Things I bring with me when running& new faves

There are times when I leave the house lighter than usual, but it doesn’t make me feel very comfortable. The question of “What do you bring with you when you go running ” is something I get asked lots, so I thought I’d share with you the whatnots and whys!

-Cell Phone. once in a while, I’ll leave the house without my cell-but 6/7 runs it’s with me either for music, or off in my camelbak so I can pull it out if I need it. I don’t really like leaving home without my phone. It makes me nervous. There are lots of things that could go wrong I might need the bathroom and I like to be prepared like those Boy Scouts say we should be!!

-Gu even if it’s just a quick 7 miler-I bring one with me. Or a few starbursts. There are times when you just start to bonk from a lack of food, and it’s good to have in a 911 situation.

-Money! I am so thankful I always carry a $5 or a $10 on me-you never know when thirst will strike and I don’t carry my camelbak every day so this is great idea. Some places have a $10 minimum that you have to spend on a debit card, so I always carry cash too!
Um, Sidenote? I hate the places that have minimums!! They drive me nuts!!!

-Debit card It has my name on it (which is good
Because if I am in mortal peril/kidnapped then it’s pretty easy to track me down. Sorry, that’s morbid but “be prepared!”)
and if I’m at a store that doesn’t have a limit, I will swipe my card instead so I can save the $$ for when I need it.

-House key. you know, so I can get in the house after?

Where do i keep it all? I either wear my fuel belt fanny pack, flip belt, carry my “pocket” on my hand, or stick it in the pockets if I’m wearing my skirt:) Easy peasy and I feel nice and safe carrying all that stuff.

Now for the absolute randomness you All love so much.

This week I discovered the most amazing thing in the grocery store. OH, by the by….fall things—-food/cocktails/pies…..they are my favorite.

Sooooo… case you are wondering…THIS is so good….I nearly licked the inside of the container. I’m going back tomorrow to stock up Even MORE.


But they still had my other #1….

sooo I got more of that, too…

How ironic that my liquor cabinet seems to be filled with my two favorites…. The melon and the fall yummynesss….

Again…I love fall cocktails..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

My SIL sent me this. She says this is she and I…she kills me with the laughter…




YESYESYES X 1,000,000,000,000.


And this is how I refuel after a long run… #doinitright (I had to do my long run today, more on that later)



What do you Absolutely have to bring with you running?

Do you love ll things fall??
Yes. Beer. Food. Cocktails. Running. Sweaters but not coats. Boots, but not yet needing to wear layers, short sleeves and shorts but not yet needing pants….I love it all.


25 thoughts on “Things I bring with me when running& new faves

  1. PUMPKIN CHOBANI?! I think I need that. I was just thinking about going to get some canned pumpkin to mix with greek yogurt and pumpkin pie spice…maybe I can get a friend to do a blind taste test with me to see which is better.

    Also, I would do just about anything for that lobster roll!

  2. I always bring my RoadID bracelet and phone… I’m like you and feel uncomfortable if I don’t have my phone with me, just in case! And YES I love all things fall! I love pumpkin-flavored everything – soup, beer, coffee, muffins… you name it! I’m so going to look for that pumpkin yogurt, yum! Plus hoodies and sweaters and not being knocked over by heat and humidity every time I walk outside πŸ™‚ I second Catherine’s question… how do you drink the caramel apple Pinnacle/what do you mix it with (if anything)?

  3. I can’t start a run without my running watch. I really need to practice fueling and drinking to prepare for my marathon.

    What is your favorite drink to make with the Caramel Apple Pinnacle? I am starting to see caramel apples at the grocery store and it is so hard to walk past them. Maybe if I make a drink that will cure my craving

    • You know I can’t believe I
      Left out my running watch, LOL

      I like it with soda water mostly. But I’ve made a few original drinks with it using apple cider, and once last thanksgiving, I made a cocktail with rumchata and apple cider….I also think it would be good mixed with some sort of a ginger flavor to cut the sweetness!

  4. Okay I wasn’t hungry but that moment has now passed thanks to you hahaha! I’ll have to look for those yogurts. Was the one watermelon? And candy apple sounds yummy!!! I rarely drink but that seem worth it. Annnnd I love those funnies. Where did your SIL find them? I’d love to find the source so I can put it on my Pinterest page

  5. I always bring my phone with me every single run. For long runs I bring cash and gels…I should probably consider stashing them with me for shorter runs too. I did have a $20 that I kept in my running belt but then I needed cash and used it, and never replaced it. Thanks for the reminder:)

  6. I love fall! I dare say it’s my favorite season. We just bought a fire pit too, so I can’t wait to sit out there around a fire wrapped up in hoodies! YES!!

    I love those Oatmeal comics. I’m very excited because I should be getting my virtual Beat The Blerch race kit today! Woo hoooooo!

      • Yeah! They sold it only for 1 week in July and just shipped them last week. I posted a pic in my post today, but don’t really think it needs it’s own post. LOL

        We basically have a giant dirt square in the middle of our backyard 3 seasons out of the year after we take the pool down, so we decided to make use out of it and moved some patio stuff down there and bought the pit. We figure we’ll use it more in cooler weather than summer anyway, and probably just put it away if there is super heavy snowfall until spring.

  7. Great. Now all I want is a lobster roll. It’s my kryptonite!!!!! Hands down and since I fell, wrecked my face and wound up in the emergency room–my phone. I don’t leave home without it anymore.

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