Taper Plans & Skirt Sports Winner!

Whether I like it or not-Tapering is great rest for my body, and this time around, my body is ready for it. Taper is something my running partner swears by, and honestly something I am not very good at. I just plain old dislike having to “slow down”. But, I do know, that in coordination with wanting to ROCK a marathon, when it comes time to Taper, LESS is actually MORE.

This is how my next three weeks are going to look:

Week 1: Sept 29th- October 5: I will be doing about 80% of my normal mileage-About 45- 48 miles this week.

Week 2: October 6-October 12: 65-70% of my normal mileage-40-42 miles

Week 3: 25% of normal mileage: 40 miles total, but only 14 of these are miles besides the 26.2 marathon.

What will I focus on over the next few weeks??

Getting more sleep.
I’m not great at this. I’m exhausted 24/7 lately and I NEED to focus on a good night’s sleep Fo-Sho. I aim to be in bed, latest, by 9pm. Or 9:30. Just not past 10!

Drinking a TON of water
I drink a lot of water anyway, but during the weeks prior to a marathon, I go a little crazy on the water and electrolytes. I stocked up on some NUUN over the weekend and have been chugging water like crazy.

Eating WELL but not MORE than necessary
Runger is REAL during high mileage weeks. I eat often, and a lot. A real lot. During taper I take it down a notch. I’m not really one of those people who goes crazy “carb loading” during taper because my body just feels too heavy from foods like pasta and breads. I do make sure to eat even more healthy healthy staples like fruits and veggies and lean proteins,. Sort of the “you are what you eat” motto and when I’m running less I like to remember that my body doesn’t necessarily need the extra calories I was taking in during the 55-60 mile weeks. I know some people who reduce their fiber and up their carb intake…everybody is different. What works for me is more sweet potatoes and salads vs pastas and rice. What works for you is what you should stick to!

Trust my training
I had a crappy week last week. So what? I know how well I have prepared. I know the blood from my sports bras blood sweat and tears (sunscreen in my eyes/discovering chafing in the shower!) that have gone into this training. Don’t be afraid. You can do this. You’ve been working your butt off, and it’s time to enjoy this little break because soon enough, you will be lining up at that starting line, raring to go. Trust that you did the hard work. Don’t think those negative thoughts: when this happens to me, I replace my “I can’t BQ!!” with “Hey, remember those awesome tempos you did on zero sleep? Remember the terrific long runs you had? Remember how you owned the track and were faster than the boys?” Trade the negatives for positives, it’s an instant mood booster!!

I take a look in the rearview mirror at what I have done: Over the course of the last 15 weeks …. I have run 803.9 miles. In between August 9th-September September 27, I have done seven 20-22 Mile runs. Seven. I have never done that many and I am not really sure what brought this beast out this time around. It’s Crazy! Lisa pointed out to me yesterday that she felt like I was running 20 miles every other day and she wasn’t far off because that’s such a short amount of time to do so many. No wonder I’m tired! I log all of my miles in my Runkeeper app and sometimes I like to review them. It’s fun and SO motivating to see the progression I’ve made! I suggest you do the same. Remember all the runs you have rocked, remember how you overcame the bad ones, and visualize yourself crossing that finish line with a BIG HUGE SMILE!!!!

Oh!! The winner of the sweatshirt is……

this is Sandie’s very amazing reason that she is FEARLESS like KV Switzer:


CONGRATULATIONS Sandie!!!! Send me an email at thegirlwhoraneverywhere@gmail.com and I will tell you how to get your shirt!!!


15 thoughts on “Taper Plans & Skirt Sports Winner!

  1. Your marathon training cycle has been inspiring. You are absolutely going to crush this race – and I’m pretty sure a BQ is going to happen. I’m 5 days out from my first marathon and have actually enjoyed my taper time – although a large portion of it coincided with my honeymoon in Italy so it wasn’t that hard to relax and wind things down.

  2. Sounds like one solid taper plan Nicole. I’m super excited to see you cap off this journey and reach your goal!!! You’ve put the hay in the barn, now it’s time to celebrate this awesome journey you’ve taken up to this point. And as far as the increased sleep deal goes I’ll be joining you on that train haha! As a matter of fact I think I already beat you to the train. Although I don’t go into mini-taper mode until next Monday I’ve started sleeping like sleeping beauty this past weekend haha lol 🙂 Although we don’t typically enjoy the tapering process it’s funny how the longer that your in distance running your body almost naturally goes into a shut-down mode when taper time approaches. Almost like it knows what its doing 🙂

  3. Taper is hard, but so important! The hardest part of tapering for me is staying positive and relaxed. I usually look forward to the lower mileage by the time I reach the taper. Your entire training cycle has been so motivating and your positive attitude definitely shines through in your posts. I can’t wait to hear about how awesome you do in a few weeks!

  4. All the hard work is done physically, now it’s the mental part. Your plan looks great. I’ve been reading so much about tapering and there’s so many ways to go about it. This really looks good.
    Ashley @ Kickashmom.com

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