A Thursday Tangent

I have some random tangents for you on the last day before the weekend. Phew. We are almost there friends…

*I have kept this quiet because I didn’t want to jinx it…but I think its time to air it out loud:

My husband has been running lately.
Let’s pause to let that sink in…My husband hates running.
Hates it.
Complains about it all the time.
Thinks its dumb.

BUT—This dude—again– MY HUSBAND —started running a couple weeks ago! He is starting out on the treadmill, and after that I’m confident that he will move outside (eventually) Last Friday night he did FIVE MILES on the treadmill. Proud wife over here! We have yet to run together but it’s happening at some point soon (because I will make him)

Nice wife that I am, I bought this guy his own pair of Compression Socks. (Pro is having a 40% off sale sitewide using coupon code FALL) and I also bought myself a marathon socks grab bags ( I really love the grab bags!) I would show you a picture i took of him IN his socks but he said “if my feet wind up on the blog, I will kill you.”


Obviously, the runner in me is already thinking about running races together (like a turkey trot) We shall see!!!

*Speaking of compression socks.. My grab bag came in the mail at the same time as my husbands socks. Grab bags can be hit or miss-I LOVED all three colors for my calf sleeves grab bag back in July. This one, I’m kind of “eh” about:

I like the lime green–but as far as the orange and Christmas ones go, I wouldn’t ever choose those! It was a good deal though and now I have an excuse to buy something lime green because wouldn’t you know it-I don’t own one single lime green piece of clothing besides these socks!!
As seen on my run last night…
Clearly–/ I need some more lime green in my life to match these banging socks!! And also…I will have to do a Ragnar, Right Tantra? 😉

this happened last night during the second part of my run:

This was my least favorite track session, and I could tell how tired I was. My splits were all ranging from 1:36-1:39—usually I am about 1:28-1:34 for a track workout. I could tell how tired I am by these paces because I usually can push myself, but I literally could not go any faster if I tried. Blech. I should hit the track Monday when i was all fired up for it!

*Saw this gorgeous tree on my way home from work yesterday-fall really IS here I guess! I love the hues of the fall leaves!
Have a great day!

Are the leaves changing where you are?

When is the last time someone surprised you?


16 thoughts on “A Thursday Tangent

  1. Yay for your husband running! Mine always swore he would never run and the few years ago he gave it a try and now he’s pretty much addicted (although he won’t admit that he actually likes it). He has bright green compression which have been in the blog/Instagram but I don’t even think he knows that I posted the picture:)

  2. That’s AWESOME that your husband is running!!!! I hope you’re able to run with him soon and he actually enjoys it! I would love for my boyfriend to start because I love running that much more when I’m able to share the experience with someone else. To be fair, he has completed a 1 mile race and two 5ks that I signed him up for (*evil laugh*), but the last time he ran with me, his knee pain flared up and I told him I wouldn’t make him run with me anymore 😥 If he just worked on strengthening his knee though, he’d be fine! But alas…he doesn’t love running enough to do more work in order to run haha

    P.S. the lime green socks look great!

  3. You’ve inspired him. He’s seen how much you love it and now he wants that joy in his life too. Wonderful! Or maybe he decided he’d run for a month just to get you to stop hinting/asking/suggesting/bribing. Haha. That’s what I’d do. The bribe part. Whatever the reason, glad he’s running. Hope he enjoys it and sticks with it.

  4. Mawhahaha yesssss … You have brought another apprentice over to the DARK SIDE!!! and before you know it he’ll be taking a selfie all on his own in those compression socks haha! 🙂 Have you heard of a podcast called Marathon Training Academy? It’s done by Angie & Trevor Spencer. Anyway, they are now a marathoning couple but before they ran together he absolutely despised running, it was like a 4-letter word to him haha! Now he has run numerous 26.2’s. Could this be your huz’s future?? Only time will tell but I’m super happy about this bit of news!!! Ohhhhh fall colors SWEET!!! That’s one of the biggest things I miss about not living in Maryland anymore. I’m still a Maryland boy at heart. To even get just a touch of fall foliage we have to drive to the Georgia/Florida border. The last time I was surprised was after running my marathon. My wife surprised me with a 26.2 car magnet and I returned home to a completely detailed car from top to bottom 🙂

  5. Grab bags always scare me but maybe the surprise is half the fun? I would love for my husband to start running and you better believe I’d beg him to do a Turkey Trot or Holiday run with me 🙂

  6. my boyfriend surprised me the same way with running! It’ so fun to run together now, but he outruns me all the time haha I think you duplicated a pic by accident? Sometimes the best clothes end up being the ones you would never pick for yourself. I love when the trees are 90% green and then have like one really bright red/orange spot! Those ones are my fav. 😀

  7. now that you have the socks you have def have to do one… it’s kind of like foreshadowing..lol. Our team will have to get matching socks and maybe tutu’s;) omg I love planning stuff!

    And yes the trees are turning here as well… it makes me sad… shiz just got real:(

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