Silent sunday!

Well mostly silent. When you are reading this, I will be (at least&god willing) 1/2way through my marathon!

Number pickup!



Me and my girl apple picking!



Came home to a sweet surprise of cookies and a beautiful cars from my amazing running partner❤️❤️❤️ as I write this-I’ve already had three…and they are amazing…Carb loading, right??!?

And this bridge. Tomorrow.
Doin it.



19 thoughts on “Silent sunday!

  1. I’ve been stalking your blog like a major creeper and then your race today…CONGRATS! It’s so so so awesome to see someone come so far in their running journey, and I know you have so much more to come! See you at Boston 🙂

  2. Congratulations on killing that marathon! Welcome to the BQ club! I wished you well before the race and was happy to see you sail through the finishers chute around 3:28!! The wind was tough but clearly you handled it! Well done! See you at Boston! CHEERS!

  3. You got this chica!!! You’re crushing/crushed it I know!!! Hugs … cheers … thoughts … and prayers from Florida!!!!

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