Some random marathon things that didn’t fit in the last post…

There were a few things that just didn’t fit within my race recap, (because it would make it a mile long) so I decided to put them all in a separate post. There really is no pattern or flow to this, so just roll with it.

I’ve been asked which shoes I ended up wearing. And why did I choose them?
I ended up going with my Pureflow 2s. I was really, really happy I went with them. I have to tell you though…during the last week of taper, I started to have a whole bunch of random foot pains. I blew it up in my mind: my foot was breaking/broken, that I would run the marathon, but midway, my foot would break in half and I would be carried off in a stretcher. The mind can be cruel if we let it be! I debated wearing the heavier Ghosts right up until I actually left.

The Pureflows were a great choice! I’ve never done a marathon in shoes as light as this-it’s usually a heavier pair like my Ghosts that win! Fun fact: my half marathon PR was done in this pair of shoes-To me that’s kind of cool!!

-Runderwear. I’ve never used it before. I went to Dicks the day prior to the marathon and saw it for $10. Normally my cheap butt wouldn’t pay $10 for a single pair of underwear, but I made an exception. So, I wore it on Sunday. Bought it on Saturday. The best time to try new stuff is Marathon day right?! um, no, it is not. But..I really didn’t give a damn. This may be a bit of TMI, but my long runs always cause, ahem… a little chafe-age, and I despise that…so the worst that could happen a that I hated the Runderwear. Lucky for me: NOPE to chafe-age and I loved it. Brand? Reebok.

What did I eat the night before?
Pizza! I love my homemade multi grain pizza! I always stick to the same things before my long runs and during this particular training cycle-pizza the night before kept my stomach completely calm!

What did I wear for clothes?
I wore my favorite running skirt from Skirt Sport (The “Cougar”, if you are curious) because it has three pockets and I LOVE pockets. For a top, I wore a tank because I get hot quickly whole racing. I found a tank top from Nike that I got at Dicks on Saturday. (I know, more new things, not the best but it worked out. ) I wore my black Pro Compression socks and my Nike sports bra (it is my all time favorite)

People recongnizing me:
This was pretty funny for me-I was recognized a lot on Sunday-at the start, during, and afterwards…a lot of readers came over and said hello-that’s so much fun because I love meeting new runners!! So THANK YOU to all of you who said hi!

Tracking: this year was the first time that tracking was available for both the half and the full-it was awesome! I love that my family and my readers knew where I was and were able to see my progress on the course. It is a lot more fun when you can track people live!

Baystate has two fuel stops: like 7&17. They offer the Powerbar gels but I brought my own because I can’t stand the consistency of the Powerbar gel. I prefer GU-salted watermelon is my favorite! I took 4 with me, ended up eating 2 3/4 of them. I literally couldn’t stand the third one and was only forcing it down because I was trying to keep my energy levels up.

The Faster Field. This is so fascinating to me, a geek who loves statistics and placements. As someone who has now completed four Baystate Marathons I can say with confidence that the crowd I was in for the 2nd half felt a little thin this year. Last year, I felt like I was constantly surrounded by runners, and I was 17 minutes slower. There were plenty of periods where I was solo on Sunday. I started to think about how the field felt faster, and I did some research for my previous marathon times:

-In 2013, -I was finisher #561/1344 with a 3:47 time
-in 2012, I was finisher #580/1192 with a 3:54 time
-in 2011, I was finisher #672/1002 with a 4:17 time

In 2014, I was the 350th finisher with a time of 3:28. There 1576 marathoners. You can see the growth with the marathon, can you not?

This probably is only cool to me…but I couldn’t help but look at similar placement in finishing times to mine for the past 3 years. If I had gotten the same time in:

2011-I would have been the 187th finisher…
2012-I would have been the 293rd finisher…
2013-I would have been the 284th finisher…

What does this mean? It means the field for Baystate is becoming increasingly competitive. The race this year sold out faster than I can ever remember it selling out. Word is spreading for what an amazing course it is. Some of my fellow runners have said that they think it was hillier than expected- I personally don’t notice the inclines in it, but that is just me because I’m truly used to running the course all the time. The race is growing size-wise, but it seems to also be growing for speed…faster runners want a chance to display their best running selves on the 3rd Sunday IN October.

What does this mean for my own Baystate future? It means I will be signing up for Baystate on opening day next year!!! 😉 Hey Glenn-Can I have Bib #1???? 😉

-There has been a lot of talk of “The BQ” in my house lately. The husband is over it. He has started teasing me by saying things like “Hey, guess what? I DQ’d today!” And when I stare at him with a blank expression, he then tells me he “Dairy Queened” haha….gotta love the humor!!!

Anyone else have a non running spouse who teases you mercilessly about your running and the weird running terms?

Baystate runners: did the field feel faster to you too?


22 thoughts on “Some random marathon things that didn’t fit in the last post…

  1. My hubs has no idea what runner terms mean what….one time I told him I really don’t want to bonk during a marathon and he looked at me like I was speaking in a differently language!! I find that you scoped out where you would have finished based on this years time in previous years….I do that too! It’s neat to see!

  2. Yep! I told you the Pure Flows would do you good lol!! Pure Flow’s + Speedy Nicole = Turbo Charged Speedy Nicole aka the “Boston Qualifier” 🙂 Annnnnd teased by the non-running spouse … ummmmm we are so in the same club chica haha! We need to make a club house so we can hold meetings for all of us teased running spouses haha! I get you totally 100% on that question. Pizza sounds like an awesome pre-26.2 meal. I usually like Salmon or steelhead trout with a side of pasta and salad prior to my longer distance races. So I see your a celebrity now eh’ … good for you rock star 🙂 One day I’ll need to get your autograph on a pair of my retired racing flats lol 🙂

  3. I ran in my pureflows too..did your feet started to hurt during the last 6? Mine were killing from the constant pounding! My husband used to be a runner but always teases me too…after the marathon he would be like “man it was really exhausting running from place to place to see you run by…I think I need to hydrate”

    • they didn’t start to hurt BUT I’ve had previous long runs where that HAS happened to me!!
      Your husband sounds like my husband-he always says how hard it is to be a runners husband and have to have all the free time to do whatever he wants, LOL!!!

  4. Congrats on your BQ! You keep me hopeful that one day I will finally get mine. I just ran #21 in Atlantic City. I love your heart and will also never give up!!

  5. I’m a bit of a stat nerd too and noticed in previous years my time would’ve ranked me much higher.

    I think I signed up on day one of registration and got #67, so you’ll probably have to be sitting at your computer and hitting refresh if you want bib #1 😉

  6. Glad all the new stuff worked out on race day!

    It was my first Baystate, but it felt much more like a “serious runner” race than others I’ve done. Even back where I was 😉 everyone including me was running alone (I saw maybe 5 pairs of people the whole race and a couple were obviously someone jumping in to pace, no groups), many without headphones, no chatter, no joining other solo runners for a while. People seemed to self-seed in the corrals as they should and everyone knew how to handle the water stops so as not to cause problems for others. It was great.

    I’m tempted to sign up as soon as it opens too, though I don’t really know my race schedule past June of next year yet. Let me know as soon as you hear the opening date!

    • Yes I agree-a “serious runner”s race! I did really appreciate the self seeding,
      I didn’t even realize it until I read your post on the corral flow/start flow. Not a lot of newbies in the full-more experiences than anything!
      Im definitely registering right when they open up! I would love to be a “low number” bib!!

  7. Hi! I found you through HRG and I am just so happy to see you BQ’d!!!

    My hubby isn’t a runner either and when I finish a run I usually get a stoic “Go you” or “Good job”. At first it was a little disappointing (hello?! I just ran 12 miles!), but now I’m accepting (slowly) that he just doesn’t get it. He’s not a runner so he doesn’t understand the fascination (insert obsession) that comes with everything running for us runners 🙂

    Anyways, CONGRATS! That was a well deserved BQ!

  8. Since my husband is also a runner he gets it…but the rest of the family and my friends- not so much! They think compression socks look really funny and they just don’t understand the 5am wake ups and how I could run 20 miles in the rain.

    • OMG my girlfriend called me to tell me that she watched the video of the start and she was looking ONLY for my compression socks—then she realized that like 1500 people also had them on! I don’t think she believed we would all want to look like that! LOL!!!

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