The numbers game!!!!

Some numbers in my head right now…

18 is the number of weeks ago that I started training for this marathon. (it flew by)

816.6 is the number of miles I’ve run while in training for Baystate (does anybody know how far from Boston 816.6 miles is???)

Seven. number of 20 miler long runs I have done in preparation for this race. (I have never done more than 2) I guess I think 20 is the new 15? (or I’m just plain crazy)

14 is the number of marathons I will have completed after Sunday. Holy cow!!!

14 (after Baystate)will be my number of races run so far this year…14 in 2014 was my goal for the year! (I will be doing more than that though!)

Three (after Sunday!)is the number of marathons I will have completed this year alone. (Most I’ve ever done in a year!)

Mile 21 is going to be pretty freaking sweet because my girlfriend is jumping in with me to help me finish strong! (a million trillion thanks Erin!!)

9 is the number of Garmin-selfies I have taken during this marathon training (there were a A LOT of screenshots but I’m sparing you all…YW.)

Two is the number of shoes I’m still deciding between…Brooks Ghosts or Brooks Pureflows?!

100% is the anxiety level in at right now. Just freaking get here race day, would you??

100% is the excitement level I’m on! Come on Sunday!!!

3:18 is the finish time I’m shooting for. Based on my half finish on Oct 5-I’m just about there(I knew I should’ve/could’ve run faster that day, too)

Three is the number of beers I am planning on having after. ok just kidding. I will have five. Okay Six. (yeah right. I will be exhausted after one!)

(me and my niece after Baystate last year! No, she didn’t have a beer, don’t be silly!)

And finally…THREE IS THE NUMBER OF DAYS I HAVE LEFT!!!! Eeeek!!!!!


20 thoughts on “The numbers game!!!!

  1. 20 is the new 15 eh’ … love it hahaha! and definitely go with the Pure Flow’s they are lighter and will only make you … Nicole aka McSpeedy even more speedy. The lighter the better!! And ummm 816.6 miles from Boston, MA would put you just past the South Carolina border haha! You know I had to look that up right 😉 almost double that and you’d be just past my the part of Florida that I live in lol 🙂 and I’m 100% excited for you too!! I can’t wait for you to DO THIS!!! 🙂

  2. I am sooo excited for you and cannot wait to run with you as you get your BQ and huge PR! The weather looks PERFECT!!

    BTW–Holy miles crazy girl! 😉

  3. So funny you’re writing a post about numbers, because a couple of days before Boston for me I wrote something about number insanity, and how I was driving myself nuts thinking in numbers before the marathon! I guess big races lend to thinking in numbers 🙂 I will definitely be thinking of you Sunday! Looks like really good running weather too right?

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