Reasons why I Love being in marathon training!

1.) Because I love to set goals. “GOALS” might as well be my middle name because I just love to set and accomplish them.

2.) Because I love dreaming of a new PR. Sometimes I get the “new PR” image in my head when I am running. It makes me very very excited to think of getting a new pr, and to BQ.

3.) Because it gives me something to work towards. I love the motivation I get during marathon training. It’s not just “ get up and run”, its “Get up, kick BUTT, and GET FASTER.”

4.) Because it keeps me motivated during crazy weather: Heat, humidity…none of it matters when I’m in marathon training. Summer isn’t so bad-I’m always motivated in the nice weather. But winter is coming and this will mean lots of training runs that I just do NOT want to do. Having a goal to work towards makes sweating freezinglike crazy and feeling like my head is going to pop off freezetotally worth it.

5.) Because it keeps me disciplined. Earlier bedtimes, early starts, the diet stays in check. I don’t blow off runs during marathon training. (well I don’t really do that ever, I’m pretty good.) But I guess I stay “extra” in line during marathon training.

6.) Because otherwise, I would procrastinate on a Saturday and even maybe delay my long run until Sunday. That only cuts the time down that I spend with Greg, and that makes me sad when that happens!

7.) Because I’m training for a FALL marathon and FALL is the best racing season. The weather is cooler, and I’ve just trained ridiculously hard over the summertime. I much prefer training throughout the summer for a fall marathon than training in the winter for a spring one. There is not a lot to like about winter running. Not a lot at all. (Maybe for you there is, but I have ice/freezing cold temps/snow…blech)

8.) Because I love to race. I get soooooo excited to race. I’m already having BQ dreams of when I cross the finish line. Oddly enough, I haven’t had any nightmares yet. Usually, I have the odd nightmare of being late/running the wrong way/sleeping in late by mistake/wardrobe malfunctions…NONE of these bad dreams have happened to me…maybe because I’ve been running like crazy??


Sometimes all of these reasons can feel more like a burden than a blessing. When it does happen (and that is inevitable because marathon training is a LOT to deal with), I try to refocus on my goal. I ask myself WHY I am doing this. If my answer is still “TO BQ!” then I get all happy again since I know all the training and the work will be worthwhile.
BUT: if my answer ever changes from something positive and into a negative…then I would know its time to stop and re-asses my “WHY”.

My last reason is my MOST favorite/important reason…

9. Because I feel like THIS training season is turning my dreams into reality. that isn’t always the case. But right now, I can’t imagine a more efficient season for me than this one!!

Why do you love being in marathon training??


19 thoughts on “Reasons why I Love being in marathon training!

  1. I love following your blog, but your posts make me miss Boston! I want to be running through the Arnold Arboretum right now! It’s the best time of year to run in Boston!

  2. Amazing write up Nicole!!! Annnnnd I love the pic of you walking on the Boston Marathon finish line but I’m thinking you’ll have to update it pretty soon because I know you’ll not just be walking that finish line but running across it as a BQ runner sooner than you think 😉 Obviously the marathon is on the back burner for me for the time being but when I was going through training for my debut marathon I just remember that despite how intense the process was I loved seeing how each succeeding week the distances became easier. And I also remember how easy runs were 10 miles in distance whereas when doing my typical 5K training blocks my easy runs are in the neighborhood of 4-6 miles

  3. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to be training again! I registered for Boston Monday, and now I have to wait to find out if I got in..eeeeeeekkkk! Keep your fingers crossed for me will ya?

    I honestly cannot wait to see you ROCK the heck out of Baystate this year! You have trained so hard (honestly harder than I ever have and I am sooooo inspired by you) and you totally deserve it!

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