Sept 22-28 mileage…taper is here!

This was probably my LEAST favorite week during this marathon cycle.
For real.
Last week chewed me up and spit me out. By Friday, I didn’t know my own name and if you would’ve asked me–I would have told you it was Vodka. Needless to say…I was Freaking Spent.

Monday-Off. I really wanted to hit the track. But my husband had the day off, so I chose to hang out with him instead:)

An easy, slow, 8.12 miles at an average of 8:14 per a mile, 1:06 min

I hit the track. And first the treadmill, for 4 miles…
My original intention was to hop on my treadmill and run 13 miles in 1:32-1:35 (goals, much??) But four miles in, (with the knowledge of a GORGEOUS sunny day outside), I could not take it ONE MORE SECOND. Once I hit four miles, I was done.I packed up my camelbak and hit the road towards the track. 20140928-212736-77256209.jpg
I sucked. I hated my paces…I usually hold a 1:28-1:33 pace…but I started with a 1:37 and then ranged from a 1:36-1:39. Nothing felt right, and the effort level felt a lot harder than what it actually was.
The only positive thing I can say is that “I sucked (for me) but I sucked consistently.” I’m sorry to be so negative. But. It happens. Blahhhh.

By Thursday, I was ready for a better running day. so. These two runs happened.


Neither of these runs felt “great”. I didn’t like either, paces felt difficult for both. Blaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Friday. Off.

Saturday.uuuuuuuurrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDuh, I’ve already been bla all week, why would it change now???
None of my long run felt easy. None. I hit the first mile at 8:45, and the second at 8:33…both of these felt like a real struggle. The rest of my 16.21 miles stream of consciousness went like this:

Miles 1-3: I’m not sure which route to favorite 20 mile route, or, a 20 + miler along my marathon course…I think I’ll go with “the favorite”…
(10 minutes later) … wait…why am I going down this road?!?! I was so lost in my own thoughts that I wound up going the wrong way.
So. I wound up along the Baystate course accidentally, or maybe subconsciously since that’s where I headed.

Miles 4-9.
-Why is there a BIKE RACE on the most narrow road in Tyngsboro???? I am going to die from a bike rider running me over.
-5: Yay! I’m at the course.
-6: I can do this. Only 14 more to go?
-9: Can I go home now???
This is the Rourke bridge, both the half and the full cross this bridge!

Mile 10..
I might have to go the bathroom soon, things are happening.

Mile 12.
Nawww, I’m good.

Mile 14
Ahhhh….can’t WAIT to see this view in three weeks!!

Miles 14.01-16.21
14:01 Things are really happening. ohhhh noooo.
14:25 No…I can make it home, it’s cool.
15 NOPE! Time to phone a Friend!
16.21 is where I stopped. My friend M picked me up (thank you again M, I heart you!) and I wound up finishing my terrible run on my treadmill for the last 3.79 miles. That was also not the most pleasant thing.

I wanted SOOOOOOO BADLY to have a fantastic last long run. Instead, I felt like I had the sh*t storm virus run through me and leave me for dead at 12pm Saturday. I had to fight every impulse I had that told me to just GO HOME. I was super negative and so angry at this long run that I wanted to get up Sunday morning and set out to do another 20 to “make it right”
Who the heck says/thinks/wants to do that?!! A weirdo!!!

truest story I’ve ever heard!!

Sunday was my Favorite run. I ended up meeting a new friend at Mines Falls in Nashua NH. (for all of you in the area, it’s an absolutely beautiful place to run!) it’s chock full of trails, and I didn’t believe a coach at my school when he told me you could a 20 miler through it-but it’s definitely possible.

I met Erin about this time last year through this little space. She had also just run Baystate, and she BQ’d at last years! She is quite the runner! After nearly a year of commenting on each other’s blogs and emailing, we decided to meet up and go for a run. We had only planned on six miles, but due to getting a little lost on the trails and not being able to find our cars-this turned into 8.43.

And I took a little fall on the trail. Oops.


So. Just like that, training for my next marathon is essentially over. June 16th marked the first week, and here I am, three weeks out from race day! I can’t believe it’s already at this point.

I’m continuing to remind myself that just because I had a craptastic week, I did have an absolutely magical training cycle, I really did. A few bad weeks does not make me into a “bad” runner and I won’t suddenly lose all the fitness I have gained in this amount of
Time. The only worry I have is that I haven’t had a great long run since the very beginning of September. It was either blazingly hot or I have been beyond exhausted. Work stress is weighing me down and it seems like I am seeing it cutting into my running.

Truthfully, I despise Tapering. Loathe it. But suddenly, I’m feeling myself a little bit excited this time around to relax and take a deep breathe before my next marathon on October 19th.

I will be back tomorrow with my “Taper plans” to share with you all!


23 thoughts on “Sept 22-28 mileage…taper is here!

  1. Ugh! I’ve been there with bad long runs so I know that feeling all too well. And the quote about the toilet might just literally be the story of my life! I also happen to have had a matching scrape on my right leg from falling on uneven sidewalk a couple of weeks ago. We must fall the same 🙂

  2. Hey!! Happy Monday! I know you’ll have a fab week this week! Trust me, you’ll bounce right back!! You’re amazing, so never doubt it! I know what you mean, I’ve been doubting my half coming up Sunday because I didn’t hit a couple of my last runs, but you’re right, a good training cycle is what matters!! XOXO!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your week! Ouch on the fall! I stay away from trails because I WILL fall! 🙂 I can’t believe Baystate is right around the corner…Ive had my outfit picked out for weeks! Since its going to be cooler I’m not sure if a tank top and shorts is too little…but I don’t want to over dress either….question for you, and other marathoners.. I know that I don’t want to start off to fast but do you dart around people at the start? I don’t want to start off stuck in the crowd! This rookie marathoner has no idea what she’s in for! (Well sorta)

    • Hmmm, that is a good question….this will be my fourth Baystate-and I don’t think it’s too bad at the start. I guess it also Depends on where you are lining up? I tend to get more towards the front of the pack so that I can get out there without a problem. There are several pace groups for you to follow though too if that’s something you’re interested in! I personally don’t like darting around people and find it to be too time consuming. But, everybody is different!

      I am planning on a tank and shorts-last year the weather was perfect with a 40 start…I was a little chilly, but I got over it once I started!!

      Good luck to you!

  4. I think that a rough week is maybe your body just telling you that it’s time to taper! You really did have an amazing training cycle! I feel like you were running 20 milers like every other day. Just trust in the training, take some time to relax and recover, and you will do GREAT!!

  5. OUCHIE!!! Nicole that’s one nice little scrape you got there, be careful chica!!! And no worries we all have those UGH week’s but you are such a ROCK STAR you’ll bounce back. I hate when duty calls while you are trying to put together a decent run.

  6. Be careful on trails! I don’t want you getting hurt right before the marathon. I was so mentally beat around the last three weeks. You’ve been working hard! Can’t wait to see the results.

  7. Thanks for sharing both your good and not so good runs! I did my first ever 20 mile run Saturday and will also be running my first marathon at Baystate on Oct 19! The idea of running 5+ hours without my running group here at home is daunting.

  8. Looking forward to reading your taper plans. I would love your input as I’m running Baystate, too, (my first marathon) and really don’t know what I’m doing for mileage up until marathon day. I’m doing a 1/2 this weekend…was not sure if I should be running more than a 1/2 this coming weekend?

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