Sooooo. I BQ’d!!!

I actually cannot believe it.
I’m in absolute shock still..
I have been crying like a baby ALL. Damn. Day.

I did not hit my goal time…but I still did BQ…3:28:07, and almost twenty minutes off of my previous PR❤️
I promise to explain every single detail in my recap tomorrow….for now I would just like to say a GIGANTIC, AMAZING, HUGE thank you to everyone who believed in me…your well wishes were looping through my mind today..I can’t thank you all enough:



This is all I have to say right now:
If you have ever had a dream..
if you have ever tried to do something that you were not 100% sure you actually could do….
if you have ever repeatedly tried to do something again and again without the results you wanted….


Keep running free, and running strong💙💛💙💛💙💛


66 thoughts on “Sooooo. I BQ’d!!!

  1. This is borderline creepy, but I totally saw you BQ yesterday! I DNF’d (blah), and my friend and I were watching at the finish line from 3:15 on. So…yeah! Congrats!

  2. You’ve been great. Following your training program has been a fantastic and inspiring experience for me, too, and I was so happy to see your result on the Baystate Marathon page. Congratulations!

  3. I can’t tell you hoe extremely proud and happy for you Nicole!!! I know how badly you’ve wanted to qualify for Boston on your own merits and now you have done it!!!! With thae amazing body of work you put in during this training cycle I had no doubts. Enjoy your recovery and this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and encouraging gal!!! 😉

  4. Congrats. Was there for the race and actually tried looking for the one Boston celebrity dat I know. Lol. Came to run with my girlfriend and she BQ’d also. It was a great race. A definite do over. Great experience and timing as the weather got even colder today when I left for NY.

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  5. Congratulations!! What an awesome journey you have from there to here. Enjoy your moment in the sun!! 🙂

  6. Congratulations Nicole!!! I knew you could do it! You are amazing and seeing how far you’ve come gives me hope that I can BQ one day too if I keep working hard 😀 I’m so happy all your hard work and dedication paid off – you deserve it! Also, I hope you had a big huge celebration after it was over!!

  7. congratulations!!
    so well deserved after great (and challenging) training!
    looks like you decided on the pure flows–sounds weird, but I was really curious which shoes you would go with. (I’m pretty sure I’ll run in my pure flows at my 11/15 marathon)

    • LOL i wanted to put that in my blog post-but it didn’t really fit-i think i will write all the random things that wouldn’t fit in my recap post in a post for tomorrow…I loved running in the flows, my feet felt GREAT! I wish i had had a few less miles on them though- i had about 65 on them prior to the start-25ish wouldve been perfection…next time!!

  8. Haha – like Michele and Tantra, I had been stalking you throughout and knew you kicked butt. Everyone I knew who ran BayState yesterday kicked butt – and it really IS fun tracking people during races …

    So excited for you – you really deserve to be proud for what you’ve accomplished!

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