It’s here, better call the waaambulance& a bone to pick with runners

Well. The summer is officially over and it’s here. What’s here? The school year stress/exhaustion. I knew it was coming because it comes every single year. So you don’t have to feel bad or anything. This is more of a griping post of things I want to complain about and then be done with. I came home from work yesterday with every single intention of hopping on my treadmill to do a beast mode 13 mile tempo run but found myself procrastinating. And whining (to myself, not out loud) . How long can you procrastinate for? Turns out for an hour and a half, that how long it took for me to FINALLY lace up my shoes and head outside because I was too exhausted to do a hard run. Hey. It happens

This isn’t a space for complaining-I’m really not one to do that. I like to be happy, and I am happy about 95% of the day/year. I think I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment, but I do know it will pass soon. This is a silly/funny post for me to blow off steam and then I’m going to tell you about a little gripe I have with runners. You know it must be a big deal to me if I have a running complaint

I think the return of back to school is sort of like the 5 stages of loss. I’m not saying in any way that it is the same exact thing, but I have found myself going through the same steps on an annual basis and I think a lot of my teacher/parents/anyone who drives through a school zone area can relate to these steps:

1.) Denial For the first 3-4 weeks, I am in serious denial that we’re back in school. I love the fall, I love my job, I love my students, but knowing that winter is once again looming over my head makes me very sad. Plus, it is solidly dark for what feels like sixteen months instead of 5. I also am in denial that I will be spending the majority of days running on my treadmill as opposed to running outside and I will fiercely deny that summer is actually ending until the morning I come outside and realize I SHOULD have used my car starter because there is actually frost on my windshield. This always forces me into stage two..

2. Anger. I get randomly angry during the start of the school year. It’s mostly silly things like learning to re-prioritize myself and my free time and make room for All The Things again. BUT: The thing that makes me MOST angry is TRAFFIC. I have to drive through UMASS Lowell to get to my school and they are actually the devil (I bet you didn’t even know that) The school has taken over the city and caused unbelievable amounts of traffic throughout it. There have been days where it has taken me 50 minutes to go only 4 miles. I’m not even a little bit exaggerating–I am that girl who you see screaming in her car and pounding on the steering wheel. I’m not proud of it….. And forget crosswalks : the students all seem to have been raised in nice quiet farm towns without a lick of traffic because they NEVER USE THE CROSSWALK and cross the busy streets wherever/whenever they want to forcing an oncoming vehicle to stop. Runners can truly appreciate this annoyance because I ALWAYS use the crosswalk and look BOTH ways before crossing the street.

3. Bargaining. I always know it will get better. It’s baby steps down the road to adjustment. I will learn to leave early and tell myself its okay to wear your sock bun two days in a row so that you can leave for work earlier and aren’t raising your blood pressure through the roof. Just Kidding it’s not that bad.

4. Depression. I can’t think about how long it is until summer comes again. I can’t even. It’s too much. I have to focus on the little things like how I’m going apple picking this weekend and using our firepit. Plus I know I love fall. I really do. I just can’t think about winter. Can’t. Cannot do it. Don’t make me!

5. Acceptance. It always comes. I accept that I’m once again a member of the Pale Face Society. (my tan is gone) And I move on. I adjust to the routine. I adapt. I curse the college even though I want to run over the students with my car . I juggle family time/work/running/having a social life and I know that its okay that I haven’t dusted since Labor day. It will get done. But probably not until next summer… 😉

How about you? Do you find yourself going crazy in September?



I’ve written before, here, about how much this bothers me. I wanted to stick this in this post because it’s a ranting post so naturally, it fits here too, right? Just go with it . Last night, when I was out for my run, I saw three other runners. Naturally, I waved to all three. NO ONE WAVED BACK.

—>I was in Provincetown two weekends ago. I loved that city. Loved running in that city. Loved everything about it—>except for THE RUNNERS. ONE person waved to me who was out walking/running. I waved to literally about 40 other walkers and runners, and I got one return wave from one jolly fellow. That is it. I don’t get it? What is UP with the unfriendly attitudes? One of the girls I passed last night (runner #3) I considered turning around and following her and asking her what her problem is and why she didn’t wave back. It’s just RUDE. (ok, I really wouldn’t have turned around and asked her that. But if you are reading this, Girl in the Pink Shirt/black Capris with Brown hair on Lakeview last night, please tell me why you didn’t wave because it is driving me nuts.) I don’t care what the runner looks like. Small/Tall/Big/Skinny/Running in a sports bra with Awesome Abs/Shirtless runners/Walkers—you are getting a wave and a smile from me. And probably a cuss word if you don’t wave back…..

Now you have to tell me…Do YOU wave??

Happy Hump Day!


40 thoughts on “It’s here, better call the waaambulance& a bone to pick with runners

  1. Hi! Found your blog from Hungry Runner Girl. Love it! And YES, I wave to all runners and even road bikers – it irritates me when they don’t wave back too! 🙂

  2. If another runner waves at me, I almost always wave back… the times I don’t is when I’m too surprised/slow to lift my hand, but in those cases I’ll smile and say hi. I usually don’t initiate waving (likely because I’m scared no one will wave back!) but I’ll smile and nod and/or say hi. What really gets me is when the other runner doesn’t acknowledge me at all! If you don’t want to wave, whatever, but a smile/nod/whatever would be nice!

  3. oh my goodness, I am always complaining about people not waving!!! Mind you, the people I complain to are not runners, so they generally do not get what I’m talking about. I personally do a smile and a hand raise. I live in Scotland and find that runners here are ultra non-wavers. But sometimes the smile and hand raise hooks them in and I get a response. If I get a good morning, it is the ultimate success!

  4. Hehe!! Girl, I’m SOOO like you!! I’m a sweet person, but if I wave/say hi/smile at someone and they look at me like I’m crazy/completely ignore me, I get annoyed. I try to let it go, but sometimes, I seriously do wanna ask what’s up with not acknowledging me at all. It hurts my feelings. 😦 XOXO!! I hope you have a great, stress-free week!! You’re amazing!!

  5. If I don’t wave, I at least give a nod. I don’t see how on earth you can’t acknowledge another runner. Sometimes I get the urge to yell at runners from my window when I’m driving and tell them how much they rock, but I don’t. That would just be weird.

  6. Oh, my joy is your pain … sorry chica! Your fall and winter is my summer. I go through those same 5 steps but in reverse. I go through those steps towards the end of spring. And I love socks buns by the way, I think they’re cool haha lol 🙂 annnnd amen sista on the waving/no-waving debate. I am a total waver. No worries Nicole I’d wave at you with both hands lol. At least I know I’m not alone on this matter. Runners are horrible down here with the whole anti-waving deal.

  7. Hahaha, this is a GREAT post!!! If someone waves at me, I’ll wave back, but I always smile. That’s easier than lifting my poor tired dead hand haha.

    Ahhhh let’s not talk about summer being over.

  8. Yikes, I hope I don’t come across to other runners as a grouch! If I am in a remote area, I smile or nod and maybe wave to other runners, but typically in Boston, especially along the Charles, I would feel like I am on a parade float nonstop waving to everyone! I never get smiles, nods or waves from other runners in Boston.

  9. I wave all the time to runners, walkers and anyone that I cross paths with. Once I gave a little girl (8-10 years old) and high five the second time I saw her…we both laughed and kept running. It was great. Always wave…always.

  10. I am totally a waver – but that shouldn’t be too surprising! In fact, I think of most of my fave bloggers and if they DIDN’T wave … I would be surprised. Sure if they are on the track doing speed work or something, that is one thing. But out for a general run?

    I am lucky that most times people respond in one way or another … even the bikers! I had a guy on Monday morning whose music was SO LOUD as I was getting close to home I looked around for a car coming! haha – this was before 6AM so noises really stand out.

    Even if you don’t wave, at least nod or smile or otherwise acknowledge the other crazy people! haha

    • HAHA I knew you would be a waver Michael, there was no doubt in my mind. I would high five you if i crossed your path that early! I have been doing most morning runs lately on my tmill (if i am alone) BUT when i am out extra early and happen to see another “me” i wasnt to befriend and make them my new running buddy, because, well, there aren’t that many other crazies like us!!! 🙂

  11. I always wave and say “morning!” But definitely don’t always get that back! There’s a very fast woman I’ve been passing at least once a week for years and she always looks super serious and totally ignores me. I can’t help but judge her for it. I’ve stopped waving to her recently because it’s silly. I will also wave and say hello to people if I pass them a second time. Don’t understand people who ignore other runners.

  12. I ALWAYS wave! And smile, even if I cross paths with the same runner/walker/mom with a baby jogger multiple times. And I’m going through the stages of back to school….denial means delaying buying my books because what I’m REALLY going back to school? Haha.

  13. I HATE it when people don’t wave! At least smile! Acknowledge that I am here and we are doing the same thing. I like the bit of encouragement I feel when someone smiles or waves out there, like, “hey, we’re in this together!” I guess not everyone does, though. 😦

  14. Omg, I’m a teacher and we started at the end of August–I can totally relate to all of your stages of grief, especially traffic. Austin traffic is horrible, and I love summer when I get to miss most of it. It doesn’t get as cold here though, thank goodness. I run outside all year, so once I’ve gone back to work I really want it to cool down a bit so it’s less miserable. 😉

    I always wave if someone waves first. I don’t always initiate the wave though.

  15. Depends on the effort level of the workout. During speedwork, no waving, just trying to survive. Otherwise I usually give a half wave or nod. If I’m running on the Charles or some other place with tons of runners I don’t wave though, I’d have to keep my hand up the whole time.

  16. I always wave back. I always acknowledge someone who acknowledges me because you’re right, it’s rude not to. There have been times when someone says hi or waves right as I’m about to pass them, so by the time I can say hi or wave back they probably can’t hear or see me anymore and then I’m thinking “oh great, they probably think I’m one of those rude people who doesn’t wave back!”

    I understand that for runners, they may be doing a hard run or may be in the zone so it’s hard to get words out and a wave might be missed in the heat of the moment. So I always try to smile when I make eye contact with people, that’s my preferred method of acknowledgement.

  17. ugh I’m going through the 5 stages with you… I feel like I just can’t catch up.. at least once a day I say I need at least 5 more hours in a day… luckily my dad is awesome bc he has done my laundry for the last two weeks… October, will be the month I get it together…lol.

    I don’t typically wave but I do smile and say good job or give a thumbs up…. I get irritated by those who can’t even return the smile. I too consider turning around and say SERIOUSLY?!

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