Sometimes I just have so much to tell you& a new pr!!

First things first: I feel like I haven’t checked in in so long…HI!!! how was your weekend?! I have so much to tell you about this last week of running…

It really was an amazing week of running for me. I have really been embracing the taper…I took THREE days off, and I only ran 42 miles! This is my lowest mileage week in a very long time!!!

Monday: off!!!

Tuesday: 7.8 miles total…
1.55 w/u@8:55avg pace
800s-4.67 7:05 avg pace
C/D 1:58miles, 8:38 avg pace
Track Tuesday….I loved this weeks track workout. I’m not kidding when I say hat a bad week is followed up by a good week!!! I ran my best 800s ever!!
Splits:3:08,3:15,3:09,3:08,3:09… I am really proud of myself for these splits!!!

Wednesday: I took it off!!! Yes, hello sore!

Thursday: Doubles.


I don’t love having to do doubles. But this day I needed to. I woke up late & couldn’t get my planned miles in. in case you’re wondering: it was 4.2 for the 2nd to round up to 18 miles. #runningmileagegeek

Friday: 7 easy miles @8:31 avg pace

Saturday: off

And now…what you’ve been waiting for: THE PR!!!!!
Sunday I ran a Secret Half Marathon!!.
I didn’t write anything on here about for many different reasons, all which I will talk about tomorrow in my recap…I feel like I really want to do the recap justice. I feel pretty inspired about my new half marathon PR so I’m going to really collect my thoughts and write it for tomorrow!

So for now I will tell you…

check back tomorrow for the recap! I promise I will not disappoint.. It’s transformation Tuesday meets inspiration:)

Tell me about your weekend!!!!!!


28 thoughts on “Sometimes I just have so much to tell you& a new pr!!

  1. Congrats on the super speedy PR and what looks like an age group win! Awesome job! I ran my first marathon this weekend. Looks like it was a great weekend for racing all over the nation!

      • Thanks!! It was a great day. We had PERFECT weather and I had so much fun! I felt great almost the entire race although I did get a little tired toward the end. I finished with a 4:02 after a solid run – such a great experience!! Marathon 2 won’t be til next fall though 🙂

  2. I was SOO excited when I saw this on Instagram and I was wondering if it was a secret race or if I just missed it! That is such an amazing time/pace and it just shows how much your hard work is paying off! I can’t wait to read the recap!

  3. secret races that result in PRs are awesome in my book! i thought of you this weekend (is that creepy?) when we drove out to Lexington to run the rail trail out there; I smiled and waved to other runners! 🙂

  4. Nicole, awesome job!! You rocked it!! So proud of you!! I’m glad you had an amazing week and an equally amazing race!! 🙂 🙂 XOXO! Have a wonderful week!

  5. You little sneaky lady haha!! Running a secret half mary and PR’ing how dare you haha!! I knew you would crush this week Nicole!!! Nicole and two bad weeks in a row just don’t mix lol. 🙂 my weekend was nice we got our first official taste of fall this weekend with low temps in the upper 50’s, went to see Kevin James with friends on Saturday night, and did my final race course training run yesterday. Now I’m in mini taper mode. I must admit that after spending the last 4-5 weeks of 6 days on / 1 day off of training, not get up this morning for a run felt odd but I know you get that. Again congrats on the rockin’ training and new PR last week you amazing ROCK STAR!!! 🙂

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