Weekly Recap & a wedding

This weekend my Wifey got married!!!
I actually BARELY took any pictures (that is what happens when you’re a bridesmaid) but I will tell you that it was the most incredibly beautiful non traditional wedding I have ever been to. There was literally NO detail that went overlooked and the whole night was magical. She was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen and just by being near her, everything and everyone was also beautiful.

She had the most perfect amazing day and I’m so happy/thankful to have been a part of it!

She told me a while ago NOT to blog about her wedding but she was the most amazing bride ever so I’m overruling that request (Sorry Wifey, you’re too pretty to remain a secret) While I will keep the details under wraps-I will show you just a few pics of the Best. Day. Ever.

This was the view….


NO filter on these bad boys, the foliage was incredible.

Can you imagine a mountain top wedding? Oh I can, and it’s incredible…


Me and my SIL!

Weekly Mileage
I had wanted to do 40 miles, but 35 will do. It was a very busy week in my work/personal life and running and I didn’t spend a ton of time together.

Off. Rested after my half!

5 miles-37:47, 7:33 avg pace

8:41, 1:17, 9:09 avg pace
Terrible run. My body was still SO beat from Sunday.

7 miles, 58:39, 8:23 avg pace.
This run felt great-nice and easy.

8 miles in an hour, Abt 7:23 avg

7 miles in 61 minutes, avg pace 8:46
This run was done around the area of the wedding and was SUPER hilly. I had only wanted to run 3-4 but I ended up getting lost and practically doubling it. It is a riot to me to look at the splits: 8:04,8:55,7:26, 11:44, 8:30, 6:56, 9:44 —> can you tell which miles were the hilliest??? It felt more like climbing a mountain than running up a hill!!! If i lived in that area I would be insanely fast on hills! This was probably my “favorite run of the week” because even though I wasn’t that fast, I was running on the morning of my best friends wedding and that felt really special to do, and it was a gorgeous morning along the lake.

In only six days I will be running my marathon!!! Eeek!!!!
I cannot believe it’s almost here! I feel so confident and so ready for it! I cannot WAIT!!!


24 thoughts on “Weekly Recap & a wedding

  1. Love the view – looks like a perfect time πŸ™‚ My basic opinion is that the only thing that matters about a wedding is that it launches a life-long journey for two people. Way too much crap and money is thrown at weddings that seem doomed to fail these days, where it seems that they are missing the point of the event. Oh well enough of my curmudgeon rant πŸ˜‰

    Good job running and good luck with the taper week – excited for your marathon next weekend!

  2. what a gorgeous wedding! was that in NH? one of my best friends is running baystate too – her first marathon – she ran her first 5k last year, so i am super excited for her to run her first (and she claims only) marathon. enjoy the taper!

  3. No worries chica! … speedsta … rock star!!! You’ve got this 26.2!!! And barely any pictures bit the ones you took are awesome!!

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