor of all the runners who recently completed a marathon…These are some official conditions that you may be suffering through POST marathon…

 So. You ran a marathon last weekend….


Condition #1: What’s Up Next?? You can still feel the adrenaline of crossing that finish line- all your hard work, effort, time-it’s all rolled into one big huge sense of accomplishment. You are holding to that moment since it ends as soon as you cross that timed thresh-hold.You’re suffering from the condition known as “WHAT’S NEXT.”  Don’t lie, you know you’re doing it already: Still tired and sore, you have spent hours on the world wide web scanning the local race calendars. You try to figure out if your time will be good enough so that you can finish the race and not miss a single second…

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9 thoughts on “The Aftermath of After The Marathon

  1. I’m struggling with the post-race rest days and easy runs, especially since I’m not sore or fatigued because my race wasn’t my all-out effort. 😦

    But I’ve definitely been looking at races to sign up for to help me with my race anxiety tummy. Even though I was suffering during Baystate, I was still thinking I would like to run another marathon DURING. Which was weird, but good?

    • I was the same way during Boston this year-I knew it wasn’t “my day” and
      That was awful! I kept plotting out my training for my next while I was still running! Post race runs can be tricky-you want to go all out but your brain can sometimes say “no! Not

  2. I am the person who says “I am never doing this again” DURING the race but after the race I immediately go home and sign up for another one, thinking THIS IS AWESOME.

    Love this list, all so true!

  3. I think one of the first things that happens to any runner in the first 2 weeks after running a marathon is that they have to convince themselves to wait to run again, and they go and buy new shoes. I’m definitely guilty of those.

  4. Loved that post- I’m glad you shared it sine I didn’t even know about your blog last year! I am going through #1 and #5 after my half last weekend. I have never heard of anyone dealing with #2- well maybe right after they finish!

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