Thursday randoms

****i have the very best readers EVER. I haven’t had a second to respond to all your comments and congrats from my pr post—
But I seriously cannot thank you enough. this has been the busiest week of my life and between running/being a good friend trying to survive my life

Some random facts coming at ya for your Thursday….

1. I had a mini meltdown a couple nights ago. it started innocently enough…I looked in the fridge-realized that I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, then realized that I didn’t have anything to make for dinner. Hmm. I take my tired (post half marathon butt) to the store to grocery store and buy some haddock. Fast forward a little-haddock cooked in a Pyrex dish, take it out and put it on the stovetop which was still warm from cooking brussel sprouts- and the glass shatters up and into my just cooked fish. I mean. Come on.

I’m planning on writing Pyrex a letter.

2. Weather prediction for my upcoming marathon. I’m not gonna sweat it, or keep stalking it, it is what it is. Even if it ends up being hot and humid that day—I’m not worried ☺️

3. I’ve really been taking this taper thing seriously. so far, I’ve only run 20 miles for the week…soooo low! On Wednesday I could barely pull a 9minute per a mile pace—I was so exhausted from Sunday still!!

4. Aren’t my friends the cutest??


(this selfie was ridiculously difficult!)


5. This plank happened Monday… I must be crazy person!

I don’t know how much blogging and reading blogs I will get done over the next few days and I apologize! but I will most definitely be back on Monday with a recap of my fun filled weekend! To stay up to date with what I’m doing, follow me on Instagram!

have a great day and if I don’t check back in-a fantastic weekend!!!!


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