How does one fill the time in the last week of taper?

What does one do to fill the time during taper? I have NEVER, EVER enjoyed taper time. I am a part of the club who’s motto is: “the more miles, the better”.


I am finding myself to REALLY be enjoying taper this time around. I have so much extra time!!

1.) Reading-I read two books last week! The Storyteller (awesome) and Dear Daughter (took a while to get good, but once it did, I loved it. But the ending-not a huge fan). Today I’m starting the final Unwind book. And I just learned they are making it into a movie…yahooooooo!!!!!!

2.) My best friend got married! This is a good way to distract yourself right before your marathon. Be in a wedding, and I swear you will be having way too much to even think about how many miles you are usually running on a Saturday morning…pinkie promise!

3.) Cross training with strength videos. I’ve been doing a ton of strength videos lately. I love the way I’m ache-y and sore the next day and in a different way than running. Does anybody else love that too???

4.) Just planking like a mo-fo. I’ve been doing 10-15 minutes a day. Ironically, I’ve been catching up on blogs at the same time…it’s weird. I know. Just go with it.

5.) Making plans for myself so that way I don’t accidently go running. Seriously, it’s hard not to run! I try to plan my days ahead of time so that I don’t have much extra time for a run!

6.) sleeping more in the mornings! This is new…less mileage=more sleep=rested runner. Not too shabby.

7. Trying to banish Nancy…you know her right? Negative Nancy? She worries and I’m not really down with her bring in my head!!

8. Crafting!!! that’s right, I’m back into crafting! And I made these gems last night. One for me, and one for my SIL. you might remember that she is running her very first half marathon this Sunday!!! I couldn’t be MORE proud of her than I am right now, so I got the idea to make us these matching bracelets for race day. I keep telling her that she can do hard things (she is a mom of two and also she is a bad ass swimmer) and although we will be running along the same course, but not technically together on Sunday, I made us these so we can think of each other while we are running!!!



What’s your mantra?
How do you pass the taper time?


17 thoughts on “How does one fill the time in the last week of taper?

  1. Thanks for the post!! I just started tapering and I’m getting a little buggy. I have a girls half marathon trip planned this weekend and it is taking all I have to not race it. I feel so good right now, I’d love a go at it. Have to keep the eye on that marathon prize in just over 2 weeks.

  2. Love the bracelets:) I find myself saying “you got this – you can do this” when I hit the rough patches during my runs. I LOVE your mantra “You can do Hard Things”. I found myself saying this tonight during my run. Extra sleep is always great and whenever you can find extra minutes to read…it’s so great! Keeping your brain busy. Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. I HATED tapering. It made me second guess all of my training! I have two kids, and run always before the sun comes up, so the only benefit I got from it was sleep…. and by sleep I mean extra time in bed not sleeping because my body is so used to getting up early to run. OH WELL!

  4. Cool bracelets! I can’t believe how good you are at planking. I did a couple the other night and I think I made it like a minute each time, LOL!

    So glad you’re enjoying taper! Reading and more sleep are my favorite parts of taper too. When I read that first sentence about how you usually hate it I was like “girl you CRAZY!” My mileage didn’t even decrease THAT much during taper, just on long runs. And forcing yourself to take a break can be kind of nice. It helped remind me that there’s more to my life than just running a marathon 🙂

  5. That is too funny because I just wrote yesterday about motivational running quotes and that was one that I included! That is such a cute idea but there is no way I could make anything like that for myself! I usually enjoy the last week of taper- getting some extra sleep especially- and I usually find enough things to do to occupy my time! I love the feeling of being sore from a workout other than running but don’t tired yourself out too close to your race!:)

  6. Haha you seem to be doing just fine! Planking while reading blogs hmmmm you just might be on to something lol 🙂 mantra’s I actually have three go-to’s that I often use. 1) “don’t settle for ordinary, I’m extraordinary!” 2) “I run this body!” … and this one might seem funny but I often silently repeat it back to my during hard patches during a race or when I want to quit … 3) “just keep swimming!” – Dorie from “Finding Nemo”. Cute braclets by the way … someone has a hidden talent 🙂

  7. Hey! Very cute bracelets!! I love them! So adorable! Great things going on!! You sound very happy!! Yaaay!! I love it!! You’re amazing!! Keep that positive vibe- you’ll reach all your goals!! Happy Wednesday!! xoxoxo

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